I want to learn to let love move me beyond a life of ‘constant unhappiness’~ Vivian’s care stay report

Vivian is a Colombian woman who works as a corporate accountant in Canada. She has been friends with Konohana Family member Yuko since she went to Canada to study English eight years ago, and she got to know the Konohana Family through Yuko. This June, she came to Konohana Family for the natural therapy program to change her own life, which she herself says was “constantly unhappy,” with “anger inside myself.”
Her plan was to stay for two months, but she actually graduated from the program in one month. The following is a report of Vivian’s care stay, compiled by Yuko, who was in charge of serving as Vivian’s “care supporter” during her time in the program.


Vivian’s Care Stay Report

“First encounter”
Before we start looking back at Vivian’s care program, let me tell you a little bit about our first encounter.
I went to Calgary, Canada in January 2014 and became friends with Vivian at a language school. Vivian had started living in Calgary the year before due to her husband’s transfer; she had no acquaintances in Canada, and her husband was busy with work, so she was often lonely and depressed.

Vivian (left) and Yuko (middle) in Canada

We were in different classes, but we got to know each other through a mutual friend from the same school, a Brazilian woman. The three of us were all the same age, married, and hit it off right away. Since Vivian was in the same profession as I was, I felt quite at ease with her and visited her house several times. When I left town to travel to another part of Canada, Vivian and her husband drove me to the bus terminal on the day of my departure.

Ai-chan, Jiiji and Yuko at the lotus pond

In August of last year, Vivian contacted me for the first time in a long time. At that time, I sent her a picture taken in front of the lotus pond with Jiiji and his wife Ai-chan, and told her that I now live in the community and am happy having a spiritual family, though I got divorced. She said she would love to see the lotus pond, and after looking at our homepage, she sent us a message saying that she would like to take the natural therapy program.
Japan’s border had been closed for a while due to COVID-19, but in April the border closure was lifted at long last and we started the procedure to allow her to come here. She arrived in Japan on June 20th and began her roughly two-month stay in the Konohana family.

“Purpose of the care program”
The purpose of the care stay that Vivian wrote on her application was:

My constant unhappiness, and ups and downs through my day. I have had different experiences during my life that include my family and myself and I am still holding the bad experiences and have so much anger inside of me. I still have resentments about all the sad and unfair experiences that I had in the past. I want to learn to live with myself, accepting, forgiving, and loving without selecting who I should love and help.
I would like to improve my relationship with the world, my husband, and my family, but more importantly, with myself.


Pre-Care Stay Meeting

Vivian arrived at the Konohana Family and had her first talk with Jiiji. Here is what she was told at the time:
“You are not using your personality well. In order for us to get to know you in detail, write a diary every day as much as possible, look back on your past, and write memorable things, both good and bad, since you were a child.
You have jet lag (due to a 15 hour time difference), so relax first and get used to life here. From now on, we will have a meeting once a week. Try to experience the culture of the Konohana family as much as possible.”


First Day of Care Stay

  • Conversation with Jiiji at the apiary
    Jiiji at the apiary

    During a tour of the Konohana Family’s facilities, Vivian met Jiiji taking care of the bees at the apiary, and told him the following:
    “Before coming to the Konohana family, I had been avoiding eating flour and corn because they are indigestible and my stomach felt swollen after eating them. However, when I ate sweets made from wheat flour or corn grown here without using pesticides, my stomach didn’t feel swollen at all and no symptoms appeared the next day. Now I can eat them with great enjoyment.”
    Jiiji listened to her and replied as follows:
    “This is because you’re in a new environment and your mind is now in a positive state. In addition, the crops are very much influenced by the state of mind and vibration of the person who grows them. For example, if you grow crops for the purpose of making money, the vibrations of such greed will affect the produce. That is why we make it our top priority to cleanse our minds. Ever since its foundation, it has been the basic principle of the Konohana Family to cultivate hearts before cultivating the fields.”
    When Vivian asked, “How can I cleanse my mind?” Jiiji replied, “First of all, be honest. Honestly express both good and bad things, and receive the results.”
    Additionally, Jiiji said: “everything has its own vibration. For example, when one person enters a room, the atmosphere there becomes brighter, and when another person enters the room, it becomes darker. It depends on the vibration of the person. That’s why it’s important to be a person who emits good vibrations, and for that, it is important to be honest.”

  • Meeting with Jiiji in the evening
    Jiiji interpreted Vivian’s personality as follows from the perspective of Katakamuna, her generation, and the heliocentric calendar.
  • Katakamuna (Ancient Astrophysical Civilization of East Asia)
    The name “Vivian” can be divided into two parts, “vivi” and “an,” according to the nature of its sound. The vibration of “vi” has the characteristic of negatively comparing oneself with others and feeling fear. In your case, the “vi” is doubled, so it is emphasized.
    At the same time, you have “an,” with the vibration of higher consciousness. These two opposing qualities exist within you. There is a gap between these two natures, and they are in conflict, which makes your life difficult. So, you need to recognize your own negative thoughts, which are characteristic of “vivi,” control them, and turn your awareness toward higher consciousness.
    By emitting negative vibrations from yourself, you will be in trouble with things around you. The people and events you meet serve as a mirror for what you are emitting, and help you express your humanity. You have brought a difficult life program with you. But if you overcome it, it can be quite rewarding. Focus on the “an” vibration.
  • Generation
    Pluto Cycle Shows Generation Characteristics

    You belong to the Scorpio generation, which seeks new values and tries to live in its own way without being bound by the old generation, but also gets lost. People of this generation don’t have clear vision even though they have strong will, and don’t know how to live like themselves though they want to.
    Your current state expresses the characteristics of that generation well, so, from a cosmic perspective, you are on track with cosmic processes.

  • Heliocentric Calendar
    Analyzing the planetary positions of the solar system at the moment of your birth on the heliocentric calendar, Mercury and Venus are working together in relation to each other. Mercury is the planet of intuition and Venus is the planet of love and delicacy. This shows that you are a person who makes likes and dislikes based on intuition rather than thinking. The most pivotal part of your heliocentric calendar is the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. This shows that you have a desire to interact with a lot of people and the purpose of improving your spirituality.

After the foregoing analysis, Jiiji told Vivian, “I can see you becoming relaxed and renewed in the future, so please write down your experiences so far in your diary.”


1st week

Vivian went on a tour of the city with Yuko

Vivian, as she started her care stay in the Konohana family, was superficially acting calm, but actually she was worried about what the people around her thought, and was overly sensitive to her surroundings. In her diary, she asked Jiiji a lot of questions about whether she could be who she is and what she could do to get better.

~ Diary excerpt ~
*Text in red is Jiiji’s comment on her diary.
I do not know if you have noticed but I apologize in excess. I wonder if you have seen this? Is it ok?
Even with my food concerns, you are all accommodating (preparing a special menu for Vivian, who has many things she cannot eat); however, sometimes I wonder if this is bad, the fact that I am asking for this? Do I deserve to be taken care of?

Don’t come to conclusions based on your own way of thinking like that, but first try to honestly express your thoughts. Then it will become clear whether it’s fine as is, or whether you need to change your way of thinking. In this way, a person can transform into a new self.

I am a very sensitive person and I get easily affected by other people’s behavior or reactions, so I would rather hide my needs and not bother anyone.

Hiding your needs in such a way perpetuates your current condition. So don’t keep your conclusions in your own thoughts, but express them outwardly. This challenge will be very important for you from now on.

First of all, you need to simplify your way of thinking and interpretation. In other words, look back on yourself. This will allow you to objectively grasp what kind of tendencies and distortions you have in your way of thinking and interpretation. Otherwise, you will always be thinking about any problems in the same way as before, and that will lead to similar conclusions, not to your growth. This may be difficult for you, but it’s something you shouldn’t avoid, in order to increase your capacity as a human.
The purpose of this program is to make you realize that the various negative events you have experienced are important for your growth. If such an awareness arises in you, and if a feeling of gratitude springs up for what has happened to you, your symptoms will naturally be reduced and disappear. In other words, your symptoms originate in the mind. Having come across many cases like this through this program, what is unique about your case is that by overcoming this hurdle, you will reach a major turning point in your life. I can feel that kind of thing, so I’m looking forward to the results of this program. Though it will take some time, it is important, so let’s proceed carefully.

Vivian gained new insights from a welcome concert and comprehensive presentation from the Konohana Family.

~ Diary excerpt ~
I received the Konohana presentation yesterday and I am very surprised and amazed, not only because of the community itself and how it has been sustainable in all the areas that a human needs to live (spiritual, social, economical, etc.), but also because of the harmonious life that I can see every day, how people care about each other, how each talent is appreciated, how flexible and understanding the community is with each other.

Looking to the future, I also feel that the encounter with you is not just a short-term relationship, but the beginning of an ongoing connection.

My connection to this community and its values goes deeper than Yuko telling me that it existed, I can see that my deep inner-self was looking for the Konohana Family.

When I look back on my ups and downs in the last 5 years, I can clearly see that my intuition guided me here. I had always been questioning how we can live a life focused only on material things, slaves of laptops, how we can we devote ourselves to a life where there is no time to reflect or to look back or to be concerned about each other, how this can be a world where we compete all the time and where we are valued for who we are as professionals and what we can give as machines with no concern about who we really are as humans. Now that I see the values of this community, I can understand that real humans exist, that we can be ourselves.

By reading this description, I feel that the events that happened to you (which were rather negative for you) in your life so far are urging you to awaken to the truth. Congratulations!

Now, reflecting on my past, I have wounds that need to be healed, and I am now recognizing that they happened to me and they were necessary in order for me to grow as a person. The more I see my experiences from the past, the more I can understand why I am here. In questioning why things happened to me, I have started to find what I needed to learn from them.

I have been thinking that kind of awareness is what I should offer you.

Jiiji advised Vivian to look back at her rather negative past first.

  • 1st week meeting
    Vivian wrote about her trauma from past experiences in a diary and shared it in the 1st week’s meeting. Jiiji gave her the following advice about it.
~ Comment from Jiiji ~
Anyone can overcome such a traumatic experience by putting an end to the past event at some point and drawing it to a conclusion. The conclusion can actually be anything. When the time comes for you to stop your mind from dragging along past events, you will find that the fact is that the negative experience is not going on right now, nor has it defiled you. As long as you continue to perceive the past as you have, you will remain in your present state of mind for the rest of your life. Make a wise decision. Simply put, be a broad-minded person.

At the beginning of the meeting, the notion of toku (virtue) was shared. People with toku experience a good flow of things and are tolerated even if they don’t follow the rules, while on the other hand, people without toku somehow receive complaints no matter how strictly they follow the rules, and things don’t go well. So the importance of accumulating toku was shared.
As a goal for the next week, it was suggested that Vivian maintain an objective point of view, rather than being emotional, to broaden her world view, and to think in a reasonable way.

From this week’s meeting onwards, Vivian started trying to look at herself objectively.

