This Is The Universe Project

Nut and Mind are high school students and One is a teacher from an alternative school in Thailand, and they have stayed at the Konohana Family for three months since May 27th. They will leave in 10 days to return to Thailand, however prior to leaving they had time to talk to Isadon. Two days before, at the children’s meeting, a dialogue between a Korean girl, Somin and Isadon was shared, so this time began with questions about the World War II.

In Thailand, we do not study about the World War II in detail until we enter university. Therefore, Mind and Nut know about such a war; however, they do not know why it happened.

Why did World War II happen?

In short, it is the result of human beings only thinking about themselves and even robbing other in an attempt to be rich.

Briefly explaining the flow of World War II, it started during the era from 15th to 17th century, which is called “The Age of Discovery”, when the European people colonized the world. An example of this era is how a country called the United States was formed through enslaving African people in order to build up an economy to become independent from England. In 1914 World War I began, and Germany, which was one of the most powerful countries at the time, was defeated in the war. The victorious countries expanded their right and interest in the world, and only Germany got poor. Out of this situation, Hitler appeared in Germany, advocated for the superiority of the Germanic race, appealed for an exclusion of Jewish people, and tried to reconstruct the Germanic race. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, then World War II began.

In the meanwhile, the stage was being set after the Meiji era when Japan won the Japanese-Sino war and Japanese-Russian war, participated in World War I, gained global recognition, and attempted to join the strong countries of the world. After that, Japan involved themselves in World War II with Germany and Italy in the name of releasing Asian countries from the US and the UK. At that time, India was a colony of the UK, Vietnam was a colony of France and Indonesia was colony of the Netherlands. As for China, strong countries of the world flocked toward it in order to take concession. In that situation, Japan attempted to join the big countries and took over Korea and Taiwan. Later, Japan provoked the war with China with the name of integrating Asia. However, in reality, the purpose was to get concession for Japan. Then, the strong countries which colonized the world, such as the US and the UK, were in conflict with Japan since their concession would not be shared with Japan, and they imposed an economic blockade. In this way, Japan’s oil resources were cut off, they faced an economic deadlock, and entered to the World War II.

However, Japan did not start the war by itself. At that time, the biggest industrialized country, Germany was developed in Europe through Nazism, but it was isolated internationally. Later, a totalitarian state was established in Italy by Mussolini as fascism, but it was also isolated internationally like Germany. So Germany, Italy and Japan became tied together in a military alliance.

Some objectively minded people considered that the national power of Japan could not win over the US. However, as the military alliance between Japan, Germany, and Italy grew their respective governments were suppressed from opposing war. In fact, Germany occupied Eastern Europe and France and even expanded the war field in Africa. But when the war field expanded too much, it became difficult to replenish necessary goods for the army. As a result, the military alliance of the three countries were defeated. Italy surrendered first, Germany surrendered next, and Japan surrendered in the end. It is told that 7-9 million German people died, 10-20 million Chinese, 21-28 million Russians died, and in total 60-85 million people died. This shows that 2.5% of the world population at that time were victims of the war.

Japan, Germany and Italy were defeated in this way, and the allied powers won World War II. When Japan was about to lose, the Yalta Conference was held, which included Churchill from the UK, Roosevelt from the US., and Stalin from Russia. During this meeting, they discussed which victorious country would take which defeated countries when the war had finished. However originally, the US, European countries such as Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands colonized all over the world. As a result, when World War II occurred, their respective national strength fell and those colonized countries were freed. In this sense, World War II did not have all negative influences.

The atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki became the triggers to closing the War. However, that led to a polarization of strong countries, with communism in the Soviet Union, and capitalism in the US, which produced the cold war era. Immediately from this influence, the Korean War started, and the Korean Peninsula was divided into North Korea and South Korea. In the long run, this became a proxy war for the US against communist countries like the Soviet Union and China. Next, the same thing had occurred in the Vietnam War. In Cambodia, the neighboring country to Thailand, there was the Khmer Rouge massacre, but they were also communist forces. Moreover, the Jews who lived in Europe migrated to the US through German persecution, they brought their superior scientific technology, and at the same time the capital of Judea was used to found Israel. There is a story called Lawrence of Arabia, and during World War I, the UK promised a Jewish state in the Middle East; however Lawrence of Arabian was a spy from the UK.

However, he is described as a hero, isn’t he?

That’s because the story was drawn by the western countries. They have created Israel, a Jewish state in a region were the Arab people originally lived. Many Jews who settled there were those who once lived in the Soviet Union. So collective farm communities, such as Sovkhoz and kolkhoz, became the basis for the current Kibbutz (collective agricultural community) in Israel.

Oh, I did not know that!

I have briefly explained about the background of World War II, in fact there are so many cruel events that occurred and many people died. That kind of national character has not changed and still continues today.

