Konohana Family English Newsletter Vol. 11

The Eye-Opening
Natural Therapy Program

As modern civilization has developed, people have forgotten to live with nature. They have rushed to try and gratify their own desires, sensing pleasure when their desires are satisfied, and considering this pleasure to be proof of abundance. Currently, contradictions due to this orientation have begun to crop up as problems everywhere in the world.
Various eras have left their mark on earth, up to the present day. The transitions from one era to the next can be linked to the planetary movements of the solar system. Many people have not realized this yet, but the cycles which planets describe have brought to the earth the turning points of the eras. For example, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is sweeping the world now. Changes throughout society, and even our individual actions, are about to be controlled by AI. This symbolizes the current era, and the will of the planets is reflected there.
In this flow of the era, various contradictions have also begun to appear as problems in the family. Now that child abuse, domestic violence, unattended deaths, and even nurse murder are occurring, the young generation which is supposed to create society with hope has lost hope. People in their 20s to 50s, who have the most productivity, have experienced mental illness. Currently, about 4 million people in Japan go to medical facilities due to mental disorders. It is said that the number of those who are on the verge of developing mental problems is ten times this number. That is, about one third of Japanese people are mentally sick. However, modern psychiatric care is centered on symptomatic treatment, which tries to suppress symptoms with medicine. Even counseling does not have the effect of making people fundamentally healthy. On the contrary, the longer patients are sick, the more medical costs are incurred, generating profits for hospitals. In fact, there is even a tendency not to hope for the fundamental recovery of patients at psychiatric facilities. In reality, medical costs are included in the GDP and become an indicator of abundance.
As reflected in the writing of “diseases (病気)” with characters meaning “energy (気) is sick (病)” in Japanese, all sickness is caused by our minds. Just as none of our bodies are the same, our individual minds are more unique than they look. Although pathological symptoms seem the same, each person’s process for reaching them is different. Therefore, we cannot deal with each situation according to some uniform prescription such as, “we should do this for depression.” What kind of environment was a person born in? What kind of personality does he/she have? How has he/she lived their life? Moreover, what kind of transitions has his/her soul gone through? What kind of social environment is he/she in now? Through the Natural Therapy Program which NPO Green Grass provides, we make efforts to respect each person’s original life, to walk together, to analyze the root cause for sickness, and to find the path to true health.
Numerous miracles have occurred, so that those who could not improve with modern medicine have been able to recover their health here. That is, they have begun to take the path to re-conceptualizing the source of their sickness, and realizing their life purpose. This is the path for individuals not only to recover their own health, but also to bring health to the society which has generated them, and to create an abundant society. Currently, the time is coming when the world will require a big shift in people’s viewpoints. The planetary cycles of the solar system are telling us this. This is the manifestation of the great will of the universe, which is beyond our human comprehension. At the same time, the healing of our sick minds here on earth will bring evolution to the universe.
Hoping that many people will live with hope through the Natural Therapy Program to recover their health in the future…


NPO Green Grass
NPO Green Grass was founded in 2001 by people who had the same vision as Konohana Family. It provides various social contributions in collaboration with Konohana Family, with the purpose of creating a society where people support each other and live together.
Website https://www.npo-greengrass.org/


Why don’t You Recover your Mental and Physical Health in an Environment Surrounded by Nature Rich in Greenery at the Foot of Mt. Fuji?

A Program to Face and Improve Our Minds
In collaboration with Konohana Family, NPO Green Grass provides a program to help participants face and improve their minds. This is the Natural Therapy Program (known as the “care stay”), in which people stay at Konohana Family and try to recover their mental and physical health.
According to data for the year 2014 provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 3,920,000 people in Japan went to medical facilities due to mental illness, including 1,120,000 patients with depression and 770,000 patients with schizophrenia.
At modern medical facilities, the chronicity and prolongation of mental illness and the current practice of relying solely on medications have become social issues.
Considering these issues, NPO Green Grass accepts for its program those with mental disorders (depression, schizophrenia), various dependencies (drug, alcohol and nicotine), problematic actions (staying-at home, school refusal) and lifestyle diseases. There are numerous cases in which care guests have improved their condition dramatically in a short period of time and have been able to return to society. As a result, even modern medical institutes have paid attention to our activity.

*In the case of Non-Japanese guests, we provide the program to those who can communicate and explain their physical and mental state in either Japanese or English.


3 Pillars of the Natural Therapy Program

1. Healthy Diet full of Life Energy = Gaining Physical Immunity
Food is considered medicine at Konohana Family. Almost all food is produced by the community through the Universal Circulation Method (based on the principle by which the source of life energy which is brought to nature). A diet full of life energy actually works as medicine both physically and mentally. Vegetarian meals are centered around brown rice. Food therapy based on enzyme-rich diets such as Nishi-style Koda therapy (fasting, half-day fasting, and raw food) is also prescribed. This diet is very effective at improving not only physical conditions like atopy but also emotional instability and mental disorders.

2. Regular Life Rhythm Based on Nature = Living with the Rhythm of the Moon, the Sun and the Earth
By living in keeping with a rhythm based on nature, care guests can take in the natural energy which is “the original energy” that draws forth a natural immunity within the body and allows them to recover their health.
Everyone can regulate their physical and mental rhythms easily by living in accordance with the regular life rhythm (the rhythm of the moon, the sun and the earth) through such practices as working during the daytime, having meals on a fixed time schedule, and reflecting on their experiences at the end of the day in an agriculture-based community lifestyle.

3. Reflecting on the Mind that has Caused Disease = Gaining Mental Immunity
We do not cure care guests. What we do instead is to help them search for and face their way of mind — the root cause of their diseases, and to provide an environment within which they can improve their life consciousness. The important thing is to help them to gain a “Mental Immunity” to face themselves without running away from their problems. By learning from members who work on such things in their daily lives, care guests are able to maintain a stable mind and lead a healthy life even after they encounter problems back in their original environment (family or company).


“High Spirituality” creates a “Healing Place” and spreads a beautiful vibrancy.

Healing Space (Harmonious Spirituality)

An individual healthy mind and body creates a healthy society.
→ Realization of a world without medical care


The Contents of the Program

Support System
A member becomes the supporter and generally shares a room with the care guest. A reliable 24 hour support system is provided.

We generally provide counseling to the participant prior to the program, upon entry, and weekly after that to decide on their therapeutic process.

main supporter – Jiiji

When care guests get used to staying here, they start to keep a diary. The main supporter reads the diaries and makes comments.

Daily Life
As for the way the care guests spend their daily life during their stay, the main supporter provides suggestions which are appropriate to each guest’s situation. In many cases, care guests spend time freely for the first week without being given a task by the main supporter. After they get used to staying here, they do what they can do, such as working in the field, helping with housework, etc. during the daytime. By writing a journal and reflecting on the counseling they receive, they gradually nurture objective perspectives that allow them to see themselves clearly.

Rehabilitative Training
Care guests can have various work experiences in Konohana Family as a part of rehabilitative training.

Collaboration with the Care Guest’s Family
There are some cases in which we contact the care guest’s family during the stay, and if possible, we ask the family to attend the counseling. We can proceed with the program more effectively by trying to improve the situation including the family relationships.

Generally, the program ends when the care guests are given a score of 70% improvement, based on the main supporter’s judgement). We do not give a 100% score during the stay in order to encourage the care guests to continue improving their situation through practices back in their original environment. The end of the program is called “graduation” and “graduation concerts (graduation ceremonies)” are held to celebrate their departure toward a new life.

Course after Graduation
After graduation, some guests return to their original school/company, and some continue to stay here. In this case, some try to stabilize their body and mind more as a long-term guest, and some try to look for a future vision by staying on as a helper. Also, some work outside in rehabilitative training for the future, secure an income to pay for their accommodation fee here, and deepen their learning through continuing the Konohana lifestyle.

After graduation, counseling and mail exchanges are provided upon request. Also, there are many people who continue to stay after the completion of the residential care program, and/or visit here regularly to deepen their learning. By living in the community as part of a family for a certain period, they gain strong bonds with members and are greeted with a warm “Welcome back” upon their return visits. They feel relieved to have a second home where they can ask for consultation any time.

The program costs US$30 per day, including accommodations, meals, facility charges, laundry, etc. Special expenses such as doctor’s fees are paid by care guests. All the care-related services such as counseling, support system, etc. are provided free of charge. The period of the stay is generally one to three months.


If you have further questions about the Natural Therapy Program and/or you are interested in taking the Natural Therapy Program, please send an e-mail to the following address.


“P’s Report on Taking the Natural Therapy Program”
-Never too late to make a shift in our life!-

An American woman, P took the Natural Therapy Program from January to February, 2019 and has changed a lot. We would like to introduce her experiences.

“I am a seventy-year-old American. When I was a child, my mother was depressed due to an unhappy marriage and encouraged me to use my intelligence and have a good career, so that I wouldn’t need to depend on a husband in the future. I worked hard and became a university professor; however, I have been unhappy almost all my life. The main cause of distress in recent years has been depression and anxiety related to my own marriage of thirty years. Due in part to health issues, I retired from my job fifteen years ago, and began a long search to improve my mental and physical condition. This has brought me to Konohana Family today.”

In January, 2019, P visited the Konohana Family, feeling as if she was clutching at straws. Jiiji, the counselor of the Natural Therapy Program, said to her at the consultation, “What you need is not to receive treatment, but to broaden your worldview.” With this understanding, she began to take the Natural Therapy Program.

First, she was given the task of “writing a journal to know herself accurately.” She worked hard on it every day, utilizing her excellent intelligence, and Jiiji evaluated her highly, saying “Your self-analysis is perfect.” However, at the same time, he thought, “No matter how many ideas people have for trying to improve themselves, if these thoughts come from their mental habits or desires, people will be trapped in them and unable to realize the fact that they are actually bound by their own thoughts. Instead of improving, they will fall into the misunderstanding that expressing their own thoughts is freedom. Surprisingly, this is a trap into which intellectually excellent people tend to fall.” In this situation, he gave a revolutionary suggestion after P had stayed here for two weeks!

This was the proposal that P would distinguish two Ps in herself, and have time every night for a discussion among P-A, who has lived with her mental habits and emotions, P-B, who tries to admonish P-A objectively, and Jiiji. He said, “P-B has wisdom which is good enough to make herself healthy. However, P-A, who has lived her own life, resists P-B’s suggestions. Therefore, the most important key in this project is which P you are going to prioritize. When you reverse your thinking patterns, you will have an ability not only to save yourself but also to be helpful to save even others.”

After this, when P woke up in the morning and negative thoughts came up, Jiiji encouraged her, saying, “When you encounter P-A, this is actually your chance for improvement. When you get up in the morning and feel negative, it is an opportunity!” When P initially reacted emotionally to a message from her husband, but then regained her calmness quickly, Jiiji said to her, “His message was a good exam today! Living a life is like always taking an exam to know our mental state. It is important to accept everything just as information.” Through this work, P began to get out of the state in which she was bound by herself and lacked an objective viewpoint and came to see her own reality. As a result of having broadened her worldview gradually, she successfully graduated from the Natural Therapy Program after six weeks.

“Reflecting on my life now, I have realized that the real source of the difficulties in my life has not been the traumatic events of my childhood, but my choice to view them as a curse rather than as engraved invitations to spiritual growth. In fact, Jiiji has reassured me that it’s not too late to make a shift in my life, and that all the energy that has been going into my suffering can be a very powerful agent for the good when it is re-directed. This is an immense encouragement for me.

Much of my change here is due to what I have experienced, rather than simply taken in intellectually. Many of the experiences that will stay with me came to me as a result of observing, interacting with, or just floating among the members of the Konohana Family. They were just open to me, and willing to help and share however they could. Now, I know I do not need to foresee the whole plan; when I do what I need to do, the divine will kick in and support my efforts. I am very grateful to all the members of the Konohana Family for everything they have given to me.”


If you would like to know more about P’s story, please refer to the following weblog.


P’s Report on Taking the Natural Therapy Program

In September, 2017, P visited Konohana Family for the first time and consulted with Jiiji about the anxiety and depression which she had suffered from for a long time. She revisited Konohana in January, 2019 and took the Natural Therapy Program for 6 weeks. As a result, she successfully graduated from the Program and the graduation concert for her was held on February 16th. During the concert, she shared the following “P’s Report on Taking the Natural Therapy Program” with Konohana Family members.


“P’s Report on Taking the Natural Therapy Program”
-Never too late to make a shift in our life!-

I am very happy to have this opportunity to tell the community what I have been able to experience while I have been here living among you. Before I came to Konohana Family, my world had become smaller and smaller, to a point where I felt nearly paralyzed, emotionally. This was despite intense spiritual and therapeutic work.
I live in the United States. I am seventy years old, married, with two children in their twenties; for many years I had a career as a professor. My arrival at Konohana Family is the result of reading an article in Communities magazine and recognizing immediately that there was something important here for me.
When I arrived, the main ongoing cause of distress in my life was depression and anxiety related to my marriage. Although my husband is a very kind, caring person, I have found it difficult to connect with him emotionally. As Jiiji has put it, for me, my husband is a great messenger from the divine, because the differences between us have brought to my attention a number of the negative patterns that I developed long ago, in my childhood.
Despite the fact that my parents made their best efforts to care for me in a loving manner, they had both suffered significant trauma while they were young, and the serious difficulties in their marriage meant that I did not emerge from my childhood with a feeling of safety and wellbeing. In fact, I developed a hyper-vigilant attitude toward the world. After my sister was born with medical issues when I was eight years old, I felt especially jeopardized, and fell into the first of many sicknesses that I have experienced over the years. Some of these were quite serious, and they generally occurred when I was facing a situation that I didn’t know how to handle.
Because there was no spiritual aspect to our life at home, I had no awareness of any sort of divine force on whom I could depend for help or guidance. I was encouraged to use my intelligence, work hard, and prepare myself for a good career that would give me financial security without the need to marry. I in fact followed this path, developing along the way a perfectionistic personality that brought with it many negative thoughts about myself and about the world at large. I eventually became a university professor, but still suffered from a lot of anxiety and depression. Then, about thirty years ago, I married my husband and began a family life that echoed many of the themes of my own childhood.
Due in part to my health issues, I retired from my job about fifteen years ago, and embarked on an effort to improve my mental and physical condition. Fortunately, I had the chance to encounter a spiritual healer who made me aware of the relationship between physical and mental health and spiritual health. This started the long search for spiritual healing that has brought me to Konohana Family today.
Before coming here, I had realized for a long time that allowing my ego to “earn” success in a career was not going to bring me happiness, but still, I was floundering. I would say I have a strong ethos of service to the broader world, but because my mental condition was so unstable, I was having continual emotional crises that caused me to “crash,” and most of my energy was being used to keep myself going and care for my home and my family. I had the feeling that I was barely alive.
Of course, the rest of my family also experienced problems as the result of my ongoing depression and anxiety. Basically, just like when I was a child and used sickness as a way to secure my parents’ attention, I ended up positioning myself as a needy person who required the help of the rest of the family just to continue to exist. The fact that my family was carrying so much responsibility for my life of course made it very difficult for them to live out their own lives in keeping with their individual wills.