~ Diary excerpt ~
I woke up with a thought, an idea, after our meeting last night. My idea is to start this journey by being aware and conscious of the things that happen to me every day. If I am the one who causes my own experiences, I want to see what in specific I am doing. I am aiming to focus on that these days, and need to learn how to read things carefully without judging. I know this process can take time because some distractions can make me lose focus. I believe that by starting with this approach it will be easy to implement change little by little. I do not want to rush this process.

As I told you in the meeting yesterday, I recommend that you always give priority to having an objective point of view, not being emotional, broadening your world view, and thinking and acting in a reasonable way. Keep these things in your mind at all times.


2nd week

Vivian began to participate in the family’s various daily activities

One day at dinner Vivian talked to Junzo and Keigo, who, like Vivian, have dakuten (voiced consonants) in their names, and learned that people with voiced consonants have a common tendency to feel fear when faced with something new or when they open their hearts to others. At the same time, Vivian found out that the reason why Junzo plays various roles (chicken care, making soy sauce, working at Lotus Land, acupuncture, etc.) is because he makes use of the characteristics of people with dakuten voiced consonants, who worry about various things and get distracted easily.

~ Comment from Jiiji ~
By meeting people with similar tendencies, you may be able to recognize your own tendency to let your thoughts produce negative ideas and actions rather than finding the positive aspects of a situation. It is also a chance to gain the wisdom to make positive use of these shared characteristics. If you encourage each other instead of comforting each other, and move towards growth, you will develop a good relationship with these people.
  • Turning point 1 – Case of the Japanese language class
    When Vivian told Yuko that she had time and wanted to take an online Japanese class, Yuko told her, “since you are at Konohana, why don’t you do something that you can only do here, such as going and helping somewhere that interests you? As Jiiji told you, you are now in the care period, so you’d better give top priority to facing your heart rather than learning Japanese.”
    In the afternoon, Vivian looked back on it and thought she had been in a bad mood during that discussion, so she talked about it to Yuko. At first, Vivian thought it was unfair that she couldn’t learn Japanese even though she wanted to, but when she looked at it from a different perspective, she thought what Yuko told her made sense and decided not to take Japanese lessons but to practice it in everyday life. She also said that she was hesitant to work without an interpreter, but that it would be possible to communicate on her own with gestures.
    Yuko passed on Jiiji’s comment to her: “Attend to the highest priority first, and it will bring good flow. If you start with the lower priority, it’s just your self-centeredness.” Vivian seemed to get the point and feel refreshed, and said, “Thank you!” After this, her expression began to brighten.
~ Diary excerpt ~
This was an important realization for me. Now I can see that I have done the same thing before, neglecting the importance of my spiritual path and growth only because my physical needs and desires were my first priority.

It is very helpful for your maturation in the future by to calmly look back on such cases (your unconscious habits) that have occurred in the past.

In light of this experience, I would also like to try to go with the everyday flow, without needing to satisfy my needs and my desires. For instance, being busy with work does not allow me to focus on myself.

You should always check what it means to be “busy”. “Busy” is the mindset of forgetting the priorities of what to do and having multiple things on your hands at the same time. At such times, if you calmly prioritize what you most need to do now, and do what you need to do steadily, you can break through the situation without feeling the pressure of being “busy”. As a result of that, the flow will be smooth. If you think about a lot of things and hold all of them at once, the flow will definitely get worse.

Two days later, Vivian helped pack lunches for delivery and wrote the following in her diary.

~ Diary excerpt ~
This morning during the activity of packing the Bento Boxes, I focused on the tasks that were assigned to me. I noted that I didn’t put any sentiments into that, I just did what I was asked to do, and if there was something else I saw I could help with, I just did it. I didn’t question myself about what people may think or what they would criticize; I am learning to stop predicting the results. There were moments when I noted that my mind wanted to betray me by overthinking or making me feel that I wasn’t go to be able to do it; in these cases I just let my thoughts pass very patiently and kept working on the tasks. This activity made me feel good, I put my energy and my consciousness into it and I can feel that it went very smoothly.

Expressing something in difficult words or trying to solve the problems like an instruction manual will inflate your tendency to assume the result before it comes about, and lead to trying to obtain the result you want. In that case, you have to worry up front about what is going to happen even though nothing has happened yet.
This is a characteristic of humans only, and those in such an emotional state of mind cannot live intelligently. Modern society is also stuck in such a pitfall. If many people learn to avoid this, it will lead to calm and rich days with less expenditure of energy.
This may seem like a challenge for individuals, but if more people live such refreshing days, it will lead to a better society. I think this is very important, and that’s why I am doing this work. I would also like you to participate in the movement to improve the world by making your own days healthy. After reading today’s diary, I’m looking forward to the future even more.
  • 2nd week meeting
    Jiiji told Vivian as follows:
    “You’ve been working passionately on this program, and you’re seeing good results, so this program’s effort to understand your personality will be completed in four weeks. After that, we will give you some presentations to enhance your spirituality. Today is the turning point of those four weeks. You have learned about the negative things that you yourself have been creating thus far, and from now on, you will learn how to go beyond that and positively learn from things around you, like people, events, news, and social conditions. After that, you will get presentations to expand your view of the world, and you will become a person who can convey important things. And even after you go back to Canada to be far away, it surely has the meaning to be there. Whether near or far, each one has a role to play in each position, and each is important.”


3rd week – Change

Vivian made sweets for everyone with maple syrup from Canada

This week Vivian was very active, working in the kitchen to make sweets and egg dishes, helping with sushi decorating, experiencing soy sauce making, and helping deliver vegetables. Gratitude began to well up in her for various things every day.

  • Turning point 2 – Kitchen incident
    Vivian helped wash the corn in the kitchen, but she was only instructed to wash it, so the wormy part of the corn was left unremoved. Miho-san, who instructed her, left to do her exercises, and Vivian washed the corn alone. Misa-chan told Miho-san that she had been irresponsible about it, but Miho-san didn’t accept that at all, which made Misa-chan angry, and they started arguing. Since Vivian doesn’t understand Japanese, she didn’t know what they were talking about, except that her name appeared in the discussion. At dinner time, Vivian looked depressed and her tone was more down than usual. She told Yuko that she would like to talk about what had happened that afternoon when she had time.
    The next day, she went to a bee farm in the Asagiri plateau with the beekeeping team, talked with Jiiji, refreshed herself in nature, and completely forgot about what happened in the kitchen. In her diary that day, she wrote that she grasped her shortcomings (her habit of not asking questions immediately though she doesn’t understand) from what happened in the kitchen the day before, and she expressed her determination to change this and her gratitude for what had happened. The supporter shared this event at the community meeting, and it was a great learning experience for Vivian. She was surprised and impressed by the fact that there was a place to learn that everyone could look back on what had happened and make use of it in the future.
~ Diary excerpt ~
People caring about others’ well-being, honesty, transparency, and the humbleness to recognize that we all made mistakes impressed me the most. I heard Misa-Chan apologizing to me for the confusion created (nobody else does this). This is something you don’t usually see in the western world. In situations like this people usually just forget and move on. People don’t reflect, and that’s why we live in such a conflicted world. This is definitely something that I am taking with me and applying to my day-to-day life.

In order to live in harmony, you first need to accurately look back on your own problems. Once you’ve met done that enough, the next step is to verify the other person’s problems. Then, convey your thoughts to the other person with a calm attitude that does not carry emotions. Keeping this order in mind will give the community learning opportunities and move things towards harmony. If this cannot be done by an individual, it is important for them to develop the ability with the help of others. Then it will be a place of joy where everyone can work together, help each other, and move forward.

In the process of climbing the a mountain and trying to reach the peak, one of the most important things for me is making sure that every step you walk is encouraging, harmonious, and an inspiration for others, and I feel that during my journey here (on this mountain), I am receiving the inspiration and example from all you through these experiences in my day-to-day life. I know one day I will be the inspiration for many people out there.

Great! By being with more people, the path to great joy will be even more joyful and will bring us true affluence. Let’s do it together anytime, anywhere.
  • 3rd week meeting
    Jiiji told Vivian the following from the Katakamuna perspective:
    Your “me (meaning both “eye” and “sprout” in Japanese)”, which can see things well, is now starting to sprout.
    This journey is to clarify it, and it is important to awaken that potential. You have had a turbid and negative nature so far, just as the sound “vivi” in your name indicates. However, by understanding your own turbidity, “vivi” becomes “hihi”, the original sound without turbidity. “Hi” is the sound that marks the beginning of everything, so it means “a restart.”Jiiji also interpreted the meaning of “ai” (meaning “love” in Japanese) from the perspective of Katakamuna as follows:
    “A” indicates the vibration of a higher dimension, “i” indicates the positioning of the first particles that appear in the phenomenal world, and all phenomena in this world are born from “ai (love).” In other words, the experience that seemed bad for Vivian, and the fact that she is here now, have all been due to the love of God.As an assignment for the fourth week, she was given the theme of writing everything in the diary as it is, but with a positive perspective. Also, she was told that she could start studying Japanese (which would help her understand Katakamuna) after the 4th week, and explore various spiritual worlds.


4th week – Transformation

Harvesting peanuts together

Vivian had a migraine headache and a sore throat amidst the spread of the new coronavirus in Japan, so she was placed in a simple quarantine just in case. She spent most of the week in her room or going for walks alone, and her migraines persisted. Though she didn’t have much time to communicate with her supporter during this period, from the supporter’s viewpoint, she seemed to be in good condition, just like a butterfly in its chrysalis when it stores up the energy to fly out.

~ Diary excerpt ~
Perhaps this day I don’t have much to express, I am trying to keep my mind quiet without any effort by letting any thoughts come and go without getting attached to any of them.
I have chosen to remain calm and awake with no expectations. All I can say for now is that being in this state brings me peace and comfort. I can hear the birds singing, the sound of crickets, people laughing and talking, the cars going around. I can feel my own body, my belly going up and down with my breath. I can feel my finger touching the keyboard. I’m concentrating on everything that is present.
This state of being present provides me with the tools to deal with whatever life presents, and I can assure that this is my desired moment. I have also chosen to live in the experience I want to have; by setting aside what I am going to be, I’m connecting with the universe to follow what it has for me: love, peace, happiness, compassion, and well-being.

You may not always be in that stable state of mind. But once you reach that point, you will be able to return to that stable spiritual state no matter what conditions come your way. So enjoy living (relish the moment). OK?
  • 4th week meeting – Graduation from the natural therapy program
    Jiiji told Vivian as follows:
    It is nice that this final week in quarantine was brought at just the right time as a week of self-focus. Since you are now free of unnecessary thoughts and focusing on being present, you now feel things differently than you used to. In your remaining days here after the program ends, we will give presentations to further deepen your spiritual learning.
~ Diary of the last day of the program ~
This morning I woke up reflecting about all I have lived during the four weeks that I have been here.
I can see the difference between me now and the Vivian that came on day one in Japan. I can see how I have learnt from what you have taught me through my daily writings, how I have been able to discover different character traits within myself that I have never seen before — my capacity to control emotions without leaving aside the feelings of love and compassion that I have for humans, animals, nature, and overall, the universe.

This means that what you have experienced, including the negatives for you, has prompted you to awaken.

I am also working on the ability to recognize that behind every suffering there are also learning opportunities, which in the end have made me the person that I am; I have chosen to forgive and accept all these lessons from my past.
Moreover, my experiences at this place have allowed me to immerse and to recognize and really appreciate the fact that we don’t need to have material things to be happy. I don’t see anyone here trying to compete or look better; I can see genuine people and I feel the sense of belonging and commitment to this community through the hard work and dedication of the members. Living with all of you has demonstrated to me that being honest and opening my heart will always allow me to be myself, to reflect, to change ,and to receive even more blessings from the universe.
I want you to know that my experience here has given me the keys to open my heart and I am thankful for the weeks that I have stayed here. I have received more than I could have asked for, and I am truly grateful!
I am Vivian in progress and I will continue my journey strengthened with what I have received from all of you and of course with all the experiences that life has given me throughout my entire existence. Thank you. Regards

I believe that, in this way, the universe wants the souls of the humans who were brought down to the earth to wake up. This is because the universe has a vision to create the earth with humans. That is the vision that has been there since the beginning of everything.
At present, humankind still seems to be in the midst of its path. However, if more and more people learn what you have learned through your life here, the mountainous and overflowing global problems will be easily solved. Those who are awakened to this fact know that the dawn is approaching.
At any rate, I am very happy that your efforts have yielded very good results. Thank you so much, and Muchas gracias!


After that, Vivian continued to stay, receiving presentations to broaden her view of the world, and experiencing various things every day.

In Nagano Prefecture with children on summer vacation

And the following month, Vivian’s Natural therapy program graduation concert was held.

Vivian’s graduation concert
Graduation gift dessert

The Konohana band sang some songs for her, and she read the following letter in front of everyone.

After my 55 day stay

After 55 days at the Kokohana Family I am proud to say that I have become a new person, my wounds from the past have been healed, and my life has been transformed. My time here represented a complete experience that helped me see the world from a different point of view where awareness and love were and will be my forever companions. I have received wise and essential guidance from Jiiji, and this was remarkably complemented by the support, care, love, and generosity from each of the members.

Every day had an extra surprise from each of you that made my days extraordinary. I appreciate the words in English that were said by each person, the greetings, the hugs, the delicious and nutritious food, the very unique enzyme juices, the kitchen tips, the books and pictures shared, the time in the fields, the customized food for me at Lotus Cafe, the clean clothes, the warm bath, the natural medicine when I needed it, the conversations, the acupuncture treatments, the English classes, the accurate and opportune translations, the smiles, the cats, the welcome serenades and performances, each of the fruits that I ate, the welcoming traditional Japanese baths, the care and dedication to each of your duties from which I learned so much.

There are many memories with not enough space and time to describe them. Nevertheless, I want the Konohana family to know that this place is a wonderland and an inspiration for the world, I wish everybody could have the opportunity that I had to live in a utopia. This family has given more love and compassion than all that I have received during my entire life, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

My time here has come to an end. However, I carry in my heart a new family of 100 members that I love and will remember forever. Thank you for making my soul shine and my days happy!

Vivian’s Soul Journey Continues


Let’s blow the wind of hope throughout the world!

Konohana Family held the opening ceremony for the global event “the WORLD PROCLAMATION 13:13 FOR THE VIBRATIONAL ASCENSION OF ALL HUMANITY” that was hosted by the Mayan Solar Tradition in Mexico.
In this event, people from all over the world participated in liberating the spirit of humanity in order to build a world in which anyone can live happily with affluence and dignity. The ceremony was comprised of a sequence of rituals and various expressions of faith so that the spirit of human beings would be liberated throughout the world. The Konohana Family located in “the Country of the Rising Sun, Japan” held the opening ceremony as the first one.
Coincidentally, from December 22, 2020, it is said that “The Era of Wind” will begin in the universe, and the name of the ceremony turned to be “The Wind of Hope Ceremony.” (Please see below for details on the ceremony.)
The following is the opening address by Jiiji, one of the founders and also a spiritual leader of Konohana Family.


Let’s blow the wind of hope throughout the world!

Jiiji’s message from the Opening of “The Wind of Hope Ceremony”

“The Wind of Hope Ceremony” was conducted for the awakening of human beings on earth at 13 o’clock on December 13th, 2020. We, human beings have built many civilizations with our wisdom up until now, and have demonstrated a great influence on earth. We, human beings have not found any evidence of advanced civilizations on other planets like the one on earth, despite the use of high technological space observations. Even in the future, human beings may not encounter a planet which will have developed such a civilization. This extraordinary planet where we, human beings flourish, has become a special place in the universe. That is, as you can see when you look around, this planet is a planet of life.

This is a miracle of the universe that so many lives develop infinitely on the earth. The characteristics of these lives are harmonized and cooperate with each other, and together, are expressed as one ecosystem. This expression is a microcosm of the universe, which is an expression of harmony, goodness, and love. It is as such that the life ecosystem of the earth cannot exist without great harmony. This great beautiful circulation of life spread all over the earth is constantly materializing into the future.

However, in recent years, this great circulation has been destroyed and polluted by human activities, casting a dark shadow on the society that we have created. The proliferation of covid-19 throughout the world, and the frequent occurrence of natural disasters due to global warming, are the result of how human beings have been trying to live affluently by using our material wisdom. Why is this situation occurring as a result of trying to live an affluent and happy life? It is because we human beings have forgotten about other lives and also the spirit of great harmony. This phenomena is not limited to just these recent times. It is said, that it has been 6500 years since this modern civilization has been developed using human wisdom. From the point of view of humanity, this modern civilization has been a development of hope. However, it is said that the phenomena that this civilization has brought about in these present times casts a dark shadow on the life of the entire earth.

What do we have to do now? What should we do to find new hope?

The essence of life is that we exist as a whole before we exist as a self. A nation is built on the harmony of the people who construct the nation, and human beings exist to express the great circulation of the world, in which all other lives are healthy. The basis of that spirit is to think of others, and connect with others. That spirit generates harmony and creates a peaceful world.

The great source of that spirit exists in the great universe. From an era in which we scramble, compete for natural resources, and create disparities, we should become awakened to the universal spirit at once. As a beautiful and infinite expression of harmony, this world, as well as all of the stars, are weaving throughout the universe along with all of the lives on earth, as a miraculous circulation of life.

It is easy. Such expand your self-perception, and think of others as yourself. We are the earth, and a being in the universe. If you realize this within yourself, it is very easy to resolve the contradictions of the current society.

Many people have not become aware of this as of late, but, there are many people beginning to emerge on Earth who are aware. We declare the beginning of awakening, from the land of Mt. Fuji in Japan, and allow the wind of hope to blow. This wave of wind goes around the earth and wraps this whole planet with harmony. You do not need to make an effort. If each individual just thinks of the true state of human beings and the true state of the earth, their wills shall connect from person to person, to resound and embrace the earth.

Why was it not possible before and why is it possible now? That is because the new wind, the cosmic wind, will begin to blow as of the 12th month of 2020. I am very pleased to be here with everyone and to receive this awareness for this opening ceremony. This small vibration will eventually embrace the entire globe, and that will make the Earth, a miracle planet, a truly beautiful world. Who will take the lead? It is our responsibility to awaken, for we human beings have the highest ability and the most precious gifts amongst the lives of the earth.

Today, at 13:00 o’clock on December 13th, we will deliver the opening ceremony from Mt. Fuji in Japan. Let’s blow the wind of hope for the awakening of human beings throughout the world so that others may sense our anticipation. Thank you very much.



At the ceremony, a new song of the Konohana Band, “Wind of Hope” was sung.

Wind of Hope

At the horizon of the dark universe
A faint light has begun to spread
What kind of era will begin?
Now, a heavy door is gradually opening

To the people who lost hope
Let’s go towards the light
From the edge of despair
Go beyond the uneasiness and fear
By bringing forth our forgotten wings
Now, let’s spread our wings and fly

The future is calling you
Showing you that your lost hope is right here
Intrinsically anyone can know about this
So let’s start walking right now

In the dark universe, a wisdom is spreading
Why do people not know about this?
No matter what kind of darkness covers your heart
If you open the door within, a light will flow through you

To the people who lost hope,
Let’s begin to walk the path of truth
Overcome uneasiness and fear
When you start flapping your wings
You will hear encouragement soaring from the stars

The future is calling you
Guiding you to go straight on this path
To the people who were born to connect heaven and earth
Let’s go together hand in hand

To know love, there is hatred
To know light, there is darkness
It is up to you to release
All of the thoughts that are hidden in the darkness

Finally, a new wind is beginning to blow
In order to connect everyone’s hearts
If the wind of hope connects everyone
Miracles will take place throughout the world

All is for the best
All is for the best
All is for the best
All is for the best


*You can watch the video of the entire ceremony from the Facebook livestream.

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Konohana Family Newsletter vol.102 – The Message of Coronavirus

Can Humans Control the World?

Due to the appearance of the new Coronavirus the world is facing a great turning point which requires everyone to live by a “new normal”. However, is this “new normal” really how human beings are supposed to be: maintaining social distancing, avoiding conversations or contact with people, and protecting themselves with masks and disinfections?

The appearance of this virus has shown us one thing – human beings have become unable to live without money.

Now, everyone’s greatest concern is the economy. People are afraid that they will not be able to maintain their lifestyles due to the economic stagnation, therefore the Japanese government has compiled a great amount of supplementary budget and has begun paying out various subsidies as a temporary solution, even though they are expanding the deficit budget. Only a few months of economic stagnation have created such a huge demand for subsidies, which is to say, there are so many people who are barely making a living in the present era.

As long as beings alive, every life continues to participate in the activities of life. For examples, a bird needs a lot of energy, based on its body size, in order to live, so it keeps looking for food and feels compelled to eat. As for other animals, though the necessary amount of energy varies with each species, all of them keep eating to live, and plants spread their roots for water and leaves for light as well. Above all, all of them keep breathing, all of the time. Lives are compelled into activities to maintain their existence as long as they are alive, and every activity directly concerns their life.

However, the Coronavirus has revealed that only human beings are compelled into activities to earn money. Money is just a piece of paper or numbers on computers. Actually it doesn’t directly influence the life activities which maintain humanity’s existence, however the lives of modern people greatly depend on money.

Every living being is given a suitable position for their character in the great circulation of nature; which is woven by the sun, water, soil, air and wind, while living earnestly with each moment to maintain life. In such a world, only human beings began to seek an easier way to live using their high abilities. They began to ignore nature, even though they were made to live as a part of nature, and they went as far as to create an economic system that is completely out of sync with the principles of life. People began to accumulate for their own wealth and power, then got trapped in trying to maintain their lifestyles, which do not live in balance with the sun or soil but with their bank accounts. Though they have wished to have easier lives, they got trapped by what they have created for themselves, and now they have ended up living in a very difficult world which is not fair at all.