What Konohana Family has offered me while I’ve been here is a different vision, a vision of how to live a psycho-spiritually independent existence. When I can do that, I trust that the rest of my family will also have a better chance to express their own talents and independently develop their own lives.
I see that this step toward my own emotional independence will allow me to begin to consistently and truly care about other people for the first time in my life, because I won’t need them to make my own life livable. Making this change within my family does not amount to “saving the world,” of course, but for me, it is a significant step in the direction of spiritual maturity.

How can I hope to make such a huge change after seventy years of living another way? I think it depends on having identified and made a commitment to trust another source of safety in life. While I have been here at Konohana, I have made huge strides in this direction. Part of this is due to some of the teachings that Jiiji has shared with me; part of it is due to what I have been able to sense about how this community functions.
For example, I have realized that the real source of the difficulties in my life has not been the traumatic events of my childhood per se, but my tendency to view them as a curse rather than as engraved invitations to spiritual growth. Because Jiiji has said so many things to me that have the “ring of truth,” and because I can see how successful the efforts of Konohana Family have been, I have decided to trust his reassurance that when I do what I need to do, the divine will kick in and support my efforts. In other words, I just need the courage to trust that it is a benevolent partner who is offering to dance down the road with me, if I will but join the dance.
One reason that I have had a hard time grasping these opportunities is that the issues I have been dealing with have looked too big for me to handle on my own – my mind couldn’t see a way to solve them. But as Jiiji and Yoko have repeatedly reminded me, I am not going to have to solve the entire problem on my own, and I don’t have to see the entire path to a solution from my current perspective. In fact, this is impossible, because I don’t yet have the skills or the mental perspective that will be needed. But if I can trust that my dance partner will join me, I can have the courage to take the first step. And after that first step, the rest of the dance will gradually become clear. As Jiiji put it, in a mind with room, many possibilities that are currently invisible will become visible. I have taken to heart the implications of this concept, which are a major revelation for me, and I have seen them played out many times in the community during the time I have been here.
In addition to these challenges to “step up” and take concrete actions to take responsibility for my own life, Jiiji has given me lots of encouragement about the possibilities that are still open to me at the age of seventy. It’s not like I need to just throw away my old personality and try to start over again — even the aspects of my nature that have been problems for me in the past (like my carefulness, and my sensitivity) can be put to good use in contributing to not only my family, but the broader world.
In fact, he has reassured me that it’s not too late to make this sort of shift in my life, and that all the energy that has been going into my suffering can be a very powerful agent for the good when it is re-directed. This is an immense encouragement for me.
Of course, when I go back to the US, I will face the challenge of holding on to what I have been able to take in here. I don’t expect everything to suddenly become easy, but I do feel like I’ve basically received what I need to lay down my addiction to seeking my own identity, my own life, in the eyes of other people. Much of this change is due to all the things I have had a chance to discuss with Jiiji and Yoko, but a huge part of it is due what I have experienced, rather than simply taken in intellectually, and when I think back on my spiritual life, it is the unexpected experiences that have stayed with me as touchstones, much more than the many books I have read.
Many of the experiences that will stay with me came to me as a result of observing, interacting with, or just floating among the members of the Konohana Family. It is impossible to overstate the level of calm, sincerity, and benevolence that emanates from the individual members, and from the community as a whole. Living in this sort of environment, one can come to expect benevolence, and living within that expectation is a very powerful experience. Because of all of this, the pace of life here seems very measured, predictable, and reassuring, as in the words to a song from the Thich Nhat Hanh sangha – “never in a hurry.” This is profoundly healing for those of us who are accustomed to self-generated anxiety (at best), or panic (at worst), on a daily basis.
During my six weeks here, as part of this “organism,” I feel like I have been privileged to have my nervous system “re-set” at a lower level, so that it takes longer to “get upset,” and so that the upset resolves itself more rapidly. It is probably also physiologically impossible for visitors not to respond positively to the diet of super-fresh organic foods grown and prepared with love. These are benefits of the program that I expect to take home in my bones.
Another great experiential gift, which I have witnessed countless times, is the willingness of visibly weary people here to just keep going, no matter what the current circumstances may be. Of course, “things happen,” but in general, life here seems to abide by the principle that “the show must go on.” To have this sort of communal stability underlying one’s daily life is profoundly reassuring for those who may otherwise have the sense of being alone in the universe, and it must be such a joy for members to know that they are contributing to that.
I don’t know what life will bring when I go back to the United States, but I do know that I will bring to it a different awareness. I have already noticed a gentling of my inner dialogue – although I can still see the frightened and controlling aspect of my personality at work in my mind, I can feel more compassion for her, and less of a need to compulsively follow her guidance. Although my emotional state still wobbles from side to side, the wobbling is less extreme, and subsides more quickly.
I had a good chance to feel the before-and-after difference this week when we had an English-speaking visitor from Shanghai. My ego immediately jumped up and wanted to create an identity for itself as the local one-person English public relations campaign for Konohana Family, and I suddenly recognized that I had not encountered anything like this from other people for weeks! Nobody seemed to be trying to impress me, control me, or receive something from me. Instead, they were just open to me, and willing to help and share however they could. Suddenly, I realized that this was a huge part of the way-of-being in the world that has been opened up to me during my stay. I am so grateful to have had this shocking experience of seeing how anxious and self-centered my typical way of interacting with others has been in the past, and to recognize the nature of the other way that has been modeled for me so consistently while I’ve been here.
I would like to close by mentioning a very important conversation that I had with Yoshiko one day as we were preparing potatoes. I told her about my extreme difficulties in making decisions, and she shared with me about a radical change in the way in which she herself had come to chart the direction of her life. She told me that she used to be in the habit of setting goals for herself, accomplishing them, and then moving on to the next goal. But when she came to Konohana, she felt, it wasn’t so much the fulfillment of a self-generated goal as it was her destiny. These days, she has the feeling that instead of actively choosing what she will do, situations that are appropriate to her simply appear, often situations in which she will be able to provide help to someone, and she is able to recognize them as “hers.” In this way, she is “being lived.”
When I applied for the Natural Therapy Program, my highest goal was to receive help in reaching a state like the one that Yoshiko so beautifully described to me. Although this still seems a long way off, my time here has allowed me to begin to see how this may eventually come to pass. I am very grateful to all of you for your help.


After P’s Report was shared, her supporter, Yoko read out “P’s Story” in which she reflected on P’s 6-week stay.


“P’s Story”
-Just a Part of the Story of P, who has Learned a Lot and has been Growing-

In 2017, a 68-year-old American woman named P, who had received a diagnosis of “generalized anxiety disorder,” visited the Konohana Family for the first time. When she had time with Jiiji, the main coordinator of the natural therapy program, she told him that she had been unhappy throughout her life, with mental symptoms such as anxiety, panic, depression, and mood swings, and in recent years, especially in connection with her marriage. She told him, “I know that at Konohana, you practice trusting in divine guidance and use it as the basis for your entire life. I am wondering if it might be good for me to come here for the Natural Therapy Program or the One-Month Truth School, to receive your support in learning to live in this new way.” Jiiji said to her, “What you need is not to receive treatment but to broaden your worldview. In order to do so, I recommend you take the natural therapy program first. Then, if you think it is necessary, it would be good for you to participate in the Truth School.”

A year and a half after her initial visit, P decided to spend six weeks to take the natural therapy program, and visited Konohana again. When she had time with Jiiji on the first day, she said, “Since I was here before, I feel that I have gotten smaller and smaller internally, tighter and tighter, more and more frightened because I feel so conflicted about staying in my marriage.” Then, he said as follows:
I have mentioned this before, but first of all, I think you should broaden your worldview. Why do humans live? What is death? Since we live in this world rather than just as individuals, what kind of place is this world? Most people live according to their daily schedule, and are driven by money; however, in fact, we are in the universe, and our life is supported by the system of stars, the sun, the moon and the earth. You mentioned that, because of relationship issues in your family, you have fallen apart emotionally. However, from the beginning, it has in general been true that the more living beings get together, the more abundant they get. On the contrary, only in the human world is it the case that the more people get together, the more problems such as factional disputes and confrontations occur. Therefore, I believe your problem is humanity’s problem. That is, you have been in this state as the representative of humanity.
Therefore, you need to know yourself accurately, and at the same time, I need to know you and give advice, so please start by writing a journal every day. I will make comments on it. Please consider me to be another objective self for you, and utilize me. The purpose of this program is that a new you will begin to think in a new way. The reason why those who could not be cured at general medical institutions can recover their health here is that they transcend their attachments to themselves and change their own perspectives.
It takes a lot of time to improve those who are not sick of their personalities and are stubborn people. Therefore, you have to be fed up with your personality first. Then, it is important to come to laugh at your past self and talk to her calmly.

She answered immediately, saying “I am fed up!” and Jiiji continued as follows:
Then, you have the potential to improve. Currently, the human way of being is out of order all over the world. This is a problem, but since it is out of order, the wisdom of how to deal with it is hidden behind the problem. Therefore, we need an ability to sense what kind of message is hidden behind problems. In order to do so, objective viewpoints and a broad worldview are required.

After the first consultation, P attended the community meeting that night. As the top agenda, we had time to discuss the Konohana Family Charter which was written up last year in order to deepen our understanding. This was a great opportunity for her since her theme of this program was to broaden her worldview. From the next day on, she attended the community meeting with eagerness, and tried to express herself honestly in her journals. Jiiji appreciated her active attitude, but at the same time, made comments on her journal as follows:
I think your way of thinking lacks a willingness to learn about your life positively in total. It is possible to be free, relax and spend your days positively. I believe the divine will for you will emerge with such a perspective. It is important to analyze the events you have encountered positively and utilize them for your life in the future so that your life experiences will not end up just bringing unhappiness to you.

It had been a week since P began to stay here. At the first week consultation, Jiiji did not mention what she had written in journals, such as her family issues, and said as follows:
You have worked hard as a university professor for a long time, but people who are socially excellent and have a high status and pride like you characteristically tend not to accept things unless they understand them. In this case, there is a pitfall. No matter how great the wisdom offered to them is, they tend to insist on interpreting it in their way. In case there is something they don’t want to accept, they tend to insist on their own conclusions as an excuse not to accept it. However, if you admit you have reached your current state as a result of your life history, I am just suggesting alternatives to improve your life.
I do this, first of all, because of my spiritual experiences, and because I actually have achievements in giving consultations to many people with issues. Also, people suffer with various kinds of egos and encounter various problems, and I would like people to see it as one of our achievements that, by manifesting the Konohana way of life, we have created a model that demonstrates that when we try to face and improve our own minds in our daily life, problems don’t occur in the community. I hope you accept my suggestions just as information, instead of judging whether they are right or wrong. It is a suggestion that “If you live this way of life, a society which it has been impossible for modern people to create will emerge.” This is also a suggestion to humanity.
As one of my life purposes, it is certain that I have given consultations to people with problems and supported them for a long time; however, the true purpose is to tell humanity to become aware of their true preciousness and express a precious way of life which is appropriate to them on earth. Moreover, it is to make the earth happy. I guess the earth is happy, listening to our talk. The reason why I am telling you the importance of broadening your worldview is that human beings should not be worried about themselves now, but their top priority should be to realize how much trouble they have given to other living beings and how much they have worked against the law of the universe.
I have given advice as information from not just one but from a few viewpoints. I would like you to be able to perceive things across a wide range, both vertically and horizontally, rather than seeing things from the one perspective of P. Therefore, I am going to offer various perspectives from now on, too.

After this, P tried harder to analyze herself in her journal, and Jiiji made comments as follows:
What I would like to suggest to you is that you quit trying to think of a solution by yourself. No matter how high your analytical ability is and no matter how hard you try, if the direction is wrong, there is no point in doing it. This is what excellent people fall into, surprisingly. Even if you try hard in this way, it does not mean you will break out of your own frame or gain a new way of thinking. I think the time has come when you should move on to the next stage in this project. I would like to suggest that you take actions beyond your own frame, such as participating in the work to see how your personality is reflected in your concrete daily actions, rather than exploring how to improve yourself through writing a journal. Let’s talk about it concretely at the next consultation.

At the second week consultation, Jiiji suggested to P something that had never been proposed in the 15-year history of offering the Natural Therapy Program. Jiiji said as follows:
I have interacted with you for the past two weeks, and there is something I want to tell you. This project is for making your life a healthy and happy one. In order to do this, first of all, you must become a healthy and happy person. I assume that if you read your own journals, you also know that your self-analysis is perfect. However, no matter how perfectly you can analyze yourself, unless you can live based on it, it will be impossible for you to manifest a healthy and happy life.
The first two weeks were a period for us to get to know each other. Let me explain that there are two Ps in you. First, there is P-A, who has lived your life. Then, there is P-B, who observes and analyzes P-A and says, “That is not good!” P-B has wisdom which is good enough to improve yourself. However, P-A, who has lived your life, resists the suggestions given by P-B. I am involved with this project and so is Yoko as your supporter; however, we are just on the supporting side, and the main characters are the two Ps in you. You have not prioritized one of the two Ps, so they have not fought to the finish yet. But, unless you go beyond your current situation and prioritize one of them, your life will end in a halfway manner. We cannot say that either outcome is fine, however. You are working on yourself now in order to prioritize the one you should live with. No worries. Whatever you choose, you are just you. However, we can clearly see that your future will be positive or negative, depending on which one you choose.
The most important thing in this project is for you to see your life objectively and prioritize the self who admonishes you. As a matter of fact, you should not have a choice at this stage. In order for you to live a healthy and happy life, there should not be a choice. Now, I would like to say the same thing to humanity as a whole. Do you seek a physically abundant life? Or do you coexist with the earth and others and seek true abundance? Both a Chinese university professor who is staying here now and you are teachers, so you both have a wise way of thinking; however, strangely enough, neither of you has fully utilized it for yourself yet. This is a tendency of those who are evaluated as excellent people in the modern era and have a high social status.
So, let’s make these two weeks one cycle, and have time for the two Ps in you to talk together as the next stage. It is key how P-B, who tries to guide P-A in a good direction, will persuade P-A, who has lived your life. You can write a journal as in the past, but as a new task from tomorrow on, let’s meet for a time which is not so long, like half an hour. Please express the two Ps in you, especially the one who should be admonished. Then, let’s have a discussion with the two Ps and me every day. I hope this initiative will provide you with the finishing touches for improving yourself throughout your life.