This is an abnormal state of life. However, people who live in such an abnormal world for such a long time believe this as normal. So, now the era has dispatched a messenger called the Coronavirus into the world. It is so small that we cannot see it with the naked eye but it has the power to make the world transform. What in the world is it going to highlight, and what is it going to tell us?


The Illusion that
“We Live on The Economy”


The World that No Other Lives Create

We life forms are alive not because of the money but the power of life. Modern people, however, live for money which is out of the principle of life, and are always pressed to earn money. This is an abnormal worldview which cannot be applied to other life forms, which constitutes how people continue to live under extreme stress. In order to reduce this stress, they drink, have fun in resorts, and consume a lot of materials which produces a tremendous waste. None of such activities have been necessary to live, yet have grown the economy beyond what is essential. As if children had become addicted to games, people all over the world have been obsessed by the magical power of money and cannot release themselves from it.

If you stop and rest your hands, then look up at the sky, feel the wind, touch the soil and listen to the whispers of the trees, you’ll find out how generous nature is, and you’ll feel that all of the animals and plants live in a boundless circulation of life. Life is naturally generous, however, when did human beings condition themselves to live in such a cramped way of life?

While economic activities have stagnated due to the spread of the new coronavirus, carbon dioxide emissions on earth have temporarily dropped. There are also some reports that the air and the water in the rivers around the world have become cleaner. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts that the world’s temperature will increase 1.5 degrees by 2030 compared to before the Industrial Revolution. Many scientists warn that in order to minimize the increase of super typhoons, heavy rain, drought, sea level rise, ecosystem collapse, and food shortages due to temperature rise; we human beings need to completely change our lifestyle over the next 10 years*.

From another point of view, it can be said that the earth is self-cleaning through the use of the Coronavirus to suspend human economic activities. Yet, people still dream of a V-shaped recovery for the economy and are making every effort to restore the world to its previously abnormal state. This is because they are afraid of the collapse of their artificial life support system, which is the economy made by human beings. All of these desires are accumulating irreparable distortions to the natural way of life, which goes against the principle of life. Now the world has become a place of great contradiction where people can no longer live if the economy stops, even though it is not the source of life’s creation.


* The IPCC warns that in order to keep the global temperature rise within 1.5℃, we must reduce the global CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030, and make it practically zero by 2050. Scientists emphasize that if the temperature rises above 1.5 degrees Celsius, we’ll fall into a vicious spiral of seawater temperature rise due to the melting of the Arctic ice shelf, the release of underground methane gas (which has 25 times more greenhouse effects than CO2) due to permafrost melting in Siberia, further CO2 emissions from increasing Amazon forest fires and so on. Eventually, there would be a transformation into a “Burning Earth” where the temperature will automatically rise and will unable to stop.


Do the subsidies solve the problems?

Under such circumstances, the Japanese government has begun paying out various subsidies including a supplementary income payment of 100,000 yen per person. However, will it really solve the current problems?

It is said that as a result of refraining from going out due to the new Coronavirus, discords within families and abuses have increased. Most people think that it happened due to the Coronavirus, but actually, it did not. It happened because there had been a seed which was previously planted in each other’s hearts, and the Coronavirus was just a trigger for the seed to sprout. When people encounter a problem, they usually don’t see the cause of the problem inside of themselves but think the problem came from outside and blame others without changing themselves. Then it finally grows into a conflict between nations, which leads to war. The government is supported by such blind people who govern their respective countries, and those countries create the modern world.

Even though uniform measures like subsidies are taken to solve the problems on the surface without confronting the root cause, they may be spent on drinking or other luxuries to relieve the temporary stress. Further, they may become the cause of another conflict within a family, like when one person spends another’s money, which will only compound upon the problems which have existed before the pandemic. If it becomes impossible to maintain one’s own lifestyle during a few months of economic stagnation, then such lifestyle had already been unstable before the pandemic. However, if that instability is made up for with temporary subsidies, people come to think that they will be supported again next time that they get in trouble, which will justify why they should not make a living for themselves.

Even those who have lost their means to live still have a vote, and the politicians want to get their support, not just by the ruling party but also by the opposition parties; therefore, all of the money distributed to the public is only for political gain. It is a way to not solve the problems caused by the pandemic but to maintain their own administration. They are adding more and more debt to the fiscal deficit, where in Japan there is now a debt of 1,000 trillion yen, which is quite outstanding in the world. If this were an individual, they would have surely gone bankrupt. Though the subsidy bill will definitely need to be repaid in the future, people who only chase immediate profits have chosen politicians who will meet their demands, and those politicians carry out policies on a level of consciousness. This is the result given to ourselves, who have chosen the social system called democracy.

No matter how hard you try to create a good country, it will never be a good country as long as the standard measurement of worth is using money. This is because it is not in alignment with the principle of life. While people are somehow trying to suppress the pandemic and solve their problems, there is a fact that they are forgetting: even though they may not come into contact with the Coronavirus, everyone dies in a way that accords with their lifestyle.


Attachment to “the Moment”

In this world, there is an absolute axis, time, that is common to all things. It never stops, never goes back, and travels from the creation to the disappearance of the universe. Time is, so to speak, a pillar. The pillar stands at the center, and a spiral movement of energy occurs around the pillar, then the vibration of the universe is realized as phenomena. This process generates life. Life is what perpetuates incarnation and passes along the pillar of time, which permits our journey from the past to the future. We are continuously being reborn, living, dying and being reborn again, as we weave an endless cosmic life story in the great circulation of life with all of the other lives on earth, the sun, the moon and countless celestial bodies.

It is a story far beyond human life, and each of us is a part of the story. If we expand our perception beyond the limitations of “my life is from birth till death”, we will know that our existence is the history of human beings, and also the history of life; and that life as a person with a body is just a blink of an eye. However, once a soul with such a great potential becomes bound to a body, it forgets that it is a part of a great life network and begins to cling to its vehicle.

Having a body and living as a lifeform means having self-consciousness. For example, plants also have self-consciousness. When it doesn’t rain, plants grow their roots to get water, and when they are still in a flowering state before they bear fruits, they produce strong medicinal properties not to be eaten by animals. But their self-consciousness is not so strong that they can run away when they are about to be eaten. Animals have stronger self-consciousness than plants. For example, zebras run away when they are about to be caught by lions. But if a zebra is caught and eaten by a lion, the zebra doesn’t leave any attachment to its form and so the zebra’s life will be passed on to the lion. Both animals and plants play a role in the great circulation of the ecosystem, as part of a larger life force, while they maintain their own life as individuals.

A long time ago, human beings also lived with nature as part of a great existence. As time went on, however, civilization emerged, and as people began possessing things and power, they came to be fascinated with them and began clinging to life.

Especially since the Industrial Revolution, it became conspicuous. By developing science and technology, they became captives to fulfilling their desires and expanded their egos, then they tried to control nature as they would like it rather than living in harmony with it.


A “Rich Country” with Advanced Medical Care

We, life beings, repeat life and death in the never-ending flow of time, weaving an eternal story. To be born as life in this world is, so to speak, to enter a school, and death is to graduate. It is a rule of this world to return to where we are from once we are born, and whether it is a little early or late corresponds to the proper destiny for each lifeform. What is important is not how long we live, but what we learn through our life and what is our spiritual state when we graduate. In order to know the true meaning of life, it is essential to know the true meaning of death. It’s only when we have a perspective which is not captured by life nor death that we meet the truth of living in this world.

In modern society, where people have become captives to desire and have put value only on living, medical care has become extremely advanced, and it has become a top priority to just prolong life using high and complicated technology, which is proof of the high abilities of human beings. People try to prolong their lives in a way that has never existed in nature, such as artificial dialysis or organ transplantation, which allows them to desperately hold on to life while accumulating enormous medical expenses and using a lot of energy.

It is said that it is more likely to become severe when smokers, or those who have underlying diseases such as diabetes, get infected with the new Coronavirus. People are afraid of infection and think of the new Coronavirus as a problem, but they don’t think why they have come to such a high-risk state. Originally, they should look back at the lifestyle that has led them to such a high-risk state, and change their mind-set which is the basis of their lifestyle. Modern medical care, however, treats only physical symptoms uniformly, and considers that the cure is completed when the symptoms disappear from the surface, therefore, it never leads to human beings changing their way of life. Meanwhile, the economy has accumulated enormous medical expenses, despite the fact that this has come to signify a “rich country.”

The more diseases are cured, and the more advanced technology is developed, the more humans come to think that they can control everything in the world. And now, humans are facing a situation which they cannot control due to the appearance of the new Coronavirus, and are greatly confused. Then they just consider the new Coronavirus as evil since it hinders their convenient way of life. But is it possible for humans to control the world in the first place?


A Message for Human Beings from the Universe

Can you shed light, or rain on the earth? Can you control the coming of the morning, the cycling of the four seasons, or the spinning of the earth?

Since the Industrial Revolution, human beings have behaved as if they were controlling the world with their own power. But if they see the world correctly, they will find that the world is not controlled by human power. Every day comes not because you turn over the pages of your calendars nor do you manage the schedule, but because the earth is spinning. The earth, the moon, the sun, and all of the other stars orbit the universe on a scale far beyond your everyday lives, thereby the world moves, and it makes you live.

What brings about order to such a huge world is time. Everything in the universe keeps going along this absolute pillar from the past to the future. If time were to go backward and the earth were to reverse, or the dead were to be revived, the world would lose order. It is because everything exists under this absolute rule without any exception that order is maintained.

In the first place, there is no freedom to live in this world. No one can control the earth or their own heartbeat. Who can control sleep, breathing or aging? You have been given life and are made alive according to the absolute law that can never be resisted, and there is nothing that you can do to control life. In spite of this, human beings have tried to control everything as they would like, while resisting being controlled by others. Therefore, those who cannot find commonalities with others will turn out to be controlled by what they have created.

Life has been given a proper position for each character in the circulation of the ecosystem, and plays as a unique function which are not meant to be free or equal. In such a world, human society has created a system of superficial freedom and equality called democracy, which believes that it is a right of everyone to assert their unbridled desires, generated by their ego, for the advancement of society. Then such a belief spreads like a drug as human society moves away from the principle of life. Originally, there was an order of prioritization, and the first priority must come first, not second or third. Today’s people live with backwards priorities, which are based on their desires. That’s why the world has gone crazy. The new Coronavirus has begun to expose the reality of such a crazy world.

If humans do not realize this message and continue their current way of life, the world will send more radical messages. People see the Coronavirus as a threat to their lifestyles, which cannot be suppressed no matter how hard they try to do it, however, if they see themselves from the earth’s perspective, they will find that you, human beings, are an extremely harmful threat which deprive the earth of its resources, harm other lives, destroy the ecosystem and continue to multiply no matter how much the earth tries to suppress you.

Now that the era has begun to say “NO” to humanity’s way of life, you now need to shift your perspectives from egocentrism to geo-centrism, which transcends ego and maintains life for all sentient beings.




We, earth life, are given everything necessary to live upon this world; and these resources are meant to be shared: the sun, the air, the water and the earth. Life is something that causes movement in the world. The sun and other elements existed before the emergence of life, and when life emerged, the elements began to transform into the biosphere, which connects infinitely and circulates as one life force. This is the natural world, which is absolutely communal.

In such a communal world, what human beings have expressed since the birth of civilization is far from the true state of the world: such as greed, competition, and harming not only other species but even their own species. Even with the vaccine of the new Coronavirus that the world is eagerly waiting for, countries neither collaborate nor share the information but compete with each other in order to develop a new vaccine before the other countries in order to make a business opportunity for their own benefit.

In fact, as humans develop new medicines, viruses and bacteria also evolve. It is said that as a result of humans having abused medicines, such as antibiotics for medical treatment and even for the livestock industry, resistant bacteria have spread in various places, and antibiotics will no longer be effective in the near future. If antibiotics can no longer be used, most modern medical care will no longer work. That is why we need to reconsider the true meaning of life now instead of just trying to prolong our lives. Now the time has come to return to the origin of life.

Let Go of Your Scale

No matter how far humans deviate from the principle of the world, the world will never waver and keep going toward the future.

The Milky Way galaxy, in which we live, encompasses a vast space on an enormous scale of 100,000 light years in diameter. While myriads of stars spiral each cycle throughout it, the whole galaxy also spirals around the central sun at a speed of about 200 km per second. It is a scale that far exceeds the scale of earth. The fact that it has kept its order with such a huge scale without wavering for more than 10 billion years means that it has an absolute axis which transcends human intellect and never wavers. In such an absolutely stable galaxy, the solar system spirals according to the laws of the universe, and under the order of the solar system, the earth spirals, so our daily order should also be according to this principle. No matter how far we humans deviate from the principle of the world, in other words, we are still coexisting upon an absolutely stable world in which we can return to the principle anytime as long as we so desire.

A speed of 200 km per second is an amazing speed on a global scale. On the scale of a galaxy with a diameter of 100,000 light years, though, it is slow enough that it looks like that it’s not even moving at all. In this world, there are incalculable scales under the absolute order that far exceeds human intellect, and it is impossible to interpret this world using the limitations of modern intellect. Although we are constantly influenced by the laws of such a mysterious world, we live according to our own perception of reality, and we believe that we are normal even though we are out of sync with the principle of the world. Because we live according to our limitations, we become greedy, compete with each other, fear losing what we have accumulated, and stifle in the worry that we have constructed according to our own mindset. This is all in spite of the fact that we live in a world of great harmony where everything is naturally shared and circulated.

Let go of your myopic focus.

And be free from yourself.

Once we do so, we will always be able to live according to the great scope of the universe, throughout which diverse beings circulate forever in great harmony as a chain of life.

When we live with this spirit, we will be released from anxiety and fear, no longer need to be greedy or compete with each other, and create a world of gentle vibrations. Then they will allow us to live healthy lives, not only for ourselves, but also for the earth.

Humans, by nature, are social creatures. Now, we are heading in the opposite direction from the principle of life, which is tearing us apart in order to survive. As the world is in great confusion, the future of the new era is not in politics, nor is it in the field of academics. It is in the absolutely invariant cosmic law, and when we let go of our self-limiting perception, and awaken to the great system of the cosmos, it will arise within ourselves. This is the guiding force for the next era.

So, it is important to live close to the soil. Because we are all children of the earth. The earth is the source of our lives, and living with the earth means to live with the rhythm of the great beings of this world: the sun, the moon, and the celestial bodies of the universe which give us life. This is the true form of life living on earth, and it awakens the true life force that sleeps within us.

We human beings have a choice: to be ignorant and just live according to the desires that come from our egos, which will lead us to ruin, or, to be precious beings that realize a utopia where people live together with the universe by learning from our mistakes while expressing the invariant cosmic law on earth.

Now that you’ve seen this message. If you become awakened to this consciousness, and set your course for living in a utopia, the path will surely open; as this is the future that humans have been seeking.




Declaration of the Regeneration of the Earth

July 26th is the Mayan new year’s day. The Konohana family has held ceremonies every July 26th since the first ceremony in 2014 with the Venerable grandmother Nah Kin and others from the solar Mayan tradition.

The ceremony with Mayan people in 2014

This year, we chanted the 5th, 6th, and 63rd Katakamuna songs, as well as Amautsushimichi.

On this day, it had been raining heavily since the morning, and Jiiji gave a speech at the end of the ceremony.


Declaration of the Regeneration of the Earth

~ On The Mayan New Year’s Day, July 26th 2020 ~

Today is July 26th, 2020. I feel that it is very meaningful to celebrate this day with a ceremony for the Mayan New Year. We first met the Mayan people in 2014. They visited the foot of Mt. Fuji to pray for world peace and held a ceremony with us.

The earth that we live upon exists in the universe. How many people are there currently living on the earth who recognize that they exist in the universe? Actually, most people are trapped in their egos and just live according to their karma. Therefore, human activities are disturbing the earth’s ecosystem, that is to say, they are disturbing the great harmony of the universe, and it has been, even today, raining so much all over Japan. This year’s heavy rainfall which is rarely seen in recorded history shows the result of human activities. Moreover, infectious diseases like the Coronavirus are widespread all over the world. We human beings have been acting with an intent to be happy and build a better society, however, we must acknowledge the fact that we have received the current situation on earth as a result of how we have treated nature. This message comes from the universe.

On December 21st, 2012, we reached the winter solstice of the galaxy after 25,800 years, which is one spiral of the sun. The winter solstice on earth that we experience every year is the time when the light from the sun is the weakest, and also the turning point into a new season.
In the meantime, the winter solstice of the galaxy is the time when the spiritual light from the Central Sun, the center of the Milky Way galaxy, is the weakest. It has returned after 25,800 years. After we passed the summer solstice of the galaxy, which is the other side of a solar spiral, 12,900 years ago, the spiritual light from the central sun became weaker and weaker, and we finally arrived at the peak of spiritual darkness. With the birth of civilization around 6,450 years ago, which is the midpoint between the summer solstice and the winter solstice of the galaxy, we were already increasing in our intensity towards the peak of darkness. As civilization progressed into modernity, the world deepened into darkness.

Civilization is supposed to develop the natural resources of the world and bring about a rich and happy society. However, such an advancement to become rich and happy has actually formed the age of darkness. Now, we have reached the peak of darkness after 25,800 years, and we are facing a time to realize what we have created for ourselves. Accordingly, we human beings must acknowledge that the values that we have been living by were based in the age of darkness. Now, we have just passed the winter solstice of the galaxy and are living through the great turning point, which is compelling us to shift our consciousness from darkness into light. We need to change our perception and acknowledge that what we once considered right is no longer so. This requires that we embody the consciousness of enlightenment in order to truly go towards the peak of light.
Seven years have passed since we reached the peak of darkness on December 21st, 2012. In numerology, the number 7 means a “qualitative transformation”. Now, we are in 2020 which is the 8th year after 2012, and the era is surely qualitatively transforming. By looking at what is behind the darkness and waking up to the truth, what we do will bring light to this world and restore the earth to its original state according to its proper circulation. That is the most important thing entrusted to human beings, especially those who recognize this turning point, and the time has come that we are called to awaken to this momentous occasion.

This Mayan ceremony awakens us with the precious cosmic spirit inherent in each human beings. The light of the spirit comes from the Central Sun, the center of the galaxy, and it is always illuminating us. The seeds of light are already rooted in ourselves, beings of the cosmos. Let’s awaken the seeds, which will sprout as our collective enlightenment.
The current era no longer supports the pursuit of each individual’s selfish desire. Now, each one of us are called to establish a pillar of light within ourselves and respond to the call of the Central Sun, which is the center of the galaxy. Those pillars will become a bundle of light to surround the world, and now is the time for each one of us to awaken to that consciousness.
This means that we have reached the end of an era in which people are trapped by their egos, which obscures their true spirits with desire. Each one of us can be a catalyst to awaken to a high and precious consciousness.

It is the 27th year since we started to live at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and we’ve reached a time for qualitative transformation. We are living in an era which is increasing with natural disasters as a result of how we have lived in the past, therefore it is very important that we resonate with the Mayan people and share in the importance of the Mayan ritual on this day at the foot of Mt. Fuji, the most sacred place of a country that is the first to watch the sun rise on the earth. Each one of us should be aware of this, and cooperate with each other and harmonize just like the earth-life ecosystem while being independent in order to create a truly beautiful world. Today, we have begun this new directive through proclamation during this ceremony at the foot of Mt. Fuji. We are aware of our role, and uniting here at this moment means that we are taking responsibility for that.
With the awareness at this ceremony, we have started a wave that will wrap the earth, which will allow us to overcome many of the upcoming difficulties – and while they may be painful, we are hopeful. With this awareness, I hope that we will find the will to live and regenerate the earth into a planet that is harmonious with the laws of the universe.

Today, at this place, I hereby declare that a regeneration of the earth has begun. I greatly appreciate Venerable grandmother Na Kin and the Mayan people who suggested this ceremony to celebrate the Mayan new year. So everyone, let’s walk together towards the future with an awareness that each one of us is a galactic being in the universe!

During the ceremony, it stopped raining and the sun appeared


From the Three-Cs-Lifestyle to the World ~ “On This Planet” ~ Konohana Family Welcome Concert

The other day, the parents of our members visited Konohana Family, and we held the welcome concert for the first time in three months since we have stopped accepting guests due to the Coronavirus.

The “three Cs” means Closed Spaces, Crowded Places, and in Close Contact. Now the world is trying to avoid “Three Cs” not to be infected by Coronavirus.
This song was born in Konohana Family, where people live in the “three Cs”. Even though people around the world are now separated from each other, we can share this song with you through the internet, along with its spirit. It may remind you of your true purpose of being born on this planet. Please listen to it!


The New Coronavirus is a Subtle Message

At present, the spread of the new coronavirus has caused people to take unusual measures in different parts of the world, as well as in Japan. Some of our friends overseas are worried about this situation,  and sent a message to the Konohana family asking, “I want to hear how Jiiji (the founder of the Konohana Family) sees this situation.” Then, Jiiji responded as follows.  

The appearance of the new coronavirus, if it is compared to a play, seems like the appearance of an actor who comes on stage at the climax of the story. This character is who the audience and other characters have been waiting for, but since they have all been too immersed in the play, they have forgotten that this appearance brings some type of resolution.

This is like a form of prophecy, so we need to understand why it appeared, pay respect to it, and reflect on why we have forgotten it. If we don’t reflect on what we have forgotten, we cannot show respect.