Jiiji came up with this suggestion because he thought that P, by just receiving his comments on her journals, tended to interpret his advice in her way. Therefore, he hoped she would gain objective perspectives by having time with him more often and talking directly.

After that, P had time with Jiiji for about half an hour every night, and the discussion between P-A and P-B proceeded. When she said, “When I get up in the morning, the negative P-A appears, thinking that my life is a mess and I have never improved in my life,” Jiiji said to her, “When you encounter P-A, that is the exact chance for improvement. When you get up in the morning and feel negative, it is your chance! Please give the training to yourself.” He also encouraged her, saying, “As your goal, the ratio between P-A and P-B does not have to be 0:100. Around 40:60 would be good. It is all right to have 40% P-A for the sake of diversity, since we also need to prioritize problems in order to learn about life. Let’s meet a new P tomorrow!” When her thinking focused on her husband’s issues and she was dominated by P-A, Jiiji said to her, “Living a life is like always taking an exam about how our mental state is. The mental state which comes out is the answer. No matter how negative or positive a thing seems to be, everything is the divine love. In fact, everything is positive. It is your freedom to think negatively; however, you have a mind that tends to interpret things negatively, so you just do so. In this world, phenomena always occur with a positive backdrop; there is always love in the source. The thing is whether you can become a person who can receive this from the phenomena which you encounter in this world.” In this way, P became familiar with Jiiji’s attitude of “accepting everything just as information” and the difficult system of such challenges for the mind as “trying not to have a joy which is convenient for myself.”

P gradually began to gain a calm and objective viewpoint. Jiiji suggested that she compare her recent journals and those from the beginning of her stay, and helped her recognize her changes by recognizing the decrease in negative thoughts in her recent journals.
One day, she received a message from her husband. Although she reacted to it emotionally at first, she was able to return to a calm mental state soon. Jiiji said to her, “His message was a great test today! In this case, he is a divine messenger. In fact, all phenomena can be seen as coming from the divine, depending on how we interpret them. It is quite difficult for those who have not become awakened yet to have such a beneficial perspective for their lives. It is important to find the key to this perspective. Perhaps you have paid attention to what is close to you, like your husband, rather than trying to find the key and explore the truth. That is why contradictions have occurred in your life. If you begin to understand the truth to this extent, he is not only your husband but also a divine messenger at the same time. Please always keep it in mind that every moment is a dialogue with the divine, and if we are immature, it could also be a test, in a sense.

P began to expand her worldview little by little. As a result, she decided to have time with Jiiji every other night, instead of every night. She also took her PC to the main hall where everyone gathers in order to spend more time in the community, and helped with hanging the decorations for the Flower Festival which was coming up in a week. In this manner, she tried to have more communication with the Konohana members. Then, Jiiji said to her, “It is good for you to write a journal and have time with me; however, I thought it would be more beneficial for the current you to sense Konohana’s daily life through this program, and I have suggested this before. Konohana’s daily activities could be anything, including selecting beans, attending a member’s departure ceremony (note: one of the members had been hospitalized and passed away suddenly, and we had her departure ceremony to see her off) today, or joining the community meeting. I would like to offer alternatives which you have never experienced, such as a different culture and new perspectives. As for the departure ceremony, that was an event which nobody would have been able to create intentionally. Each Konohana member took on as their role whatever they are capable of doing, and brought it to the event. If our member had not passed away at that time, all this would have been impossible. Therefore, I thought the divine gave it to us. In this manner, we live in a drama without any script.
Modern people are smart and always try to do things correctly. This is significant and indicates the excellence of human beings. However, I wonder if the value of “receiving our life,” which modern people have forgotten, could be visible in such an event as the departure of our member. The Konohana lifestyle is not something that people can create intentionally, either. It is difficult to analyze what lies behind the Konohana way of life. I believe the divine message is hidden in a place which people cannot create or encounter intentionally, no matter how hard they try.
Currently, your mental stability has been guided by the environment here. It is important to establish a new mental state in you so that the stability will continue when you go back to your original life in the US in the future. If it is created in you, it will function beneficially no matter where you go. As the base for that, it would be interesting for you to join the Konohana daily life and see what kind of spirituality the people you encounter have.
On the day before the departure ceremony, eight members performed the special Konohana flower dance, and you joined it with other members at the end. I was hoping you would, and was observing you. I was enjoying myself there, and at the same time, I was observing many things, including you. The day of the Flower Festival is coming up very soon, so please try to muster the courage to join in this time too.
As Jiiji suggested, P was willing to dance in front of everyone during the disco time (note: the audience dances, swinging an ax) after the demon dance on the day of the Flower Festival. At the fourth week consultation the next day, Jiiji said as follows:
It differs from case to case, but usually four weeks is the period in which we can have a clear idea about how to proceed with the program. I think these four weeks were the period for you to be able to arrive at an understanding of your current state. You still have two weeks to go. You decided in advance to stay here for six weeks due to your schedule, but I think this number is very good.
The series of ceremonies of the Flower Festival will end tomorrow. In general, we do not hold this Festival due to religious beliefs. I believe the festival is a different culture for you and American people, but we express what ancient people conveyed about the system of the earth and universe, and that we are a part of the natural ecosystem, in the modern way. In the coming era., people from all over the world may need to demonstrate flexibility and positively accept each other’s different cultures and that which is unfamiliar. So, in this way, we have been able to offer good experiences which you have never encountered before. Our activities are not for spreading the Konohana way of life, but I think it is very important in order to spread to humanity a way of life which is based on a global and universal viewpoint. Therefore, it would be good if we can work together on this from now on.

Receiving his words, P was about to participate in work in the fields for the first time on the day after the Flower Festival. However, she got a high fever, did not feel well, and ended up resting in her room for five days right after that.

When her fever went down and she was able to have time with Jiiji, it had been seven days from the previous consultation. Then, Jiiji said as follows:
It has been seven days from the previous consultation. Western people call the number 7 “lucky 7,” but according to the Katakamuna civilization which flourished in East Asia about 12,900 years ago, seven indicates a “qualitative shift.” That is, to throw off the old characteristics and to make a course correction in order to move forward. Therefore, the number 7 indicates one of the big cycles that bring about changes, rather than simply having good and convenient things. While you were resting, you might have suffered physically, but there was one thing I was looking forward to.
When I have given advice to care guests, there have been cases in which they got a fever by using a part of the brain which they had never used. It is the same as with children who get a fever when they grow up and get wisdom. Perhaps it is to increase their thinking capacity and thinking patterns. This time, it has been your theme in this program to broaden your worldview and perceive things with an objective viewpoint. You have encountered new viewpoints in this short period of time, but it could be quite difficult for you to take the time to digest them. Your conventional mental habits might disturb the process, too. So we sometimes get a fever or do not feel well at this point in the process. That is, we gain an awareness which we have never gained or receive a chance to reflect on ourselves during this period.
The reason why I usually provide a weekly consultation is that I am aware of the number 7. Therefore, I think it is good that it has been seven days since the previous consultation.

When P was asked how she had been in the past week, she said, “I had many strange dreams and felt like something dark was being released while I was resting. But after my fever went down, I felt good and calm. I have reflected on what I have learned here and remember Jiiji’s suggestions, so I have confidence about moving forward. I also feel as if I am a baby and cannot find a good balance yet.” Then, Jiiji said as follows:
It is all right. A baby will grow up from here on out. If you were a baby physically, it would take time to grow up; however, if you are a baby spiritually, you will grow up rapidly. When people get sick, they tend to think that a bad thing has happened, and after having a hard time, they finally became relieved of the painful situation. Surely, sickness occurs depending on a person’s mental state in many cases because it is a message. As for the flu, some catch it and some do not, even if they are in the same environment. Also, some catch it for a negative reason, and in fact, some do so for a positive reason. Therefore, I thought it was all due to the divine will to have time together today, seven (meaning a qualitative shift) days after the previous consultation.
What is important for feeling the divine will is whether or not we put our consciousness on the divine. For example, do you talk with the sun, the moon and stars? Do you talk with the wind? Do you talk with the soil? Do you talk with food when you eat it? Originally, everything is yourself. I believe talking with everything and living in good relationships is living out the divine will. Then thoughts like “How can I sense the divine will?” or “How can I sharpen my intuition?” are unnecessary. For example, when you do not feel well, your body is not comfortable, either. You do not feel like going out, and instead rest in your room. When you feel good, you feel like going out, throwing out your chest and taking a deep breath. In the same way, when we live, we can sense messages naturally. All right! You will be like that. If you sincerely believe, “That is right!” and continue a dialogue with the divine, you will be like that for sure. I did not have a living master in my life; however, my intuition has become much sharper and I am sometimes surprised by its accuracy. I believe this factit would be the result of believing and continuing a dialogue with the divine.
As you mentioned before, it is all divine messages and detoxification to have many dreams, get a high fever and sweat a lot. When we reach a consciousness that the divine works for our detoxification, we will be able to think, “Although I do not do it by myself, the divine does it for me because I am life.”

Listening to Jiiji, P said, “I have tried too hard to have the control myself.” Then, Jiiji said as follows:
You are a smart person, speaking in the modern way. You are so smart that you also have the perspective to see yourself objectively; however, then you fall into even more pitfalls. That is, you have pride that you have the ability to be able to analyze that much. Because of this, your realization that your life is given and supported will be delayed.
From such an analysis, we can say that humanity will begin to take the path to become healthy for the first time from now on. Now, a new cycle of 25,800 years has begun on earth. However, the history of 25,800 years ago is not directly connected to modern people. Therefore, a totally new era has begun. Modern people could just look forward to this, but they are worried because, although they have caused the modern chaos, they cannot find the cause for it. Above all, human beings have not yet mastered how to utilize themselves, which is of central importance. The coming chaos will make the contradictions even more apparent. They will be exposed because the light of the era has begun to shine. Therefore, if we learn from the modern contradictions, they will naturally disappear. Mega-disasters will soon appear everywhere in the world, but they should come, because we are in this era. If people can receive the true messages behind them, we should actually look forward to them. The reason why such disasters come is that people have not realized that they themselves have sowed the seeds for them. Perhaps if, before the disasters come, we humans realize this and the social system changes, such events will not occur. It is the same as with sickness. It does not have to be given to those who have become awakened.
This time, when I heard you were not feeling well, I thought, although I did not suggest anything to you, “The divine has given the finishing touches to you in this way.” In this sense, I think you have begun to have confidence about utilizing P-B. Our encounter with you was very important. At first I felt your case was quite difficult, but you came to achieve your purpose surely without going back that much. Therefore, if you summarize your experience in such a clear case and leave it to us, it would be a help for those who have not become awakened yet.

Now that she has mastered the way of thinking to be able to control herself, she has successfully graduated from the Natural Therapy Program after six weeks. Jiiji has said to her many times during the program, “By reversing your thinking patterns, you will have a useful ability not only to save yourself, but also other people.” Currently, she is more stable and says, “The Konohana community has given that stability to me. It is in my body, so I can take it back to the US. Now, I do not need to see the whole plan and know that new abilities and new tools will come one by one, so I can relax. This was a huge, huge lesson for me. I am looking forward to trying a new way of life from now on.”
It is our joy if you continue to live healthily. Above all, your healthy life means that the divine is with you. Let’s live a life to promote the awakening of humans as members of the earth community in the future. Again, congratulations on your graduation!


At the graduation concert which celebrates the care guest’s graduation from the Natural Therapy Program, Jiiji, who is in charge of the Program, gives a message to the care guest for their departure toward a new life. This time, it took more than one hour for both P’s Report and P’s Story to be shared. After that, Jiiji gave the following message to P and humanity.


“The Message from Jiiji to P”

Thank you for being with us for a long time today. If I talk as long as the reports from now on, I will end up giving you pains (laughter from everyone). However, since I have been asked to talk, I would like to talk a little bit.

It is February 16th, 2019 today, and the day of P’s graduation concert. However, for me, as a result of accumulating these days, I am in the middle of adjusting my mind toward “The Truth School” which will begin on February 24th. Right now, you have just had an opportunity to reflect on P’s work through the Natural Therapy Program by listening to P’s report and P’s Story; however, I was not just talking to people in front of me there, because if one person becomes happy, the earth will become commensurately healthy.

Since when have human beings become mentally sick? It is no doubt since the point at which people gained complicated egos and high abilities to gratify their desires. These abilities have been very attractive for human beings. However, as a result, we have given big challenges and trouble to other living beings on earth, which are also our family. Not only that, we are facing a situation in which we have to receive the contradictions brought about by what we have done. In fact, most modern people have completely deviated from the law of the universe, do not live each day with the consciousness of living in the universe, and have ended up encountering the current difficult phase of life and natural disasters. This is because, for a long time, human beings have tried to become happy and rich.

I always talk about the same thing, but it is because I would like people to remember their true value. P has worked on a 6-week project, and her theme has been her life. It is as if she completed the Truth School Program in the space of 6 weeks. The Truth School, which will begin on February 24th, provides participants with the opportunity to understand the true way of human beings in the course of one month. In keeping with this system, if P’s life becomes healthy and abundant, people around her will become happy, too. Human beings have forgotten this very simple law of the universe and nature in which everyone is linked to each other and creates together.

Currently, human beings have brought various issues to earth. In fact, we humans are like cancer cells for the earth, and cannot find the direction to move forward in the future. I think I always tell people the same thing, but this is my life. The Konohana members are my partners who can prove how important and beneficial it is for human beings to live according to the law of the universe and nature.

P is facing a graduation ceremony today, so we have gained another member who understands how important it is to live in this way. Eventually, we would like to create an abundant world where everyone can be happy together, rather than having a joy which tickles individual egos. Like other living beings, we humans have been brought down to the earth with this purpose. We will continue to provide the Natural Therapy Program to make people aware of the truth. At the same time, we also hope that those who have encountered the importance of this will work together with us and make the earth a beautiful place.

P is very intelligent and has a high analytical ability, so my suggestions to her have been very diverse. As a result, I have been very inspired by her. Also, Yoko summarized P’s story, and she successfully achieved a difficult task. Great job. I appreciate the divine for giving me this very important relationship with a deep connection to each other.

We are going to live to express the importance of this way of life on earth in the future, too. I would like to take this path with awareness. P, congratulations on your graduation. I really appreciate the encounter with you.