The new virus has emerged in a very delicate form, yet is not meant to drive humanity into destruction. It appeared very gently, and since it is invisible, people are terrified. So, what people fear about invisible things is that until now they thought that humans could overcome all events with their own power, but that does not work anymore, which makes people scared.

Originally, it is not in our hands for humans to exist and also live our lives. If we realize that this event is happening to have us understand that, then this event will guide us to our original position as lives which are integrated with the great life force energy that creates this world. Considering this, we humans need to have an attitude to take this modest problem with the utmost seriousness now. However presently, few governments or individuals are aware of this. If humans do not notice this now, the world will give messages to humanity with a second and the third round of phenomena, which will not only be a virus, but also various environmental changes.

What is important now is to receive this phenomenon as a message as a reflection on our past actions, and to realize that it is necessary for us to fundamentally change the viewpoint of our lifestyle. This event can be considered as an invitation for that.

In the first place, human beings are not the creators of this world,
but the creations of the creator, so we should exist according to the rules of the creator and go back to that original position again.  Not only at the moment, but it is always natural that humans live in this way, and if we don’t realize this, the world will continue to give us further difficulties as a message for mankind.

Don’t you think this phenomenon as a new virus is very subtle? It is a situation which urges people to notice. This is not a hardship, but a gentle reminder. If it were a more radical message, a nuclear war could happen, but actually it has not.

Animals and plants in nature disappear plainly without any complaints, even they are sacrificed as a message for humanity’s actions, such as the ongoing forest fires in Australia. However, human beings are the only ones who complain, suffer, and do not try to accept the messages behind the problems though they are the cause of them. If we could see ourselves from an objective point of view, objective realize how ridiculous we are. This is a result of our lapse in objectivity due to the expansion of the human ego. If the leaders of international organizations, nations, and each one of us does not think about this matter seriously, we will never find the fundamental solution to these problems. Rather than focusing on the responsibility of particular countries, we need to consider this event as a message which will elevate our consciousness into the next era. With this attitude, we can naturally accept it with gratitude.

Hopefully, human beings who have been given the highest abilities among the countless lives that have landed on this cosmological
miracle of a planet, will regain the awareness of their original values as representatives of all lives.

Konohana Family Newsletter vol.100〈English〉

It is the biggest change ever in human history!

The time to correct the trajectory of humanity has finally arrived!

The people who live in the present era have fallen into a “Self-centered” way of thinking ────
Can you release yourself from this spell?


The Earth, a planet created through universal consensus

We live in the universe.

In the universe, everything is connected, circulating and harmonized. Each of the countless planets in the vastness of space have an original individuality which are unique to each other. The diversity of the planets interact with each other, maintain a perfect balance on a magnificent scale, and connect with each other as if they were playing as a single symphony, while vibrating a beautiful harmony.

The Earth was born with the consensus of the universe.

The Earth is a model of the universe. Fire, water, soil, air, wind, minerals, microorganisms, plants, animals ――― A variety of natural elements with various functions play roles that cannot be substituted by each other, while creating a rich life network called the Earth’s ecosystem. This life network is connected in an infinite circulation, which has evolved over the past 13.8 billion years, from the birth of our galaxy, to the past 4.6 billion years, with the birth of our planet. The Earth has become a unique planet with a vast life force which cannot be found anywhere else in the universe.

At the peak of its eternal evolution, humanity was born upon the Earth as the only species out of the millions of others to exist, or have existed, upon this planet.

In ancient times, humans received their orders from the planets, interacted with nature, and lived according to an ecological cycle with many other lives. The people during those times intrinsically knew that they were part of this great universe and that their lives were provided and supported by the circulation of the cosmos. However, this life, which appeared at the end of a long evolutionary journey, began to evolve rapidly, which is historically unprecedented. Human beings have come to bring a massive influences upon the ecosystem of this planet, which continues to circulate beautifully according to the arrangements of the universe.



Extraordinary natural phenomenon are the messages that wake us up

Human beings have very different points of view from other lives. This is due to their outstanding egos.

The Earth, the planet of diversity, has many unique lives. Among non-human lives, there are not many differences between individuals of the same species. Individual lives seem to exist according to the will of the individual, but on the premise that each serves their role as a species, and completes their life without deviating from the cycle of the Earth’s ecosystem, which connects all functions together. However, human beings were given different characters within the same species, and came to see themselves separately from each other because of their uniqueness. While in the past they were aware of the existence of “oneself”, they have since forgotten that they are a part of this great world. Now humans give priority to fulfilling the purpose of the individual over serving the whole as a species.

Human beings have a high creativity that is not found in other lives. They have come to realize the desires that spring out from them by utilizing their abilities. Their desires grow further as their wishes come true, and their egos grow steadily. As a result, humans have forgotten the existence of the stars, communicating with nature, and, rather, they have started expanding the artificial world, which is convenient only for themselves, while ignoring many other lives.

The current world, created by modern people, is very negative, which stems from people putting themselves first, while only seeing situations according to their own perspective. Then, if there is something that they do not like or that does not match their preference, they regard it as a foreign object, deny and discriminate it, or attack it as an enemy. Even environmental protection, and peace movements perpetuate confirmation bias by denying and opposing each other. If something does not meet their standards, it becomes a target to be denied and even destroyed, whether it is an individual, a nation, or even nature.

On the other hand, the life force of the world embraces human beings, allocates for a variety of diverse lifeforms without denying any of them, and supports the uniqueness of each role. If human beings had an extraterrestrial perspective, we would know that the Earth is a place where everything is shared, and everything exists in mutual accord with each other. Then, we would realize how strange and ridiculous the current lifestyle of humanity has become, in which we only insist for ourselves and do not think of others. While having the highest ability among the many lives on Earth, humans pollute the environment, hurt other lifeforms, and even kill each other of the same species. It is totally unsuitable for the formation of this world, and it is harmful for the entire ecosystem; and as such, nature is ridding itself of what no longer serves the harmony of the whole.

In reference to the present, the world has been evolving according to natural selection. We realize this based on six mass extinctions that have occurred over the past 600 million years, and when we look back on the history of the Earth, there have been various natural disasters that have laid the foundation for the next stage of evolution. The word “extinction” may bring about a sense of fear or dread in those who are obsessed with themselves because they think that they will be broken and lost, however, it is only the natural metabolism of the Earth, which allows it to become healthy and continue to harmonize with the processes of the universe. Even though such a movement has already begun, human beings attempt to rectify the crisis with only superficial means by using their high abilities to accumulate more contradictions with the vast lifeforms of the Earth, which only exacerbates the situation.



Capitalism, a system for distributing the world’s abundance, is leading it into bankruptcy

If the Earth was created through the consensus of the universe, then there should have been a cosmic intention to create the Earth. But then why did the universe give birth to such an odd and ridiculous creature like humans?

Capitalism is a major factor that has contributed to the influence of negativity nowadays. In the past, abundance used to be what was given by nature, and humans were in a position to receive it and glorify that abundance with nature. However, as capitalism grew, abundance became something that had to be won through competing with others. And even though people won it and gratified their desires, they could not become happy. Typically, once people become satisfied, they tend to keep their satisfaction indefinitely. Nevertheless, people have sought to expand their egos by pursuing greater satisfaction, and therefore, they continue to experience dissatisfaction as they constantly inflate their egos. While humanity’s competition with itself has generated failures, the winners have a fleeting sense of superiority, and once they get used to it, it turns into an obsession for success.

As if the whole of society had fallen into a state of drug addiction, people keep expanding the artificial world with a uniform set of values, and further push forward in a direction without any prospects. Further, those who hold the reins of society, and expand the artificial world without paying any attention to nature, are considered as “excellent people”. However, such people cannot see that the society as a whole is being driven toward destruction because they are consumed by their artificially induced sense of excellence.

People have fallen into a big misunderstanding that freedom and abundance are only for fulfilling their own desires. In order to control such greedy people, who cannot live in harmony without being given rules, the government has created laws and applied them uniformly for people. People mistakenly got the idea that freedom meant that they could do anything in as long as they did not violate the law, which enabled them to act freely in order to gratify their own desires. As a result of such actions, the Earth is now overflowing with problems, and while people continue to practice modern science, they cannot find the fundamental causes or solutions. And while they are good at subdividing things and analyzing them one by one with high precision, they do not have the ability to connect them in an integrated manner and discern the nature behind the phenomena. Mass media creates sensationalism by only focusing on the surface problems, while both politicians and the masses eagerly criticize each other, which creates further impasse as society fails to resolve the mounting discord. Unfortunately, nobody realizes how to cooperate with each other and solve their problems together.

This is the result of human beings forgetting that they are just one of the milieu of lives that make up nature. They have forgotten that they were given their lives by the celestial bodies and nature, and continue to insist on their egocentric claims, and cannot see that this is the source of the conflicts, environmental destruction, and mounting global impoverishment. This is the spell of “self-centered-thinking” that all modern people have fallen into, and unless humanity is freed from this spell, the world will never become a better place.



The runaway ego is a global theme brought about by humanity

The time has come for human beings to return to the starting point of life.

Let’s expand our view into the universe again. Unquestionably, we are living in the universe now. In the universe, everything is linked, circulating and harmonized. There is our galaxy, under the laws of this great universe, our solar system, and the Earth. We human beings live as part of this preciously beautiful ecosystem expressed on the Earth. If this cosmic law got out of order, and the current balance cannot be maintained, we may not continue to exist very much longer. All beings, including human beings, are alive under this great cosmic law, and it is natural for us to live up to the law of this great source of life.

Modern people are fascinated by what they see in front of them, such as money and possessions, so their physical consciousness has become very strong. Therefore, if the environment is polluted, they develop new technologies to clean it up, and if there are conflicting situations, then they negotiate in order to accommodate each other’s interests. In this way, they practice a healthy resolution of problems by getting physical results for physical phenomena. However, the essence of the universe is based in spirituality, not in physicality. There is a deep spirituality behind all phenomena, and based on that, the order of this physical world is expressed. When you realize that, you will know that the attitude behind the operation of modern human beings is biased towards physicality. Now, that bias has created contradictions that appear as phenomena. Before you try to resolve it using physical means, start by noticing the mistake in your spirituality, correct it, and return to the essence of the universe. Thusly, the physical phenomena will become extremely peaceful, and the contradictions will be naturally resolved because the essence of the universe consists of benevolence, love and harmony.

Modern people think that the world is controlled by human beings, and that their will operates the world. However, the truth is that the Earth was created by the consensus of the universe long before the birth of mankind, and continues to be guided by the spiritual operation of the universe throughout its long evolution.

It may not be understood by modern people who see the world in a self-centered way, but now the era has entered the 21st century and we human beings are standing at a great crossroads. Will we choose to continue to live an egocentric 20th century lifestyle, which will lead to ruin? Or, will we take a step into the next millennium, and evolve towards the 30th century, with the recognition that we are universal beings.

Since the industrial revolution, the lifestyle of human beings has undergone tremendous development. That was also an era when the potential of human ability was examined. Nature has accepted humanity’s actions, but it does not mean that nature will continue to allow human beings to pursue their own desires, and disturb the order of the whole. But now is the time for human beings to learn what will happen if they continue to do so. If we fundamentally correct humanity’s activities, which are creating the current situation on the Earth, then we must realize that we are each representatives of humanity. This is not an environmental issue, but rather an issue concerning the egocentrism of all human beings.

The solution does not require a new political or economic system, which has already been attempted in order to resolve the excesses of capitalism – called communism. However, the people who advocated communism as their ideology were consumed by the very system that they created, and instead of overcoming the problems of capitalism, they created a society with no individuality spirituality that managed people uniformly. This type of idealism only became a conceptual change, but not one in practice. As you can see, no matter how you attempt to conceive of a new ideology, and try to improve the world, if you don’t fundamentally correct the spirit that creates the problem, then all attempts just become a mockery towards progress.

So what should we focus on when we examine the root cause? Spirituality, the source of all phenomena, and prior to the existence of human beings, there was an ecosystem, the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, and out of such cosmic harmony we arose. So, we should focus our minds on the life force network of this world.

When we do this, the most difficult consideration for modern people to remove themselves from is their self-centered interests, which binds them by their own standards and limits how they can see the phenomena of life. Now the time has come for human beings to transcend their egos and create a world that harmonizes with the great will of the universe. This is, in fact, the greatest change of direction in human history, for we are making a change in our life’s trajectory. And this perspective allows us to know the true meaning of why human beings have arisen upon the Earth.

To every human being who lives in the 21st century

The era has entered the 21st century, and we are facing a major milestone in the long story of the Earth. The millennium, which has just started toward the year 3000, will not evolve according to the science developed during the 20th century. Now is the time to correct the autocratic behavior that has brought about such an evolution, and change our perceptions towards nature.

The Earth has started to rectify the contradictions that humans have accumulated on this planet. It requires enormous energy for human beings to correct their way of life, and change their direction. If it requires natural disasters, then these will cause tremendous pain. However, do we really need to undergo such hardship when we have such advanced abilities?

A conscious revolution to live

No matter how much human beings destroy this world, the natural world has the power to repair the destruction that we have influenced, and return it to its original state of health. However, that takes a very long time. That is why we must use human wisdom instead of relying on time.

Wisdom is not something that can be obtained by learning, but it is the essence of life that sleeps in the DNA of each one of us, and springs out intrinsically. Since we are a part of the great cosmic life force, all of the information from the beginning of the universe remains within our spiritual DNA. The properties of this universal wisdom are appropriately expressed according to the era in which we live. If the modern age is foolish, then there is wisdom to overcome such foolishness, and when we turn our consciousness towards the wisdom within ourselves, our latent potentials will arise. This is brought about because the era, which is driven by the will of the universe, has already changed its direction towards the next stage of evolution.

Rather than being subservient to the waves of time, human beings need to channel the will of the universe and create this world together, which will become a heaven on Earth, throughout which the will of the universe is expressed. It will not come about through systems of thought, like capitalism or communism, which only seek to control the production of wealth for human beings. It is the conscious revolution of life that will completely overturn humanity’s current level of awareness, which will bring about an age that has never before been experienced in all of human history.

To the people who control the power and wealth of the world
Please use your high status and excellent abilities to make this world truly healthy. The true value of man is spiritual. No matter how much you are admired in the current distortions of society, it is not your true value when you leave your body and become a spiritual being, and return to the universe. To become a truly worthy being, please have the courage to guide society in the right direction with a spirit of restoring the relationship between spirituality and physicality. Originally, those who were in positions of responsibility had to seriously consider the whole (the life force of the Earth, which includes human beings) and make decisions to create a proud country (Earth). If you can return to such a noble heart, then you will become truly precious in the lives of all sentient beings.

Awakening as a conductor for the Life Symphony of the Universe

The Earth is a miracle of the universe. In the first place, it is also a miracle that the universe has become a phenomenon. It is a message from the great will, far beyond human thought. Therefore, it is natural that the existence of this planet is a miracle in the universe, which can be said as SHINPI. SHIN means God, and PI means secret of the universe. SHINPI resides across every corner of our daily lives, however modern people, who have become polluted in their thinking, cannot believe of such an existence. Even though there is already a miracle in front of us, we have fallen into such a foolishness that we cannot understand that life is a miracle. Nevertheless, by recognizing the foolishness of our ways, and living according to the natural expression of SHINPI, then we will have made the first step toward removing the contradictions of this planet.

The most prosperous life on the Earth today is humanity. Essentially, life is something that grows in wealth as is prospers. If the essence of the universe is benevolence, love and harmony, then by sharing with more beings, we can express the Earth’s natural richness and diversity, which connects us with our life support network. However, why is the current world generating so many contradictions as humanity continues to grow? Originally, the more people we had to share with, the more abundance we could create and receive from the world. We must be aware of that.

When people hear the word “Heaven on Earth”, they may feel like this is only an imaginary world which is too impossible to realize. However, if we look at it from a different perspective, we can see that heaven on Earth is approaching because the destruction of humanity’s contradictions have already begun, along with the existing social systems. If you sense the will behind the messages that the Earth is communicating, then you can see that the cosmic intention is to bring us into a utopian era, which has been the striving of humanity since its inception. The realization of this great new world is entrusted within the awakening of each one of us.

We are now at the biggest cosmic turning point in human history. At the same time, human beings are facing an impasse as to what kind of world we are going to live in, as an expression of cosmic life.

The self-oriented, or human-oriented, worldview which has led to the fall of modern humanity, not only creates great contradictions for ourselves, but also casts a great shadow on the potential of humanity to prosper as part of the life force network on the Earth. We are now required to learn from the phenomena of this reality, transcend our self-oriented way of life, and live as an expression of the Earth’s beautiful ecosystem, which is a true miracle of the universe. It can be said, that human beings have a mission to become great conductors of life on the Earth through employing our high abilities. Now, we have passed the year 2000 and we have entered a new era in this great universe. The time has come for us to unleash our full potential as a conductor of this cosmic symphony, and live as an expression of the vast diversity of lives on this planet, according to a universal perspective.

To all of humanity
If your heart resonates with this message, please spread this freely to the people related to you across your countries and in your own languages. Please awaken to the original purpose as to why human beings were born into this world, realize the preciousness of being human, and express the consensus of the universe according to your own will. Then, you will become a leader in expanding the life network of our new planet. This message urges the awakening of every human being who lives on the Earth, since now is the time for everyone to take a leading role.

I hope to meet the beauty within each one of you as an expression of this beautiful Earth.


Konohana Family Newsletter vol.99 – KATAKAMUNA

The Cosmic Wisdom that will Return in the Modern Era
To Give a New Perspective to People who Live in these Chaotic Times


The World You See is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
Modern society has achieved a remarkable development due to scientific evolution, seeking more abundance and more comforts. Human wishes have generated new technologies one after another, changed the world for their convenience, and their living has become very convenient and comfortable. However, the more desires humans have gratified, the more one-sided desires they have expanded, ignoring nature. Humans’ activities to gratify their desires have brought a lot of contradictions upon the earth.
Global warming, due to consuming a huge amount of natural resources, has brought abnormal climate everywhere. Currently, it is ordinary to have tremendous snowfall in winter and huge typhoons and heavy flooding in summer. Moreover, various pollutants which have been discharged from a comfortable lifestyles are widespread in the environment. Therefore, it is said that it is impossible to purify radioactive waste and micro plastics. While people are seeking material abundance, bonds among people have been lost. People have conflicts, and so do nations. Disparity, declining birthrates, and an aging population have advanced. Furthermore, crimes which express anxiety and irritation of the whole society have frequently occurred. All of these phenomena have emerged as a result of what we humans have done so far. And now, the era has begun when humans have no choice but to face this fact finally, and although they have created these phenomena, they have turned away from the root cause.

For the coming era, it will be very severe to live, but there is something to bring us a viewpoint to make a breakthrough in this dead end, which cannot be solved by science any longer. It is Katakamuna.

As for the iceberg which is floating in the ocean, what emerges above the ocean is just 10% of the whole, and the rest of the 90% lies hidden below sea level. We can apply this to the world where we live, too. “The visible world” which the modern people sense with five senses is just the tip of the iceberg of this whole world. “The invisible world” which supports the existence of “the visible world” spreads behind “the visible world.” This combination of “the visible world” and “the invisible world” is called “GENSHO-KAI (the phenomenal world).” On top of that, there is a fundamental world which becomes the source of all existences of this world, behind GENSHO-KAI. This is called “SENSHO-KAI (the potential world of the source).”
The iceberg sometimes flows toward a different direction from the wind’s direction which blows over the sea. It is because the wind’s direction which can be sensed on land is different from the direction of ocean currents which move the iceberg in the ocean. This world operates by a huge invisible flow which cannot be classified by modern science. When we put our consciousness toward this flow, we will be able to see that a great will which operates this world exists. The fact that Katakamuna, which has been sealed for a long time, has returned in the modern era is also according to this majestic flow.
Now, let us guide you to the Katakamuna world, which unravels the whole picture of this world!


The Cosmophysics Civilization of 13,000 Years Ago

Katakamuna is an advanced cosmophysics and civilization which is said to have flourished in East Asia about 13,000 years ago when the solar system was in the peak of light. Katakamuna declined along with the flow of the era when the solar system moved from the peak of light to that of darkness, and the material civilization, in which people began to seek fulfillment through material existence. In such a situation, Katakamuna vanished from the center stage of history for a long time. However, in 1949, a physicist named Satsuki Narasaki encountered an old man during a geological survey of the ground in the Rokko Mountains, Hyogo Prefecture, and the old man showed “the Katakamuna literature.” From there, this wisdom became unraveled in the modern era.


The System which Infinitely Circulates
through a Qualitative Shift (NA) between

The world where we live consists of GENSHO-KAI (the phenomenal world) which is the combination of “the visible world” and “the invisible world” and SENSHO-KAI (the potential world of the source) which is behind GENSHO-KAI and supports it. People who lived in the Katakamuna era sensed this existence of SENSHO-KAI with intuition.
SENSHO-KAI is the world of vibrancy which becomes the source of all phenomena, lives, and substances which emerge in GENSHO-KAI. This vibrancy is not what we can hear with our physical ears, but it fills the whole cosmos as the source of all existences. No distortion or turbidity exists throughout this nature. People who lived in the Katakamuna era sensed the vibrancy of this cosmic creation with intuition, classified it into 48 sounds through articulating syllables, and expressed them as symbols, which are called eight-span mirror letters. It is said that these 48 sounds became the origin of the current Japanese language.