พื้นที่ชีวิต : โคโนฮานะ…ฟาร์มแห่งความยั่งยืน

ชุมชนโคโนฮานะ ตั้งอยู่เชิงเขาภูเขาไฟฟูจิ ประเทศญี่ปุ่น ตั้งแต่ปี 1994 เพื่อเป็นชุมชนทางเลือกสำหรับคนที่ต้องการหันกลับมาใช้ชีวิตที่กลมกลืนกับธรรมชาติ และสร้างผลกระทบต่อธรรมชาติให้น้อยที่สุด บนพื้นฐานแนวคิดที่ว่า เพราะมนุษย์ก็คือสิ่งมีชีวิตหนึ่งในธรรมชาติและจักรวาล สิ่งต่าง ๆ ที่เรากระทำ ย่อมส่งผลกระทบต่อทุกชีวิตในธรรมชาติเช่นเดียวกัน

ชุมชนโคโนฮานะ ปลูกผักอินทรีย์บนพื้นฐานของการพึ่งตัวเอง ทุกคนแบ่งปันสิ่งของร่วมกัน เพื่อลดความต้องการที่เกินความจำเป็น ทุกคนทำงานไม่มีเงินเดือน มีเพียงการปันผลประจำปีอย่างเท่าเทียมกัน ติดตาม “หนึ่งธิดา โสภณ” ไปใช้ชีวิตในชุมชนโคโนฮานะ เพื่อเรียนรู้ทางเลือกในการใช้ชีวิตแบบกลมกลืนกับธรรมชาติ

“A Clear Sky”

A ninth grader named Kanoko represented the junior high school which she goes to, and participated in the 55th English Speech Contest for Junior High School Students of Fujinomiya-City on September 7th. The title of her speech was “A Clear Sky.” She placed her life into a lotus flower in her speech. When she did not go to school in her life, she was like in the mud. Then, she went through various experiences at a new place, and is growing every day to bloom a beautiful lotus flower in her life. As a result of expressing her life poetically in English, she got the second prize and advanced to the English Speech Contest of the East Shizuoka Prefecture.

The contest of the eastern district was held on September 21st, about two weeks after the municipal one. Her genuine smile attracted the audience and she received the biggest applause out of all of the participants. A judge said, “Appealing to the mind is important at this English Speech Contest.” Moreover, both judges praised her, saying, “First of all, the content of her speech is wonderful. Also, it matches with her personality.” As a result, she successfully won the first prize!

This is how she gained a ticket to move to the prefectural contest which was held on October 4th, about two weeks after the regional one. As she said, “I was not nervous, but I could not put my soul into my speech. So, I have some regret,” she could not maximize her charms. Also, the level of the participants was so high that, unfortunately, she could not advance to the national contest.

However, she has learned a lot through her participation in the contest, and her mind has grown bigger. After the contest, she said, “I will make more efforts, driven by regret.” Her great efforts have moved us, and given a great impact on the Konohana children who became interested in English thanks to her.

Isadon, who has supported her in terms of her mentality, made the following comment:
I have given advice that she should put her soul into her words throughout this speech contest. When I heard her speech on the previous day of the contest of the eastern district, I thought, “Her soul has begun to echo in her words finally. That was the best speech I have ever heard.” Therefore, the vibrancy which was beyond her English abilities echoed at the speech contest site, and led her to the first prize at the eastern district.

To tell you the truth, a vision came up to me the other day. In the vision, she is an adult and talks in front of many people in English. There is so much important data to show about the model of the new era to the world, as exemplified by the Konohana Family. When I was listening to her speech, I thought, “Here is an appropriate person for the next generation to convey such important messages.” Then, I said to her, “This contest is just one step in your life. These steps will continue all throughout your life. Please understand this and work on this contest.”

Now that English is the world’s official language, I saw a vision in which she will convey the Konohana spirituality, in English, in the future. I would like her to live a sacred life as, ultimately, a sacred person.

At first, I thought she would advance to the national contest, but unfortunately it did not come true. She looked a little regretful, but she knew that she has another path. We confirmed that this is the beginning of the next step. Also, I said to her, “Experiencing such a setback is the same as lotus flowers blooming out of the mud.”

In fact, I said to her, “Now that the English Speech Contest for Junior High School Students is over, it is time to begin to prepare for the one for High School Students!” She had a great experience this time, so I am looking forward to her bright future. I really appreciate everyone who has stayed with her and supported her in many ways to weave her story together. Thank you so much.”

It seems like a big soul is hidden in her small body. It is easy to imagine that she will make a speech on the importance of spirituality to people in the world in the near future. Surely, she will bloom as a beautiful flower in her life.



A Clear Sky

In early summer lotus flowers begin to bloom around my house. I’m always impressed with the beautiful flowers from the muddy pots. Looking at them reminds me of my past.

I was in the sixth grade when I stopped going to school. I didn’t like to study at all. I thought there was no need for me to attend my classes. I took care of my younger brother at home. I also spent my days doing things I liked to do. People around me often said “Go to school, or you’ll be in trouble.” I ignored all their advice. I was very selfish. I hate to admit it but I was stuck in the mud.

I came to a turning point in my life when I was thirteen. My family moved from Hokkaido to Fujinomiya to a community that consists of 100 members who received us warmly. I felt I was a part of this big family. For the first time I tried to be more open and talked with people of all ages.

One day an older man from the community said to me “Go to school, then you will be able to have experiences necessary for your age.” His words echoed in my mind. I tried to check myself again and again. Finally, I admitted that I had been making excuses to avoid school. It was time for me to go. I felt brighter and I looked forward to having new friends.

I enrolled, but had some troubles at my new school. I had a conflict with one of my classmates because of some communication on LINE. He and his close friends began to bully me. I was sad. I wanted to change and build a better relationship with them. In the past I would just blame everybody else and escape from school. But this time I asked myself. “What have I done?” I discovered that I was also wrong. I tried to listen to their opinions. Little by little they became friendly to me. They helped me to see things from many angles. It was time for me to grow.

I didn’t like science and math before. Should I give up on these subjects again or try harder this time? I decided to spend more time studying them. I read my textbooks in advance. Every time I solve the problems by myself, I’m excited like a scientist who discovers something new. I realized that a little more effort on what seemed so difficult can be interesting.

I enjoy my school life now. The simple school routines like, the morning greetings, handing in my assignments on time, serving school lunch and so on, make me more responsible. Working with my juniors is very challenging. Taking all the tests is very nerve-wracking. Playing soccer with my team is exciting. Listening to the teachers can be interesting or sometimes boring. Everything has a meaning and I’m growing every day. I treasure all these experiences and the friendships.

I remember the passage I read before. “Every child is a different kind of flower and all together makes this world a beautiful garden.” I will continue to open my heart and work harder. I’m determined to bloom like the lotus flower under the clear blue sky. What about you? What kind of flower are you? I’m excited to see you bloom too.



The Konohana Family English Newsletter Vol.5

The Time to Swing into the Era is the 21st Century

The 21st Century is the Opening toward the Year 3000!

Now that the era has entered the 21st century, a new time has begun toward the year 3000. However, looking at the current society, still so many people have been controlled by the materialistic values of the previous millennium. Therefore, modern people are hesitant to find a new value and move toward the future. As a result, such human figures have manifested as a world of confusion and hopelessness. Clearly, this is a message from the flow of the new era. However, unless we understand this deeply and take a step toward a hopeful direction, this chaos will continue.

Now is the time when we humans have an opportunity to step into a hopeful direction, which is all being revealed by the era. In addition, it prepares the energy we need to reach there. Now all preparations have been completed!

The time has arrived when we should have the “will” to begin this journey toward the year 3000, under a new value.

As the driving force, the era is allowing us to “repel”, a method of changing the orbit of a spacecraft by utilizing the gravity of a planet. Moreover, this also makes it possible to accelerate the spacecraft by utilizing the planet’s orbital motion.

On December 3rd, 2014, an asteroid probe called, “Hayabusa 2” was launched. After that, it orbited the sun for one year, through an orbit which is almost the same as the earth’s orbit. Then, it matched the earth’s orbital speed (30km per second), and accelerated to the speed of 31.9km per second. Amazingly, it left the earth’s orbit and swung toward the asteroid.

In order to do so accurately, an extremely precise calculation is necessary. Thanks to modern highly advanced technology, planetary motion can be calculated accurately based on mathematics. However, planets produce subtle differences and move in a cosmic space. If such fine differences are left the way they are, it will become a fatal error in the universe. Therefore, in order to travel and reach the destination in cosmic space, we need to make subtle adjustments in calculation. That is, when “Hayabusa 2” swings by at the perfect time through utilizing the planet’s energy,

“Hayabusa 2” should have the will to change too.

The strongest driving force for modern people is the flow of the new era, which began on “the winter solstice of the galaxy” on December 21st, 2012. Just like the Earth’s winter solstice, the amount of light begins to increase. The solar system has passed the winter solstice after 25,800 years and a great transitional stage has begun, turning from an era of darkness into light. The time has come when we humans are allowed to harmonize with this great turning point, and repel with the new era toward the year 3000!

Humans are given an advanced ability to understand this exquisite system of “repelling” and physically explore the universe. And spiritually, if each one of us gains a high-dimensional consciousness, we will be able to reach this state of travelling in the universe even in zero gravity, utilizing the free energy which exists everywhere in this world. The next millennium is the era when we humans will be aware of how to travel the universe in such a state.

What is required of us is the “will” to sense the changes of the era and get on its flow.

When we free our minds, we can understand that we freely travel in the vast universe.
It is not a simple spacewalk, but a state of traveling in the universe with WILL.



Traveling in the Universe is a Continuation of Infinite Changes

We Live in the World where even Truths Change along with the Changes of the Era


The Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy and the Entire Universe are All Moving!

“The earth is in the center of the universe and stays. The sun and other planets orbit the earth.” Such geocentric theory was the absolute truth in the Christian world during the Middle Ages. People’s worldview were narrow at that time, so they believed what they saw was true. Later, Galileo proved the heliocentric theory, insisting that “the sun is the center of the universe, and the earth rotates and orbits around the sun along with the other planets.” His theory was considered heretical against God, and was found guilty by the inquisition. However, now that it has been 400 years since then, most people believe that “the earth orbits the sun.”

However, the truth is totally different. In fact, the earth is moving around the sun, and the sun is revolving around the galaxy. The earth, the sun, and the galaxy all revolve around the universe. Such an entire picture cannot be imagined with human understanding. Even in the future, more truths will be revealed. Truths, which have been sealed by the profound universal mystery, are awaiting a time when we humans transcend our ego and let go of our preconceptions.

Everything from the earth to the sun, and the galaxy to the universe has a “will” and moves.


Nine North Stars Emerge in a 25800-year cycle due to the Earth’s Processional Motion

Modern people consider that the North Star is absolute, but that absolute existence does change. Currently, nine North Stars have been discovered. However, there is also a possibility that even this fact will change in the future. The universe is telling us that the values which we consider absolute do change along with the era.

*The earth’s axis moves at an angular radius of about 23.4 degrees in a vertical direction on its orbital plane. The earth goes through such a processional cycle in a period of 25800 years. Interestingly, the cycle of this earth’s processional motion is 25800 years which is the same as one solar spiral.


“Chibanian,” the Layer which Indicates the Earth’s Magnetic Field Reversal

The magnetic fields of the earth (the North pole and the South pole) have been reversed regularly in the 4.6 billion-year history of the earth. The layer from 770,000 years ago, which was discovered in Chiba prefecture, has attracted attention as the one to indicate a significant turning point during the last magnetic pole reversal. This layer has a possibility to be named “Chibanian”, which means “the Chiba era”, by the international institution in the future.
Now, we are on the eve of the earth’s axis reversal. That is, the time has arrived when human values will change. Currently, the meaning of our existence is about to reverse on a global level. We can say that the discovery of “Chibanian” is a message from the era to let humans know that.


Was Adolf Hitler a Superior Bodhisattva?!

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1933: Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), German statesman, around 1933-1935. (Photo by Roger Viollet/Getty Images)

Adolf Hitler is considered as one of the worst people in human history. However, in this world, there is a perspective that he is a superior Bodhisattva. A Bodhisattva is an existence to guide people and consider others’ joys as their own. A long time ago, before the soul of Adolf Hitler came to earth, the Great God asked many superior souls, “This role will not have a good reputation on earth, but it is very important. So, is there anyone who would like to take it?” But, nobody was willing to take the role which would be considered bad on earth. Then, a brave soul said, “I will take the role!” and came down on earth. And successfully, he accomplished the challenging task. When he completed his role and returned to heaven, other souls praised him, saying, “It was a very difficult role, but you did a great job!” As a result, he reached enlightenment as a superior Bodhisattva. We consider Adolf Hitler as the embodiment of bad, and such recognition has been established. However, we can admonish ourselves for our actions because people like him caused such incidents.

If those who live a life as bad people intend to choose such roles and are born on earth, there is no good and bad in this world. Only various roles exist as human possibilities. In this manner, there is good in bad and bad in good. Everything exists in the universal system and under the will of the era. Each one of us is compelled by the era and lives exactly at this moment.

Living in the universe is expressing the “will” of the era.


The EU Should Have Unified their Wallets?!

Europe became the most miserable battlefield during World War II because it is just one continent. In 1993, the European Union (EU) was established out of those trials in order to make Europe one community. In 1999, the unified currency, the EURO was adopted. However, in fact, the current crisis of the EU collapse originated from there. That is, the EU unified the financial currency, but each nation has a separate wallet. Therefore, the financial crises in Greece was a chance to establish not a European Union but one European nation! There is a fact that there are financially rich and poor nations in the EU. So, if all of them unified their wallets, everyone would become equal and financial disparity would automatically be resolved.

It is the same as the financial structure of the Konohana Family. In Konohana, harmonious people without money are more appropriate than disharmonious ones with money. That is because people can live abundantly at low cost when everyone supports each other and thrives. When people share everything and express one life together, an abundance which is beyond our imagination will emerge on earth.

Therefore, when the financial deficit of Greece happened, the EU should have unified their wallets. If so, they could have created one nation of Europe. Moreover, when we look at the earth from the cosmic space, one nation beyond borders would have been established in one continent. Ultimately, that was a great chance for the EU to become a pioneer to remove all the borders from this world and make the earth one nation.


The Universal Art which the Earth and Venus Describe

Here is the Earth’s orbit. When we trace a square inscribed in it and also a circle inscribed in the square, the circle becomes the orbit of the Venus. In addition, the relationship of “conjunction” where the two planets, Earth and Venus line up in the same line of sight from the sun, come every 1.6 years. It takes 8 years for them to trace a pentagon and return to their original position. However, the Earth and Venus do not return to exactly the same place. In fact, when they move in the universe, they make subtle differences. In a sense, we can say that they not only move to a slightly different position but make a spiral motion, shifting from A position to an unknown A’ position. A’ positon is evolved from the original A position for one cycle. When we understand this, we will be able to sense that we are always traveling to an unknown world through repeated changes, transformation and transfiguration, even while we are on earth.

In this manner, the Earth and Venus describe an amazingly complicated and beautiful figure in the cosmic space. This is a world in which humans cannot imagine when they only focus on their life on earth. Furthermore, when connecting five inner points in the pentagon with a circle, this circle becomes the orbit of Mercury. This would be impossible unless planets have a dialogue and confirm each other’s positions. Therefore, we can say that the planets in the solar system are a community which travels in the universe. And, it is the same when we express a community of the earth with all living beings.


“Sex” is What is Sacred

Currently, the recognition of sex is most repressed in society. Sex is a ceremony to create life and it exists when a male and female face each other. Therefore, it is a fundamental principal of the universe. “Everything exists when yin and yang face each other.” That is why, originally, instinctive desires which are equipped with humans exist to enhance human dignity and contribute to this world of life. However, people have misunderstood the nature of their desires and sought superficial pleasure. As a result, sex has been expressed as a secret.
Only when people transcend their ego and reach a high conscious level, they will be released from the mind control that “sex is obscene and taboo” and will be able to express a precious and beautiful sex. The ultimate communion is to become unified with the universe. In Japanese, the Chinese character of “sex (性) is written as “the mind (心) is a life (生).” The mind here means the universal mind. Therefore, “sex (pronounced as SEI in Japanese)” is “sacred (also pronounced as SEI in Japanese. According to Katakamuna cosmophysics, it is said that the words with the same pronunciation have the same interpretation.).” It is a holy matter in which the profound system of the universal creation is hidden.



“Humans (人間)” are in the process (間) of moving toward “HITO (人)”

The universal principal is numbers. The process of the universal creation, development and disappearance is indicated with the principal of numbers. “HI FU MI YO I MU NA YA KO TO” which means number one to ten in Japanese. Therefore, those who understand the entire universal principle from HI (one) to TO (ten) and become integrated are called “HITO (written as 人 in Japanese).” That is, “HITO” is a high-dimensional existence who has mastered the universal system. On the contrary, “a human (written as 人間 in Japanese)” indicates an immature existence who exists between (間) HI and TO (人).

From the dualistic ideas to the three-dimensional thinking

In addition, humans (pronounced as NINGEN in Japanese) have a dualistic (NIGEN) thinking. Unfortunately, since paper and letters were investigaed about 6500 years ago, humans began to think of things dualistically, and develop superficial and self-centered dualistic ideas based on profits and losses, or right and wrong.

For example, when a wind blows from North to South, an iceberg sometimes moves into the reverse direction, ignoring the wind. Do you know why? That is because the current in the ocean flows in that direction. As there is the phrase “the tip of the iceberg,” what we can see above sea level is just 10% of the entire reality. As a matter of fact, 90% is still under the sea level. Currently, we humans have been trying to deal with only visible phenomena, but we have not realized the 90% which exists behind them. That is why, social events which imply the arrival of the next era have reached the peak of confusion.

The true flow is created through the will behind the era

The three-dimensional world where we live exists in a dynamic structure of the visible and invisible worlds. On top of that, this world is in a more complicated structure than the reality of an iceberg. In fact, a world exists behind the visible and invisible world. This world is so profound that it is far beyond human imagination. When we begin to put our consciousness toward the existence which flows behind phenomena, 90% of our brain which has been asleep for a long period of time will be activated and an infinite universal wisdom will come out.

From the universal law, now that the values of the entire world have been reversed, we humans cannot move forward as an extension of the current situation anymore. In other words, the chaotic era which we are witnessing is a message which ushers in an era when truths will be revealed.

The 21st century is the era when humans will become awakened as “HITO”

When we become released from dualistic ideas and come to consider things three-dimensionally, we will be able to sense that a circle, which we used to understand dualistically, is a sphere. And, we will be able to see that everything which exists in this world makes a not rotational motion, but a spiral motion instead. Originally, we live in the three-dimensional world, so we should think three-dimensionally. In the future, those who become aware of the high-dimensional consciousness, transceneding the three-dimensional one and shifting toward the fourth dimenation and fifth dimension…will create a new era toward the year 3000.

When we fly out of our own constraint and stand at the side of the universal law, we “humans” will become “HITO.”

Now is the time to get on the era and swing by!


※The explanation to understand that this infinite universe is operated precisely, which is reflected in our daily life, is much deeper. However, this newsletter has a limitation of space, so the explanation has been simplified. If you would like to know more details about the universal figure and your own existence, we recommend that you participate in “the One Month Truth School.”



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일・한 지구회의 우주편

우주의 법칙과 함께 살다

7월 26일부터 약 1개월간 코노하나패밀리에 체류중인 한국인 소민, 향령, 예영. 8월 14일 그들은 이사돈과 다시 말 할 기회를 가지었습니다. “일・한 지구회의” 시리즈 최종편은 예영의 질문으로부터 시작되었습니다.


이사돈의 진정한 가족은 몇명 입니까?



아~아!! (웃음)

지구의 모든 사람이 이사돈의 가족이며 친구이군요.

코노하나 가족 외에 진정한 가족이 몇 명인가요?

이사돈은 마음이 이어진 가족을 소중히 여기기에, 혈연이 이어진 가족이라도 마음이 멀어진 가족은 같이 살고 있지 않아. 그리고 그들이 소중하다고 생각하지도 않아. 이사돈은 마음이 통하고, 함께 사는 사람들을 더 소중하게 생각해. 더 엄밀하게 말하면, 인간은 모두 가족이야. 좀 더 말하면, 살아있는 생명은 모두 가족이야. 왜냐하면 우리는 지구라는 집에서 다 같이 살고 있으니까. 조금만 더 말하자면, 우주공간을 지구에 앉아 모두 같이 여행하고 있어서야♪

이사돈에게 질문이 있어요! 우주는 어떻게 만들어 졌나요?

어렵네(웃음)… 그 질문은 대답할 수는 있으나, 아주 복잡하단다. 옛날 사람들은 지구는 평면이고, 그 주위를 별들이 돌고 있다고 생각했어.

알고 있어요!

지구가 평면이기 때문에, 바다의 끝에 가면 폭포로 되어 물이 떨어진다고 사람들은 생각했지. 그리고 땅 밑에는 거북이가 있어서 땅을 받쳐주고, 거북이가 움직이면 지진이 일어난다고 생각했단다.

거북이라는 설도 있고, 뱀이라는 설도 있어.

하하하. 잘 알고 있네!(웃음) 지금 사람들은 이젠 그렇게 생각하지 않지? 마찬가지로 지금 사람들의 우주에 대한 생각도, 미래에 가면 바뀔 수 있어.

그래서 우주가 어떻게 만들어 졌느냐하면, 우주는 만들어 지고, 유지되고, 파괴되고, 다시 만들어지고…… 를 무한히 반복하고 있단다. 우주는 이렇게 반복하면서 계속 이어져가고 있단다. 이것이 지금 말할 수 있는 거란다.


우리들은 우주에 태어났으니, 지켜야 할 의무가 있나요?

지금 우리들은 우주 속에 살고 있지? 이 세계에 있는 모든 것은, 우주의 법칙 속에 있어. 우주의 법칙이란 범위가 매우 넓기에, 인간이 하는 모든 것은 모두 우주 법칙 속에 있어. 거기에는 맞고 틀리고가 없어. 틀린 것은 그 틀린 것을 통하여, 맞는 것을 이해하기 위하여 있는거야. 또 이렇게 함이 “맞다”로 결정하면, 그와 다른 것은 틀린 것이라고 생각하게 되지.(예들어 숟가락으로 밥먹는 것이 맞다고 생각하게 되면, 젓가락이나 손으로 밥먹는 사람은 틀렸다고 생각하지. 이것은 숟가락으로 맞다고 규정지었기 때문이야. 그래서 넓은 의미에서 보면, 그 맞다는것도 한정된 범위에서만 맞기에, 사실 맞다,틀리다가 없는 것임) 때문에, 사람에 따라 “이것은 좋아”라던지 “이것은 싫어” 또는 “이것은 틀렸어”라든지 해석은 많이 있잖아? 이렇게 우주는 폭이 넓은 세계이니, 여러 해석이 가능한 세계야.

그리고 우주는 인간의 세계로 제한된 이야기가 아니야. 아주 넓은 구조로 되어 있어. 우주는 아주 폭이 넓고, 여러가지 방식으로 볼 수가 있어. 그것을 어느 위치에서 보고 어떻게 해석하냐 하는 것은, 매 사람들의 의식에 달려있어.

예를 들어 지금 인간들은 전쟁을 하기도 하고, 환경을 오염시키기도 하지? 그것도 우주의 법칙 속에 있는 일이야. 인간이 다른 생명을 파괴하고, 그 결과 스스로에게 힘든 일이 발생하지? 그러면서 사람들은 공부를 하는거야. 많은 사람들은 힘든 일이 생기면 그제야 “내가 하는 일이 잘못된 거야”라고 생각하고 반성하지. 하지만 힘든 일을 당하고 틀렸다는 것을 깨닫는 것은, 별로 현명하지가 않아. 고통이나 힘든 일을 당하지 않아도, “지금 하는 일이 나에게 좋지 않구나” 혹은 “사회에 좋지 않구나”라고 깨닫고, 나쁜 일이 발생하기 전에 고치면, 자신도 건강하게 살 수 있고, 사회도 건강하게 되지. 이런쪽이 더 좋겠지?

우리 인간들이 살고 있는 이 별은 우리 자신의 별이고, 우리들의 몸이 사는 곳이지? 때문에 지구를 생각하는 것은 자신을 위하는 일이야. 그래서 모두가 지구의 법칙을 지키면, 인간 외의 생명들도 우리들을 반겨 줄거야.

하지만, 이것을 지켜야 할 의무는 아니야. 예를 들어 지구의 생명법칙이 있지? 그 생명의 법칙은 지키거나 지키지 않거나 하는 것이 아니라, 그것을 지키지 않으면 우리들은 살아가지 못 해. 생명의 법칙으로부터 멀어지면, 병에 걸리기도 하고, 여러가지 문제가 발생해. 때문에 그 법칙을 느끼고, 그 법칙대로 살게 되면, 이 세계는 안정되고 평화롭게 된단다.

그렇군요! 다음 질문인데요, 우주에 사는 사람의 의무는 깨달음을 얻는 것입니까?

높은 의식을 갖기 위해서는 먼저, 이 세계의 구조가 어떻게 되었는지 아는게 중요해. 그 다음, 지구환경과 지구생명 그리고 인간사회가 좋아지도록 활동하는 게 중요해. 하지만 그것도 “지키지 않으면 안 되” 라는 것은 아니야.

왜냐하면, 세계의 모든 것은 법칙으로 되어있어. 그래서 법칙을 벗어나는 일을 하면, 문제가 일어나기로 되어 있어. 그것도 법칙이야. 모든 것이 법칙 속에 있으니 “나는 이것을 좋게 하자!” 라고 생각할 필요가 없어. 그 법칙을 알고, 어떻게 살면 문제가 일어나지 않는가를 배우는 것이 중요해.

때문에 이런 세상의 법칙을 알고 세상의 법칙대로 살면, 이 세상에 일어나는 일과 세상을 창조하는 자와의 구별이 없어져서 사람은 자신만 생각하는 삶을 살지 않게 된단다. 이것은 의무가 아니라, 그 사람이 이르는 의식 레벨이니 “깨닫지 않으면 안 되!” 라는 것은 아니야.

그렇다면, 우주의 의지는 신의 의지입니까?

맞아. 신의 의지라고 말해도 되고, 우주의 법칙이라 말해도 되고, 우주의 의지는 에너지라고 해도 되. 여러가지 에너지의 사용방법에 의하여 여러가지 현상이 일어나니, 신의 의지라 말하고 싶은 사람은 그렇게 말해도 되.

모두 내 마음에 달린 것이군요!

맞아. 때문에 마음먹기에 따라 매우 괴로운 인생을 살기도 하지. 그래서 좁은 마음으로 매일 먹기 위해 필사적으로 사는 인생도 있어.

그런 사람들의 마음을 모두 포함하여, 이 세상은 우주법칙에 의하여 흘러가고 있다고 말할 수 있어. 신에 의하여 움직여지고 있다고 말해도 좋고, 에너지가 여러곳에서 발생하여 에너지에 의하여 움직여지고 있다고 말해도 좋아. 어디로 봐도 법칙성은 있어.


법칙이 없는 곳은 없나요??

그것은 말이야, 법칙이 없는 곳도, 법칙속에 있어♪

이사돈의 말한 것은, 누군가에 의하여 이 세상이 움직여지는 것이 아니라, 그 법칙에 의하여 세상이 움직여지는 것이군요.

맞아. 때문에 그 법칙을 이해해고, 그 법칙과 함께 있는게 중요해. 그것이 신의 의지로 사는 일이고, 우주에서 산다는 것이야.

사람이 그 법칙을 지키지 않을때, 전쟁이 일어납니까?

맞아, 하지만 전쟁이 일어나는 것은, 전쟁을 일으키려는 마음을 가진 사람들이 만났을 때대립의 결과인 거야. 그것은 자기만 생각하는 사람들이 많아져서 대립하면, 전쟁이 된다는 것이야. 때문에 이것도 법칙 속에 있는거야.

전쟁이 일어나는 것도 신은 “이것을 하면 안 되!”라는것은 가르치기 위하여 일어나는 것이군요!

맞아. 때문에 이 세상에 일어나는 일은 아주 폭이 넓어. 그 해석에 따라 일들이 좋은 일이 될 수도 있고, 나쁜 일이 될 수도 있어.

신은 사람들을 가르치기 위하여 여러가지 일을 발생시키는데, 인간들은 신이 가르치려는것을 잘 알지 못하고계속 그대로 지내는 거죠?

지금은 이 우주법칙을 사람들이 제일 알지 못할 때야. 은하계 중심의 빛이 지구에 제일 들어오지 않을 때거든. 빛이 적은 상태에 있다는 것은, 진실을 알지 못하는 시대라는 거야. 그래서 문제라고 보기보다는, 지금이 제일 알지 못할 때이니 지금부터는 좋아질 일만 남았지. 때문에 이사돈은 이런 문제점을 생각해도 “뭔가를 해야지!” 라고 생각하지 않아. 시간이 흘러 시대가 움직이면, 자연히 변화하게 되어. 다만 이사돈은 이런것을 모두보다 좀 더 일찍이 눈치챘기에, 아직 모르는 사람들을 위하여 이런 삶을 살지.