The Katakamuna No. 5 & No. 6 Chants as Expressed by Eight-Span Mirror Letters

Each of these 48 sounds has an original meaning (SHINEN, meaning the source of thoughts) as an element which composes the universe. The ancient Katakamuna people created 80 chants (or 120 chants according to another theory) by combining these pure sounds in order to express how the world came into existence. More importantly, chants No. 5 and No. 6 begin with “HI HU MI YO I MA WA LI TE ME KU LU MU NA YA KO TO” which express the physics of creation, development, and disappearance of the universe, and the process of creating phenomena, which is indicated by the principle of numbers. Moreover, many of the chants are related to the original meaning of sex. The Katakamuna people had sex which is the fundamental system of life generation, through instinctively sensing the vibrancy of great cosmic life by TAIKO-HASSEI (an emergence when opposite qualities such as yin and yang face each other), such as between a man and a woman. They enhanced their own intuitions by resonating with the vibrancy of the cosmic source, and survived in an era which was of a very strict environment by utilizing a right life intuition. People of that time sensed the vibrancy of the source with the cells of their whole bodies (body and soul) instead of thinking with brain, they received guidance from the stars, had dialogue with nature, and lived based on the principle of life within the great cosmic circulation. This world of vibrant source, which is SENSHO-KAI is called the world of “KAMU (= God).” When everything matches with each other and the world of the pure vibrancy without any distortion becomes full of thoughts (SHINEN), and thoughts overflow, it will become beautiful distortion, emerge as GENSHO-KAI, and become a life. GENSHO-KAI, in which the network of various lives is expressed, is the world of “KATA (=forms, shapes). All existences emerge from the world of KAMU to that of KATA, and when they complete their roles, they will return to the world of KAMU again. They continue to circulate infinitely through a qualitative shift “NA (= transform into a new thing) between the two worlds. This system of great circulation between KATA and KAMU is “KATAKAMUNA.”


Modern Society has Reached the Peak of Pollution

Phenomena of this world consist of vibrancy, and all existences have their unique vibrancies. People who lived the Katakamuna lifestyle sensed the vibrancies and classified them into 48 sounds. They instinctively recognized the meanings hidden behind these existences by combining each sound and making words. As infinite harmony is created from the heptatonic scale (Harmonic Octaves) of C D E F G A B C, the uniqueness of various lives are expressed (named) appropriately by a combination of the 48 pure sounds, which have developed as a beautiful network in the natural world. However, people who live in the modern era have ignored each unique vibrancy and have been compelled by their desires, by using their high self-realization ability which cannot be seen in any other living being. As a result, they have manifested events which are appropriate to their own actions. Then, they have ended up creating an extraneous world which is far from the fundamental vibrancy which had created the universe.

The modern people who have been tainted with scientific thoughts in the modern era do not recognize an existence which they cannot perceive as three-dimensional phenomena. They are just conscious of “the visible world” out of the world of multiple structures. When insects eat crops, people use agricultural chemicals and kill them. Also, when people become sick, doctors prescribe medicines just to suppress their symptoms. In this manner, modern people have piled up contradictions in the world by not facing the root cause of the problem and repeating superficial measures. As a result, “the visible world” in the modern era is full of artificially distorted vibrations, which appears as a great impasse.

“The visible world” is a world of subjectivity. People’s consciousness is always “self-centered.” They do not objectively perceive what their actions have brought to the world. Moreover, even activists to promote peace and environmental conservation insist on justice through their own beliefs, and end up bringing about conflicts to the world. In contrast, “the invisible world” which is behind “the visible world” is a world of objectivity. Just like when bacteria purify water when it is polluted in the natural world, what has been distorted and polluted in “the visible world” will be purified through natural circulation including “the invisible world”, and all will become healthy. This is the original system. However, human activities in the modern era have generated pollution which is beyond the capacity of natural purification. Therefore, we have reached the stage where it is impossible to purify pollution only in the circulation of GENSHO-KAI (the phenomenal world) anymore. This infinite circulation system is universal circulation, which returns the distorted and polluted world that modern people’s consciousness cannot solve, to its original healthy state.


Live with Our Whole Soul and Body in the Universe

GENSHO-KAI consists of an infinite chain of causes and effects. When we perceive this infinite chain as one story, the existence of the great will, which expresses this story, will be seen behind it. This is called the objective background, which is the source of the system which makes the world exist and operate. This is also far beyond human intellect.

The world repeatedly changes, transforms and transfigures over the course of time, which never stops, and continues to move toward an unknown future. People who lived in the Katakamuna era sensed each moment with their whole soul and body, instantly judged what was necessary to survive in the environment, which was changing with every moment, and wove their lives into the fabric of life. They did not have fixed thinking, and lived in the moment, changing themselves just along with the change of the world. This continuation of changes is evolution, the figure of a beautiful life, and the original energy of life.

The whole soul and body means that billions of cells which compose the holistic body become parabolic antennas, the brain does not think but rather, the whole body senses the vibrancy, which penetrates life, and then expresses these vibrations through an attitude of words and actions. We do not live alone as a life in this world. First of all, there is the great universe, within which there is our galaxy, our solar system, our global ecosystem, and humanity. Then, each one of us exists. We live under this order of life, and all living beings exist based on the fundamental principle of the universe which is the original source.

DNA in the cells of animals and plants in the natural world respond to the universe without ego, so their life activities automatically reflect the cosmic system without being taught, and become a beautiful expression. In contrast, out of all living beings, only human beings have become a creature which has thoughts over the process of evolution. Because they were given an ability to realize their thoughts by ego, they have become prisoners of pleasure who gratify their desires, have enlarged their egos, and have forgotten that they are an existence that responds to the universe. Now, modern people have polluted the life world and even destroyed it by deviating from the fundamental principle of the universe.

In order for human beings to respond to the universe again, we need to return our thoughts from ego. We can align our thoughts with the universe by controlling our egos, instead of being controlled by it. Then, DNA in the cells of our whole bodies plays the role as an antenna which interacts with the universe. When we live as a life force, the cells of our whole body are already equipped with the life principles. Women express their lives as women, and men do so as men, and fulfill their lives. In the same way, information from the beginning of the universe to the end is asleep in our DNA which is a part of cosmic life. A blueprint of the future is within, and when we live as a life force, we engrave our experiences into our DNA to continue as wisdom for the next era.

When we release ourselves from the constraints of our ego, we will be able to live out true freedom. Analyzing the SHINEN (the source of thoughts) of “KUNI (which means a country in general Japanese)” by Katakamuna, it is not a territory which is divided by borders. It indicates a place where freedom (KU) has been established (NI). The true meaning of living out KUNI is to release ourselves, talk to the universe with our whole body and soul, and receive messages from the universe with our whole being.

Then, a pure and beautiful vibrancy of the cosmic source will emit from within you, and resound in this world. This vibrancy will resolve the distortion of the world, and give energy to all lives. As a result, something broken will be automatically recovered and return to normal. It is the world of universal circulation, expressed as Katakamuna.


Katakamuna People who Live in the Modern Era

It is said that the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy, where we exist, is about 100,000 light years. It means that it takes 100,000 years for light, which is the fastest observable nature currently and standard of modern physics, to move from one edge to the other within the galaxy. That is, it has a limit, so the universe cannot be unraveled by scientific observation.

However, in fact, there is something which is far beyond the speed of light and can instantly perceive the universe in this world. It is SHINEN (the source of thoughts) which is equipped with us. SHINEN is the emanation of the soul, which instantly runs through the universe at the speed of AMAHAYAMI (meaning the speed of SHINEN, 10-64 x the speed of light). The universe is also an existence which has a soul, and maintains the vast cosmic space which cannot be perceived by science and order of AMAHAYAMI. Katakamuna people did not have advanced observatory equipment or data, but they sensed the reality of the universe and lived. If we humans, having the same SHINEN as the universe, become aware of source consciousness, which maintains cosmic order and resonates with this dimension, we can become an existence who operates the universe with the consciousness of the original source.

The universe is an infinite chain of information. Opposite qualities surely exist at the same time (TAIKO-HASSEI) in the universe, so big is small and small is big. There is no right or wrong. There is only information of what happens from our perspective, based on the principle of cause and effect.  However, human beings invented paper and letters along over the emergence of various civilizations. Then, we began to two-dimensionally interpret this world which is originally multi-dimensional, and perceive things based on dualistic thinking such as good or bad, right or wrong. As a result, we came to fix specific matters, thinking “this is right,” and stand at a position of “I know the right answer.”

Science subdivides things and explores the divided parts very sharply. Therefore, the whole picture can be perceived by connecting them all. If we make a specific matter absolute, we will get an answer only from there, which ends up generating a fixed concept. This surely creates contradictions in the world which changes, transforms and transfigures. The reason why human beings fix a specific matter as the right answer is that this is humanity’s nature of wanting to be the one who knows the right answer. By standing at a position of “I know it,” human beings have become arrogant, forgotten that we are given life by this world, and deviated from the original meaning of why we exist in the universe.

No matter how much we believe we understand, it is impossible for us to reach the edge of the galaxy or create even one life. All existences in this world have been created with cosmic wisdom, and there is nothing which human beings can create through our own power.

Once upon a time, wisdom was floating in the universe. The wisdom received the request of the era and became SHINEN which causes phenomena. This is the beginning of the manifestation of this world. As the beginning was wisdom, we humans and all other existence in GENSHO-KAI will return to the wisdom again sooner or later. Then, all phenomena will become emptiness.

In order to understand this, human beings should stop standing at a side of “I know about this world” and stand at a side of “I am given life by this world.” Then, cosmic wisdom will automatically enter us. The universe continues to change, transform, and transfigure, and even truth continues to change along with the era. Therefore, we do not need to think “This is all correct” with the current Katakamuna interpretation. It is not to be fixed as knowledge, but to master it, resonate with the fundamental vibrancy of great cosmic life, and sense the great flow that is invisible and operates this world. It will be more and more difficult to live in the coming era. In this change of the era, you are currently encountering information to sense each moment and master your ability to survive.

The universe is information. Living is encountering a chain of information such as “This happens when you do this” based on the principle of cause and effect. Katakamuna is telling us this fundamental principle. However, there is a world in which this principle does not apply in the universe. We are under the law of the Milky Way galaxy which exists by TAIKO-HASSEI of time and space, based on the principle of cause and effect. If we go to another galaxy, there is another law. When we perceive the universe in this manner, a part of our brain which has not been used will begin to function. Then, our viewpoint will change. When it changes, people will be released from their ego and become free.

Currently, the era is about to change greatly. Although the era is about to change, human beings have not changed. Therefore, society has not changed, and the gap between our thoughts and reality is appearing as appropriate phenomena, which is our current society in this modern era. Various phenomena which are occurring in society are telling us that we have been given a great opportunity to change our consciousness and be reborn, which is a qualitative shift. How far can we humans, who contain infinite possibilities, reach? The time is coming when our human nature will be tested.

Katakamuna people are not the ones who lived a long time ago and are different from us. Katakamuna is the principle of the world where we live. Even this moment, the world operates by this system. When we understand this and live it out, we will become Katakamuna people (cosmic beings) who live in the modern era.

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