그러면 저처럼 알려고 하는 것은 좋은 것입니까?

그것은 배우려는 의욕이 있다는 거야. 이것은 매우 소중해. 알려고 하는 생각이 여러가지 모르는 것의 답을 찾게 해주지.

저번에 이야기할 때 이사돈은 “나의 말은 너가 모르는 새로운 이야기가 아니라, 너의 마음이 이미 알고 있는 이야기이기에, 그것을 떠올리면 되” 라고 말씀하셨잖아요. 나는 한국에 돌아가면, 내 마음속에 있는 것들을 더 많이 스스로 떠올리고, 모두에게 전하고 싶어요!


맞아♪ “이런 말을 하면 이상하게 생각하지 않을까”라고 생각하지 말고, 과감하게 모두에게 말하면 좋다고 생각해. 이사돈이 젊었을 때는이상한 말을 하면, 이상한 사람으로 여겨졌지. 이상한 사람이 되기 싫어서 모두에게 말할 수 없는 시대였어. 하지만 지금은 이런 일을 말해도 “그런 생각방식도 있네!” 라고 모두 들어주는 시대가 되었어.

이사돈이 젊었을 때라고 한 것은, 몇 살때부터 이런 이야기를 했나요?

이사돈은 너희들처럼 아이일때는 이런 이야기를 하지 않았어. 때문에 너희들은 현명하고 매우 진보하였어. 이사돈은 30살이 되어서 이야기를 할수 있게 되었어.

어떤 병에라도 걸린건가요???

하하하! 이상한 마음이 나타났어.(웃음) 갑자기 보통 사람과 다른 생각을 하게 되었어. 지금 너희들과 이야기하면 이것이 보통이지만, 일반 사회에서는 이것이 아직 이상한 이야기지. 지금의 아이들도 우주의 이야기를 하지 않고, 포켓몬 게임을 하는게 좋은 거라고 생각하는 사람이 많아.

이사돈은 자신의 마음을 잘 볼 수 있군요!

고마워(웃음) ♪

나도 그렇게 되고 싶어요! 마지막으로 그렇게 되는 포인트가 있으면 알려주세요.

네가 지금 이대로 크면 되면, 그렇게 될 수 있어♪ 그리고 책을 읽어서 많은 지식을 얻으려 하지 말아. 지금처럼 의문을 가지고 여러가지 일을 보면서, 그 일이 어떤 일인지 생각하면 확실하게 자신의 마음을 볼 수 있게 되어.

이번에 처음으로 소민과 예영과 만났지만, 아주 좋은 만남이였어. 너희들은 아직 10살, 8살이지만, 앞으로 어떻게 성장할지 기대되네! 앞으로도 많이 이야기 하자♪

소민, 예영, 향령:
한 달간 감사했습니다.

이사돈 다음번에는 많은 친구들을 데려올게요♪






일・한 지구회의 하늘의 마음편

이 마음을 세계의 모두에게 전하라

한국인 소민(10살), 향령(9살), 예영(8살)은 다시 이사돈과 이야기할 시간을 가졌습니다. 이번에는 코노하나에서 태어나 1년간을 지내고, 그 뒤 매년 여름이면 엄마랑 같이 코노하나에 돌아오는 향령이가 먼저 이사돈에게 질문하였다.

이사돈,코노하나패밀리의 코노하나는 무슨 뜻인가요?

코노하나는 나무에 핀 꽃이라는 뜻인데, 나무에 많은 꽃이 핀 것을 의미해.

그것은 이사돈이란 큰 나무에, 우리들이 작은 꽃을 피운 것을 말하는 거죠(모두 웃음)!

하하하. 그것은 아니고, 일본의 대표적인 꽃이 벚꽃이야. 벚꽃은 한 번에 멋지게 피고, 한 번에 지지. 후지산을 지키는 신의 이름은 “코노하나사쿠야히메미코토”야. 그 신을 상징하는 꽃이 벚꽃과 매화꽃이야. 木花咲耶姫命(코노하나사쿠야히메미코토)는 생명의 아름다움, 활짝 피었다가 금방 지는 것으로 당찬 마음, 그리고 덧없음을 의미해.

매화꽃이 무엇을 의미하는지 알아? 매실은 건강에 매우 좋지? 때문에 매화꽃은 건강과 장수를 상징하는 꽃이야.
코노하나를 대표하는 꽃이 하나 더 있는데 무엇인지 알아?


맞아! 복숭아꽃이야. 복숭아꽃은 중국에서 도화원을 상징하지. 도화원은 모두가 함께 사는 이상 촌을 말해. 또 복숭아는 불로장생을 의미해.
코노하나를「木의花」로 쓰잖아. 그리고 코노하나의 코는 개인이라는 코이기도 해. 이것은 매 사람을 말하는거야. 예를 들어 코노하나 모두가 하나하나의 꽃이라 할 때 사람마다 자신의 꽃을 피우면, 코노하나라는 큰 나무에 많은 꽃이 피어서 벚꽃, 매화꽃, 복숭아꽃처럼 아름드리 꽃나무가 된다는 의미도 있어.
이사돈은 처음에, 코노하나사쿠야히메미코토 신을 알지 못했어. 아직 후지산 기슭에서 살기 전인 1992년 새해 후지산 해돋이를 보러 갔어. 아직 해가 솟아 오르지 않은 새벽에 이사돈이 후지산 기슭의 목장을 산책하고 있었어. 마리쨩이 뒤에서 그 모습을 찍었는데, 그 뒤 사진을 출력하여 보니 이사돈의 머리 위에 언제나 빛이 있는거야. 태양이 있었다면 이사돈의 머리에 빛이 반사되어 빛날 수 있지만 아직 태양이 솟아 오르지 않았는데도 빛이 있었어.
그 사진을 본 이사돈은, “이것은 후지산의 신이 우리들이 후지산에 온 것을 환영하는 거야!”라고 느꼈어. 그 뒤, 후지산 기슭에 이사오기 위하여 후지노미야 시 시청에 상담하고 돌아올 때, 그 근처의 히요시신사에 들렸어. 그때 거기에서 만난 무녀에게 “여기에서 모시는 신은 누구십니까?” 라고 물었더니, “후지산의 신인 코노하나사쿠야히메미코토 입니다” 라고 알려주었어. 나는 그 신이 어떤 신인지 모르기에 “그는 어떤 신입니까?” 라고 질문했더니, 팜플렛을 건네주었어. 거기에는 “코노하나사쿠야히메미코토는 생명의 아름다움, 당참, 덧없음을 표현하는 신입니다”라고 씌여져 있었어. 그것을 본 이사돈은 “이것이 우리가 목표로 하는 생활방식이다.”라고 생각하고, 여기 이름을 “코노하나농원”으로 하였어. 그 뒤 많은 외국인들이 코노하나를 방문하게 되어서 “코노하나패밀리”로 고쳤어.

코노하나패밀리가 이렇게 크게 될거라고 이사돈은 예상하지 못했죠?

이사돈은 현명하니, 처음부터 예상하고 시작했을 거야.

하하하. 이사돈은 이런 생활방식이 아주 중요하다는 것만 알고 있었어.

소중한 생활방식이네요!

그래, 이사돈은 40살때쯤 후지산에 처음으로 올라, 후지산의 정상에서 “이 마음을 태양의 나라 모두에게 전하여라”는 신의 메세지를 받았어.“이 마음을 전 세계에 전하라”라는 메세지를 신에게서 받았기에, 여기에 온거야.

나도 후지산 정상에 올라, 신의 메세지를 받고 싶어요!

하하하, 다음에 같이 오르자.

나도 함께 오르고 싶어요!

그래, 이사돈은 지금까지 11번 정상에 올랐어. 거기에서 신의 메세지를 받은 이사돈은 “언젠가, 이런 삶의 방식을 이 세상이 중요하게 여길때가 올 거야. 때문에 후지산 기슭에서 세상의 표본이 되는 삶을 시작하자.” 라고 생각하였어. 이런 마음에 공명하여 20명의 친구들이 같이 코노하나패밀리를 시작하였어.

누가 이사돈과 같이 왔어요?

영자할머니, 아이쨩, 노리쨩, 레이쨩, 마리쨩, 찌낫삐, 가즈고쨩, 하루쨩, 쥰지만, 야스에돈…


요우고쨩은 아니야(웃음).

그때 함께 오지 않았는데, 왜 요우고쨩은 왜 늘 이사돈 옆에 있나요?? (모두 웃음)
하하하. 그건 말이야. 요우고쨩이 9년 전 코노하나에 왔을때, “나는 마음공부를 최우선으로 하고 싶기에, 이사돈 옆에서 여러가지를 도우며 공부하고 싶어요”라고 모두에게 말했어. 그 뒤로 이사돈의 옆에서 같이 일할 수 있게 되었어.

요우쨩의 마음공부는 끝나지 않았나요?

마음의 공부는 계속 해야 해. 하나님에게로 다가가는 길이니까.

살아있을 때에는 하나님에게 닿을 수 없나요?

죽어서도 공부하지 않으면 안 돼.(향령의 불만 가득한 얼굴을 보고 모두 웃음)

그럼, 이사돈은요?

이사돈도 공부하고 있지. 우주는 매우 넓고 복잡하단다.

그래서, 이사돈은 이런 생활방식이 소중하다는 것을 알고 있었어. 처음 같이 온 멤버들도 같은 생각을 하였기에 함께 오게 되었어. 하지만, 어떤 삶이 펼쳐질지는 아무도 몰랐어. 몰랐기에, 신이 말한 대로만 살았단다. 그랬더니 내가 생각 못했던 사람들과도 만나고, 여러가지 일도 겪으며 코노하나패밀리가 지금처럼 되었어. 이것은 상상하지 못한 것이지만, 소중한 생활방식이라 생각한 것은 그대로 펼쳐졌지.

다음 질문을 해도 됩니까? 사람이 어디에서부터 왔는지 알고 싶어요!

사람은 자신이 어떻게 살게 되는지 알지 못하지. 지금같은 사회가 된다고 아무도 상상하지 못했을 거야. 사람은 태어나서, 조금씩 지구에서 경험을 쌓고, 죽지? 그러면 또 새로운 사람이 태어나 그 경험을 계승하지. 이렇게 순서대로 태어나면서 이 세상이 만들어졌어. 지구상의 사람들은 층계를 오르는 것처름 한층한층 진보하지. 한 계단을 오를 때마다 이 세상과 자신을 좀 더 이해하지. 그러나 신은 하늘 위에서 보니, 모든 것을 알고 있다고 이사돈은 생각해.

그럼 사람은 어디에서 왔을까? 인간은 선조는 유인원이라 하여, 우리들은 원숭이로부터 사람이 되었어. 유인원은 지금으로부터 약400만년 전에 지구에 존재했어. 그 전에는 원숭이였지. 원숭이가 어느날 갑자기 불과 도구를 사용할 줄 알게 되었어!

상상해 봐. 처음에 지구는 뜨거운 별이였어. 생명은 없었어. 그러다 점점 차가워지고, 수증기가 비로 되어 내려서 바다가 만들어졌어. 그때는 화산 활동이 활발하여 화산 폭발로 용암이 나오거나, 대륙간의 충돌로 땅이 올라오면서 육지가 만들어졌어. 이것은 지금부터 약 40억년 전의 일이야.
그리고 지구의 이런 변화들을 주시하는 존재가 있었는데, 바로 신이야. 우리는 태어나기 전에 어디에 있었을까?


맞아! 영혼만 있었어. 그것은 신의 모습이야. 때문에 인간의 선조들이 원숭이의 영혼에 내리기 전에, 인간은 신과 같이 하늘에 있었어. 그리고 자신들이 지상에 내릴 수 있게끔 몸이 만들어지는 것을 기다리고 있었어. 우주공간에는 점점 지구가 만들어지고, 바다가 만들어지고, 육지가 만들어졌어.
처음에 지구에 내린 것은, 원시 세포같은 것들이야. 그것은 여러가지 변화를 거쳐, 바다의 물고기가 되었어. 그것이 육지에 올라 개구리같은 양서류로 되었어. 또 그것이 진화하여 뱀 같은 파충류가 되고, 파충류가 다시 조류와 포유류로 나뉘어졌어. 포유류 중 원숭이가 나타났지? 원숭이를 발견한 신들은, “이것이 우리가 들어가기에 최고로 좋은 몸이다.” 라고 결정한 거야.

신「神」이란 한자의 오른변은「申」이지. 이것은 원숭이라는 뜻이야. 지구상의 생명이 원숭이까지 진화했을 때, 하늘에서 보고있던 신들은,「申」원숭이의 몸을 신의 의지로 가리「示」켰어. 「神」은「神」의 옛 문자야. 때문에 원숭이에게 신이 내려서, 유인원이라는 인간의 선조가 되었지.

유인원과 원숭이는 전혀 달라. 유인원에게 신의 지혜를 주었기에, 도구를 사용하기도 하고, 불을 사용하기도 해.

신이 내려오지 않은 원숭이는 원숭이인 채로 있은 건가요?

맞아. 신이 들어오지 않은 원숭이는 원숭이인 채로, 침팬지나 고릴라가 되었어.신이 들어온 원숭이는 유인원이 되어 지금의 사람이 되었단다. 인간이 되면 지혜가 생겨서, 이기심을 갖게 되지. 인간은 높은 능력을 가지고 있어 자신의 소원을 이룰 수 있게 되었어. 인간들은 처음에 살아가는 게 힘들었기에 서로 도우며 살았어. 하지만 인간이 점점 총명해지고, 많은 것을 만들고 발명하면서 진화한 뒤로 이기심이 생기고, 거짓말을 하고, 욕심이 많게 되었지. 타인의 것을 뺏기도 하고 싸우기도 했어.

욕심 때문에 사람과 사람의 차가 생겼네요.

그런 거야. 원래 모든것은 자연의 섭리 속에 모두가 이어져서 사는 것이야. 때문에 처음에는 인간들에게만 좋은 세상은 아니었는데, 사람들이 점점 자신만을 생각하게 되어서 인공세계가 만들어지고 자연을 파괴하는 세상이 되었어. 옛 사람들은 날씨도 예측하고, 농작물이나 동물들과 이야기 하면서 자연과 더불어 살았단다. 이것은 신과 함께 살았다는 거야. 그때 사람들은 “자연에 의하여 살고 있다”, “생명을 선물받았다”라는 마음이 있었어. 하지만, 지금의 사람들은 자신의 힘으로 살고 “나는 아무의 도움도 받지 않아”라고 생각하고 있어. 그래서 신의 존재를 잊어버렸어.

하지만 태양의 빛도 땅도 물도 공기도 바람도 자연은 모두에게 평등하게 주지? 우리가 살고있는 것은 지구가 자전하고 공전하고, 태양이 우주를 여행하고 있기 때문이야. 이것으로 하여 세상에는 시간이 생기고 생명이 생기고 우리들이 매일을 살 수 있어.

이사돈은 이런것을 알게 되고, “자연의 덕분에 사는것에 감사하며 살자.”라고 생각했어. 그러기 위해서는 자신을 우선으로 하지 않고, 마음을 깨끗하게 하고, 세상을 위하여, 사람들을 위하여 사는 것을 최우선으로 하면서 여기까지 걸어왔어.

세상 사람들은 이런것을 잊어버리고 자기의 이기심으로 살기에 지구는 문제뿐이고 살기 어려운 세상이 되었어. 때문에 코노하나 삶은 아주 소중한 거야.

사람은 원래 바보같은 나쁜 마음을 가지고 있는 것입니까? 아니면 다른 게 있습니까?

지금 세상을 보면, 사람들이 한 일은 정말 아둔하고, 자신에게 문제가 되는 것을 좋은 일이라고 해 왔어. 하지만 사람은 원래 신으로부터 와서, 인간이 된 만큼 원래는 높은 마음을 가진 존재야.

사람은 나쁜일을 하여 괴롭기도 하고 병에 걸리기도 하면서 공부하지. 그러면서 존귀한 존재가 되어가는 거야. 하지만 괴로워지거나 병에 걸리지 않아도 먼저 “왜 이렇게 될까?”라고 눈치채면서 자신의 모습을 변화시키는 것이 중요해. 이것을 “마을을 닦는다”라고 하는 거야. 코노하나패밀리는 마음을 닦는 것을 최우선으로 하고 있어. 그러면 괴롭지 않더라도 마음은 점점 아름답게 되고, 세상도 좋게 대.

그걸 모르면 스스로가 스스로에게 상처주게 되네요.

그래. 그런 사람은 같은 문제를 반복하게 되. 힘든 일이 생기면 타인을 탓하고 사회를 탓하는 등 많은 사람들은 자아반성을 하지 않지. 때문에 자신은 변하지 않고, 주변만 변하라고 해. 그러나 우리가 만나는 모든 일은, 우리가 그 일과 만나게끔 산 결과인거야.

그런 사람은 바보군요.

그래. 열심히 살아도, 열심히 한 것이 나쁜 일이 되기도 해. 예를 들어, 이 세상은 흐름이나 법칙이 있어서,그 규칙속에서 별과 별이 움직이고,시간은 과거에서 미래로 흘러가. 그러나 그런것을 모르고, 자신만 생각하면서 살면, 아무리 열심히 살아도 문제를 일으키게 되지.
소민이는 지금부터 이런 것을 알았으니, 장래에 모두에게 이런 것을 알려줘.

나는 내가 어떤 문제가 있는지 알 것 같아요.

하하하. 그러나 보통사람들은 몰라. 자신에게 힘든 일이 일어나도, 자신이 불쌍하다고 생각할 뿐,자신의 어디에 문제가 있는지 생각하지 않아. 인간들은 모두 자신을 반성하고 자신의 마음을 아름답게 하면, 세상은 자연히 아름다운 세계가 될 거야. 그런데 지금 모두 자신을 반성하지 않고 돈을 벌어 부자가 되려 하고, 정치가에게 경제가 좋아지길 바란다든지, “우리 생활이 좋아지지 않는것은 사회가 나쁘기 때문이다”라고 말하며 타인의 탓으로 돌리지.

그러면 리더는 위험을 감내해야 하는군요.

세상이 아직 멋진 사회가 되지 않았을 때는, 이런 삶이 사회의 이해를 얻기 어려워. 그 의미에서 리더가 위험을 감내해야 해. 그러나 사람들이 알지 못해도, 이런 시대가 올 거라는 예감이 있는 거잖아. 예를 들어 코노하나도 이렇게 살면 어떻게 되는지 아무도 모르지만, 소중하다는 것을 모두 알기에, 이런 생활방식을 택한거야.

불교에서는 “깨달음”을 목표로 하지. 그것은 사람과 나의 구별을 하지 않는거야. 모든 생명을 소중히 해야 하고, 나를 소중히 여기는만큼 타인도 소중히 여기지 않으면 안 돼. 때문에 “자신을 위해서 뿐만 아니라, 세상을 위하여 살아라”라고 가르치지. 이것은 현명한 사람의 사는 방식이야.

보통 사람이 현명한 사람이 되기위하여 종교가 필요한가요? 아니면 스스로 열심히 공부하면 현명한 사람이 될수 있나요?

그것은 “어떻게 하면 그렇게 되냐?” 하는 것이지. 즉 스스로의 힘으로 그것을 가지려는 생각이야. 지금부터 6500년전 부터, 인간의 과학과 테크놀로지를 발전시켜 사람들이 경쟁하고 자기만 부유해지려하는 시대였어. 하지만, 그 최고치는 2012년12월21일을 계기로 그 시대는 종말하였어. 종교도 지금까지는 사람들은 맞는 길로 인도한다고 말하면서 소원을 빌게 하고 “여기에 입회하면 행복해져”, “부자가 될 수 있어”라고 말하며 사람들을 많이 모아서 우리쪽의 가르침은 맞고 다른쪽의 가르침은 틀리다고 말하면서 싸우는 시대였어. 이렇게 조직이 만들어지고, 신도와 교주 사이의 차가 만들어져. 그것은 조금도 좋은 일이 아니야. 종교 쪽은 조직을 지키고 크게 만들어 신도의 돈을 끌어모으는 것만 생각하지. 신도는 자신의 소원을 빌기만 하고, 아름다운 마음을 만드는 장소가 보기 흉한 사람을 만들게 되.

코노하나 아이들이 어른들과 친구처럼 지내는 이유를 알 것 같아요.

아이들은 장래를 살게 되는 사람들이지. 미래는 지금보다 진보한 사회이니, 영혼으로 볼 때 아이들의 영혼이 더 높아. 때문에 여기 어른들은 아이들을 동료처럼 대하지.

작은 어른이네요!

인간은 영적인 나이와 육체적인 나이가 있어. 육체의 나이는 지구에서 태어나 살아간 햇수를 말하지. 영적인 햇수는 보이지 않아. 그 사람이 어떤 생각을 하고, 어떻게 사는가를 보면 영적인 나이를 알 수 있지. 그러나 많으면 많을수록 좋은 건 아니야. 높고 넓은 의식을 가진 사람이 되는 게 중요해. 그래서 사람들은 후지 산 꼭대기에 가지. 거기가 하늘과 가까운 것을 영혼이 알고 있기 때문이야.

나는 학교의 친구들에게 이사돈의 마음을 전할 거예요!

그래, 네가 모두에게 전하려 하면 그것은 너의 가치를 높이는 일이니 전해주면 좋겠지.
이사돈은 모두의 질문에 대답하지? 모두가 알고싶은 것에 이사돈이 대답하고 있지만, 그 외 이사돈이 알고 있는 정보가 엄청 많아. 하지만 내가 말하는것은 새로운 이야기가 아니라, 너희들의 마음에 있던 것을 떠올릴 뿐이야. 때문에 너희들이 “그러네요!그러네요!”라고 하는거야.

이런 것들이 떠오르면 주변사람들이 이해하지 못해도, 사는데 자신이 생겨. 한국의 사람들도, 보통사람들은 진정 중요한게 무엇인지 아직 알지 못하지. 세계중에서 아직 알지 못하는 사람이 많아. 때문에 이것이 소중하다고 생각하는 사람은,알지 못해도 하지 않으면 안돼. 이것이 중요해. 소중한 걸 알면 강한 의지를 갖고, 해내게 되지. 우리 모두 모두를 위하여, 지구를 위하여 사는 세상을 만들자.

그렇게 되면 지구는 평화롭게 되겠죠.

맞아. 평화로워 질 뿐만이 아니라, 진정한 의미의 풍요로운 세계가 될 거야. 돈은 훨씬 적어도 되고, 불필요한 물건은 없어져 환경이 나빠지지 않고, 아주 심플한 풍요로운 세상이 될 거야.

내가 볼 때, 내가 만난 사람들을 별에 비유하자면 그 중에 이사돈이 제일 큰 별인데 우주의 관점으로 보면 이사돈도 지구의 일부에 지나지 않네요.

맞아. 이것은 인류의 이야기야. 인류의 이야기는 우주의 이야기이기도 해. 너는 처음으로 코노하나에 왔지만, 지금부터 우리가 함께 활동하기 위한 시작이야. 또 이야기 하자!

네, 오늘은 너무 고맙습니다.


이렇게 후지산 기슭에서 한국을 향하여, 하늘의 마음이 퍼져갑니다. 하늘의 이야기는 계속 됩니다.



일・한 지구회의 평화편

사람마다 자신의 생명을 성장시키는 시대

소민이 이사돈과 대담한 뒤로, 소민은 이사돈에게 할 질문을 많이 준비하였습니다. 그 뒤로 1 주일이 지난 8월7일, 소민은 다시 한번 이사돈과 대화할 기회를 얻었습니다. 향령(9살), 예영(8살), 그리고 히미코(8살)와 미코토(11살)도 참석했습니다.

어제는 히로시마 원폭투하 71주년 입니다. 원폭의 원인은 미국과 일본이 전쟁을 하였기 때문이라고 들었는데, 일본과 미국은 왜 전쟁을 한 거예요?

사람은 자신에게 득이 되는 일만을 생각하지. 옛 사람들도 다른 나라를 침략하여 자신들이 득을 볼 것만 생각하였어. 예를 들어 미국, 영국, 프랑스, 포르투갈 등 유럽국가들은 세계를 식민지화 하였다. 100여년전 일본도 이런 나라들처럼 한국과 대만을 식민지화 하였어.


군대로 전쟁을 일으켜 강한 나라가 약한 나라를 식민지화 하였단다. 일본이 외국을 식민지화 하려고 할 때, 다른 나라들은 일본을 막으려고 했어. 그래서 전쟁이 일어났어. 양쪽 모두가 자신이 맞다고 말했어. 그러나 예를 들어 친구와 싸울때도, 싸우는 두 사람 다 나쁜거야.

원자폭탄이 일본에 투하된 이유는 여러가지로 생각할 수 있으나, 미국은 “이대로 전쟁을 계속하면 더 많은 미국병사와 일본인이 죽기에, 신형폭탄으로 전쟁을 끝내려 했다”라고 말했어. 하지만 그 시기는 세계 여러나라는 새로운 폭탄과 무기를 개발하는 경쟁을 하였고, 미국이 제일 먼저 성공하였어. 그리고 만든 이상은 어느 만큼 위력이 있는지 실험하고 싶었어.

이사돈은 히로시마 원폭자료관에 간 적이 있어. 대략 2km의 반경으로 모든 건축물이 사라졌어. 원자폭탄이 많은 사람이 사는 도시 위에 투하되었지.

원자폭탄은 무겁나요? 아니면 가벼워요?

히로시마에 투하된 원자폭탄은 길이가 약3m, 무게는 4톤이래. 지금은 좀 더 작게 만들지.

일본이 잘못해서 원자폭탄이 투하되었으나 미국도 잘못했다고 생각해요.

미국은 원자폭탄을 투하하여 전쟁에서 이겼어. 전쟁에서 이긴쪽을 맞다고 말하지. 그래서 그 뒤로 미국은 계속 “나는 맞다”고 주장하고, 전쟁을 계속 하였어. 어떤 의미에서 진 쪽은 그 뒤로 전쟁을 하지 않았기에, 좋은 일 일수도 있어. (모두 웃음)

이사돈은 원폭자료관에 가보고, 원폭은 이외로 좁은 법위를 집중적으로 파괴하는 폭탄이라고 생각하게 되었어. 어떤 이유가 있다 해도, 그 처럼 파괴력이 있는것을 인간의 위에 투하되면 안된다고 생각했어.

폭탄을 지면에서 폭발시키면, 위력이 작아. 때문에 600미터 상공에서 폭발시켜 위력이 넓은 범위로 퍼지게 하였어.

원폭의 원리와 원자력발전의 원리가 비슷하다는것은 모두 알고 있지? 둘 다 핵융합이라는 기술을 이용하여 폭발하게 한지. 원자폭발이 매일 일어나는 곳이 있는데, 어디인지 알아? 그것은 지구상이 아니고 우주에 있어.


맞아! 태양이야. 태양은 수소라는 물질이 핵융합을 하여 헬륨이라는 물질로 변하는 원리를 이용하여, 계속 빛을 발사해. 때문에 원자폭탄이 무섭다고 말 하지만, 그것이 무한히 많이 일어나는게 태양이야.

태양은 생명의 근원이지? 우리 모두 핵융합의 아이야. 지구는 핵융합의 기술을 태양에게서 배우고, 신이 생명의 형태로 지상에 살고있지. 하지만 이런 소중한 기술을 인간들은 자기 마음대로, 옹졸한 일에 이용한 것이 원자폭탄이야! 그 목적은 한번에 많은 사람을 죽이기 위해서야.

원래 신은 지상을 많은 생명이 공존하는 세계로 만들려고 하였단다. 이런 별은 우주속에 여기밖에 없어! 모두 평등하게 평화롭게 살도록 만들었는데, 그 구조를 인간들은 과학으로 해명하고 “이렇게 만들면 에너지를 얻을 수 있어”라고 말하고, 생명을 살리는 기술을 생명을 죽이는 전쟁에 사용하였어.

이런 원자폭탄은 없는 게 더 좋지? 하지만 사람을 죽이는 칼과 총이 많이 있어도 될까? 이것도 물론 안되지. 인간은 “나만 좋으면 된다”라고 생각하여, 타인에게 상처주는 존재인 것이 문제란다.

하지만, 태어나서 한 번도 타인에게 고통을 안 준 사람은 없을걸요?

이사돈은 한 번도 타인을 고통에게 준 적이 없을거예요.

하하하. 고통을 준 사람이 있다면, 그 고통을 받는 사람이 있는거야. 고통을 주는 것도 나쁘지만, 스스로 고통스러운 인생을 사는 사람도 있어. 때문에 고통을 주는 것도 안되지만, 일부러 그런 인생을 택한 사람도 좋지 않아. 그것을 생각하지 않으면 안돼.

고통받으며 사는것은 왜 안되나요?

예들어 병으로 고통받는다고 치자, 병에 걸리는것은 운이 나빠서일가?

몸의 면역력이 떨어져, 병에 걸리는게 아닐까요?

맞아, 이처럼 병에 걸리는 이유가 있어.병에 걸리도록 매일 살았기에 병에 걸리는 사람이 많아. 예를 들어 나라가 전쟁을 하잖아. 그러면 그 나라 사람들은 전쟁에 휘말리게 돼. 아무 잘못도 하지 않았는데, 전쟁 때문에 죽는 사람도 있을테지. 그럴때는 “왜 내가 이 나라에 태어났을까?”를 깊이 생각해볼 필요가 있어.

사람들은 “나는 나쁘지 않아” 라고 생각해. 살면서 많은 일을 만나지만, 그 사람다운 인생을 살게 돼. 때문에 괴로운 일 등 여러 가지 일에 직면했을때, 상대의 문제점을 봐야 할 때도 있지만, 그 전에 먼저 자신에게 어떤 문제가 있는지를 반성할 필요가 있어.

때문에 원폭을 투하한 미국이 반성할 필요가 있고, 원폭이 투하된 일본도 반성할 필요가 있군요.

그래. 때문에 일본은 원폭을 당해서 불쌍한 나라가 아니야. 일본도 그 바보같은 전쟁을 했으니까. “왜 원폭이 투하되었을까?”를 생각하면, 그것이 투하될 때까지 전쟁을 하였으니, 일본인은 많이 반성하지 않으면 안 돼.

지금 세상의 사람들은 자기만을 생각하지? 때문에 인류 모두가 반성할 필요가 있어. 지금부터는 모두 나누고 도와주며 살지 않으면 안되는 시대야.

나는 운이 좋으니, 원폭이 투하되어도 죽지 않을거라 생각해요!

하하하! 향령이는 운이 좋으니 죽지 않을수도 있지. 너는 아직 9살이지만, 자신이 운이 좋다는걸 잘 알고있네.

하지만, 한국은 조선이 있어서 언제 전쟁이 일어날지 모르는 상태야.

전쟁이 일어나면 코나하나에 오면 돼!

지금 미국과 일본은 서로 반성하고 있나요?

전혀 아니야.

상대를 질책하고 있나요?

일본이 미국에 지고, 미국과 사이가 좋아졌어. 지금은 전쟁으로 싸우기 보다는 돈을 누가 더 많이 버나 경쟁하고 있어.(웃음)

이사돈 질문이 있어요! 왜 잔 다르크는 전쟁을 했나요?

잔 다르크는 지금으로부터 600년 전의 사람이야. 신의 계시를 받았다고 말하고 프랑스군이 되어 영국군과 싸웠어. 잔 다르크는 전쟁을 리더한 사람이니, 별로 좋지 않아.


히미코는 왜 잔 다르크에게 흥미가 있어?

잔 다르크의 책을 봤어요! 히미코는 조금 울보이니, 잔 다르크랑 안네 프랑크의 책을 읽고 전쟁 장면을 보고 울었어요. 잔 다르크가 불에 타는걸 보고 눈물이 나고, 안네 프랑크가 죽은걸 보고 눈물이 났어요.

며칠 전 신화에 대하여 말할때, 신화는 그 때 권력을 가진 사람들이 자신한테 좋게끔 만들었다고 말했지? 때문에 잔 다르크 이야기도, 안네 프랑크의 이야기도, 그 뒤의 정부나 사람들이 자신한테 유리하게끔 만든거야. 때문에 책에 써 있는것이 모두 맞다고 생각하면, 사실 그렇지 않은 것이 많아.

그리스 로마 신화가 있죠. 그건 이상한 이야기가 많아서 진짜가 아니라고 생각해요.

하하하. 맞아.

진짜? 어디가 이상한데?

신이 번개를 내리게 한다든지, 큐피트가 화살을 쏘면 사랑에 빠진다든지, 이런 것들은 다 거짓말이라 생각해!(모두 웃음)

이야기로서는 재미있긴 해.(웃음)

다음 질문을 해도 됩니까?


나는 역사를 좋아하는데, 역사로부터 옛사람의 일을 공부하는게 지금의 사람들에게 도움이 된다고 생각합니까?

그러게. 여기서 이사돈이 모두에게 전하려는 역사를 읽는 법을 알면 좋겠지만, 지금까지 역사는 전쟁을 하고, 여러가지 일이 발생하면서 이어졌어. 물질이 풍요롭고, 편리한 세계로 된 것도, 경쟁속에서 이루어진거야. 그리고 지금의 여러가지 기술은, 전쟁을 위한 군사 기술로부터 온거야.
예를 들어, 의사는 소중한 직업이라 생각하지만, 금전을 목적으로 의사가 된 사람들이 많아. 모두가 건강하여 병이 없는 사회에서는 부자가 될 수 없기에 의사가 되지 않겠지. 많은 사람들은 열심히 공부하지만, 세상을 위해서가 아니라 자신이 부자가 되기 위해서야. 그리고 부유한 나라는 점점 더 부유해지고, 가난한 나라는 점점 더 가난해져. 부자는 점점 부자가 되고, 가난한 사람은 평생을 가난하게 살아. 이런 사회를 만든것은 어떤 사람들일까?

아까 말한 신화도속 인물도, 영웅도 그런 사람들이 진짜 좋은 사람들이라면, 결국은 사람과 나라를 지배하고, 전쟁에 이긴 것이 잘한 것이 된단다. 때문에 지금까지 표면적으로 좋게 보여도, 사실은 세상을 나쁘게 하는 시대였다.

제일 알기 쉬운 예로 종교가 있지. 종교의 진정한 목적은 사람들이 옳은 마음을 배우고, 평화로운 세상을 만드는 것이야. 하지만 지금은 종교끼리 가르침이 다르다고 싸우고 있어. 때문에 내가 맞다고 생각해서 하는 일이 세상을 나쁘게 만들기도 해. 왜냐면 “내가 맞고, 타인이 틀렸어.”라고 생각하기 때문이야.

2012년12월21일을 경계로 하여, 지구의 가치관은 크게 변했어. 세계 중 리더들이 암암리에 나쁜 일을 한 것이, 특히 미국이 세계를 지배하기 위하여 많은 나쁜 일을 하였는데, 그것들이 폭로되기 시작했어. 이렇게 자신에게 유리한 일을 비밀리에 많이 한 사람들이 있어.

2012년을 경계로, 감추어졌던 진실이 보이는 시대가 되었어. 지금까지 나쁜일을 하여도 좋은 사람으로 보였지만, 지금부터는 진정으로 세상을 좋게 하는 사람들이 나타날거야.

링컨은 그런 사람이라고 생각해요!

하하하, 링컨이 그럴까? 향령이는 그 사람의 책을 읽은게로구나. 향령이가 좀 더 크면, 링컨이 진짜 좋은 사람인지를 이사돈과 말해 보면 알게 될거야.

왜냐하면, 미국은 아프리카로부터 노예를 데려와서 번영한 나라지. 너무 못된 나라이기에 링컨이 노예제도를 반대했지만, 왜 링컨이 노예제도를 반대했는지 알아? 그것은 미국의 남부는 농사에 필요한 일꾼이 필요했기에 노예를 데려왔어. 미국의 북부는 공업화가 발달하여, 도시에서 사는 사람들은 노예가 필요없었기에 링컨이 반대한거야. 만약 링컨이 남부에서 태여났다면, 노예제도를 반대하지 않았을수도 있어. 그는 남북전쟁에서 이기고, 대통령이 되었기에 책에 멋있게 씌여진거야(웃음).

링컨이 노예들에게도 좋은 법율을 만들었으면 좋았겠다고 생각해요.

그래, 그러나 그것은 이미 지나간 일이야. 링컨은 “국민의 국민에 의한 국민을 위한 정치”를 연설하고, 민주주의를 만들었지. 하지만 그 민주주의는 지금 폭주하여, 사람들은 돈을 버는것에만 욕심을 써서, 환경을 파괴하고, 부자만 좋은 거라고 생각 하는 세상이 되고 말았지.

때문에 사람마다 “좋은 세상이란 어떤 것일까?”,”나에게 좋은 것은 진짜로 좋은 것일까?” 라고 반성해야 한다. 지금 많은 사람들은 자신이 틀려도 틀렸다고 인정하지 않아. 때문에 세상은 좋아지지 않아.

10살에 벌써 이런 이야기를 할수있는 너희들이, 미래에 좋은 세상을 만들거라 생각해. 앞으로 이사돈과 같이 좋은 세상을 만들자!

어떤 대통령이 좋은 대통령인가요?

예를 들어 민주주의는 선거에 의하여 정치가나 대통령이 뽑히는데, 일단 뽑히지 않으면 안되겠지? 그러려면 정책이 맞는지 틀린지 보다는 같은 생각을 하는 사람들을 많이 모이면, 그 사람이 다수결로 이겨 대표가 돼. 때문에 민주주의가 좋은 정치를 한다고 말할수 없어. 민주주의 대표는 국민의 호감을 사지 않으면 않돼. 여론조사로 지지율에 신경쓰지 않으면 안돼. 때문에 좋은 사회를 만드는것이 민주주의라고 말할수 없고, 민주주의 국가의 대통령이나 총리대신이 좋은 정치가라고 말할수 없지.

한국에는 대통령이 있고, 일본은 총리대신이 있고, 영국은 여왕이 있잖아요.

일본도 천황폐하가 있어. 천황이 있기에 일본도 영국과 같이 수상이라는 시스템이 있어.

평균적으로 봤을때, 어느 시스템이 제일 좋나요?

이사돈은 지금 지구상에 있는 민주주의 제도나 공산주의 제도가 바뀔 때가 왔다고 생각해.

그럼 어떻게 변하나요?

매 사람마다 세계와 지구, 그리고 자신의 행동에 책임을 지는 삶을 살아야 한다고 이사돈은 생각해.예들어 정치가나 국가에 자신에게 좋은 것만 달라고 하지 말고, 자신이 무엇을 하면 세상이 좋아지는가를 생각하고, 사람마다 책임감을 가지고 사는 사회가 되지 않으면 안돼.

너랑 이야기하면, 너는 이런것을 이해한다고 생각해.

이사돈에게 질문이 있어요. 총리대신이 될려면 어떻게 해야 하나요?

국민들이 좋아하는 일을 하면 돼.

예를 들어?

모두에게 많은 돈을 준다든지(모두 웃음). 그런 총리대신이 나타나면 나라가 망할수도 있겠지.(웃음)

만약 내가 대통령이 된다면 루이14세처럼 돈을 많이 쓰지 않고 만화책을 사고, 필요 없는 것은 사람들에게 나누어 줄거야! 그리고 내가 좋아하는 동물을 많이 키워, 동물과 함께 행복하게 살거야! 나는 동물을 좋아하니까.

하하하. 그러면 동물왕국을 만들면 좋겠네. 그러나 사람들에게 좋은 동물왕국을 만드는 것은 아니라고 생각해. 지구는 원래 생명의 별이고 동물왕국이였어. 때문에 사람들이 다른 동물들을 생각하며 살면, 동물들이 좋아하는 지구가 되어. 그 먼저 사람들이 향령이를 대통령으로 뽑을지가 문제야(웃음).

만약 내가 대통령이 된다면, 소박하게 살고, 나랑 가족들은 자신을 돌아보는 삶을 살 겁니다. 나쁜 일을 하는 정치가가 없게 할 겁니다.

그러기 위해서는 국민들이 그것이 중요하다고 생각하면, 너와 같은 사람을 대통령으로 뽑을거야. 민주주의라는것은 국민이 어떤 나라를 만들겠는가에 달려있으니, 국민 한사람 한사람이 바른 사람이 되지 않으면, 좋은 세상이 되지 않아.

때문에 이사돈은 “사람마다 자신을 들여다보고, 마음을 아름답게 하자” 라고 모두에게 말하지.

소박한 대통령을 뽑기 위해서는, 소박하게 사는게 중요하다고 생각하는 사람이 없으면 안되기에, 그것을 가르치는 교육자가 필요하네요.

맞아,그런 사람은 설령 한사람밖에 없대도 모두를 생각하며 살아야해. 모두 자신만 생각하여 “나에게 좋은 세상을 만들어 주세요”라고 생각하면, 자신만 생각하는 대통령을 뽑게 돼. 사실은 세상을 생각하고, 지구를 생각하여 “모두 사이좋게, 거짓말을 하지 않는 평화로운 세상을 만듭시다. 빈부격차가 없는 평등한 세상을 만듭시다.” 라고 말하는 사람이 나타나, 모두가 “맞아요!”라고 말하는 세상을 만들지 않으면 안돼.

그러기 위하여서는, 세상에 대하여 지구에 대하여, 자신은 어떻게 사는게 좋을까 생각할수 있는 사람이 되어야 해.

미코토라는 것은 생명을 뜻 해. 신사에 가서 신과 대화하는 것처럼, 지구상의 모든 생명과의 대화는 신과의 대화야. 이렇게 여러 생명과 대화하면서 마음을 나누면서 성장하는것은 소중하지. 지금부터는 매 사람마다 이런 일들을 하는 시대가 될거야.

한국에 돌아가면,학교의 친구들에게 이런것을 가르쳐 줄 거예요!

그것은 아주 좋은 일이야. 그리고 그것이 왜 소중한가를 넓은 의미로 전해줄수 있으면 좋겠어. 넓은 의미라는 것은, 예를 들어 “지구 전체를 하나의 생명체라고 생각했을때 이런거야” 라든지, “당신은 특별한 부자가 될 수 없어도, 그대신 모두가 평등하고 평화로운 세상은 만들수 있어”라고 전하는 것야. 이렇게 진짜 좋은 것을 모두에게 전하는것이 중요해. 이것이 너희들이 지금부터 해야 할 일이야. 때문에 또 많이 이야기하고, 작전을 짜자.

이사돈과 더 많은 말을 하고 싶어요.

우리 또 말할 시간을 갖자.


그러면 매일 만나는 거네(웃음)! 내일은 어린이미팅에 오늘 이야기한것을 발표하면 좋겠어.



그리고 이튿날 어린이미팅에서 소민은 이사돈과 이야기한 것을 발표했어요. “나는 성실하고 거짓말을 하지 않는 타인을 위해 일하는 사람이 리더가 되면 좋겠다고 생각해요”라고 말했더니 이사돈이 “그런 사람을 리더로 뽑기 위해서는, 사람들의 의식이 높아야 그런 사람을 뽑게돼. 때문에 사람들이 먼저 의식을 높이는 것이 중요해.”라고 말했습니다. 때문에 나는 사람의 의식을 높이기 위하여 교육자가 되겠습니다. 라고 보고하였습니다.
소민은 또 이렇게 말했답니다.다음번에 많은 친구들을 코노하나에 초대하고 싶어. “코노하나에 가면 최고로 총명한 이사돈이라는 사람이 있어. 그분화 대화하러 가지 않을래?”라는 말로 친구들을 설득할거예요.