Therefore, even after World War II ended, there are many stories related to exploitation and colonization which have led to the Middle-East wars (i.e. the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the War in Afghanistan, and the current development of I.S). The developed nations have continued to search for national benefits, which have become the dominate forces of the world. The victorious countries of the past, that have led the world with the illusion of justice, are now being revealed as gratifying their own desires based on savage laws and partnerships.

Because the US does not want to end the war, does it?

That is right. By now, the US was on the side of justice; however, the US moves based in its own rights and interests. The US seems to be involved in most of the recent wars in the world, such as the Iran & Iraq Wars.

The power of the US comes from selling guns and arms, right?

President Obama went to Vietnam and had a business meeting to sell them arms before he came to the Ise-Shima Summit that was held in Japan this past May. Later, he visited Hiroshima and gave the speech to say “Let’s make a world without nuclear weapons”.

Why did President Obama go to Vietnam to sell arms and come to Japan to talk about peace??

Because he is a politician!!

Politicians always think of their national benefit, and they are chosen based on the rights and interests of their country. Therefore, they are not necessarily superior people even though they are at a socially high position. That is because the current people are always search for their own benefit. Then, Isadon is aiming to build a world in which each one of us are awakened, who can become a superior person based on harmony, think of the earth as a one country, and create a world together rather than creating a country only representing the rights and interests of individual desires.

A peaceful world can still be created if Isadon could represent us, because he does not think of himself first. That attitude is the same as the divine. The Divine creates this world in an autocratic way; however, the Divine leaves this world for his/her own creation. Therefore, when human beings feel the will of the Divine, an ideal world will be created any time.

Why can the corrupted politicians hold power in the world?

Isadon: That is because human beings put priority on their own benefit, and choose politicians who are beneficial to themselves. For example, a money making world can only be established when people are greedy. Currently Japan seems peaceful; however, it is like having a war every day with moneymaking and competition. In addition, the US capitalist companies, such as McDonalds, KFC, and Seven-eleven infest the world, and the financial system of the world is dominated by the US right now.

When I speak about World War II, the story does not end as a single story. Before that, there was World War I, and more stories continued from the previous era, and even after World War II, this story of human greed continues.

If World War Ⅲ occurs, there will be no place for us to live…

Before you worry about the possibility of World War Ⅲ occurring, the earth has been giving humans messages through earthquakes and volcanic activities. We have faced the winter solstice of the galaxy from 25,800 years on December 21st, 2012, and now the era shows that it is changing greatly.

Today, the Japanese emperor announced his feelings and showed his intention to abdicate the throne before he passes away. The Japanese imperial system has continued for 2,600 years. In such a meaning, it is said that Japan is the world’s oldest nation, based on the same bloodline. However, it is just 2,600 years, so it is only one-tenth of one solar spiral of 25,800 years. So far, 59 Japanese emperors have retired out of 125. Therefore, living retirement is not rare in the Japanese history. However, it has been 200 years from the previous one, so I sense the fact that the current emperor announced his feelings at this timing as an important sign from the viewpoint of the era.

The peak of darkness arrived on December 21st, 2012 and the dawn of the galaxy ended on the day of the summer solstice on June 21st, 2016. We are going toward the era of light, so the Japanese emperor sensed the shift of the era, and felt like this. This is a great event from a universal viewpoint. Moreover, looking at the 248-year cycle of Pluto, we can see the transition of the Imperial succession interlocks with the era based on the relationship between the sun and the Pluto.

pluto slide

Therefore, now that we have faced the great turning point of the universe, we can predict that big disasters will come to Japan. Of course, they will come all over the world, but they will come to Japan first ahead of other countries.

Do you mean natural disasters?

In various ways. The current situation is happening so that Japanese people can restore the original spirit of Yamato. Now, Japanese people’s spirits have been polluted by the US, so such disasters are necessary in order for the Japanese people to become aware of the spirit of Yamato. Then, the Japanese emperor who is getting old has sensed with his intuition that it is getting difficult to accomplish a heavy duty like before, so he has been thinking of giving the throne to the young Crown Prince. The emperor is called “Ten (divine) No (emperor)” in Japanese, so I feel he has sensed the “divine will” with intuition. In such a meaning, his announcement shows the arrival of a universally new era.

Now that we have faced the great turning point from 25,800 years ago, we have entered an era when each one of us will become awakened, from the era when kings and saints governed people. The Japanese emperors have offered rituals with the divine in order to govern the nation. However, the era has arrived when each one of us connects with the divine and thinks of how to operate the earth. It is the arrival of the era when each one of us becomes aware of the consciousness of the “celestial being.”

In order to awaken human minds, which prioritize gratifying their own desires with an expanded ego, the universe and the earth will continue to give humans a severe environment in the form of disasters. That is because the more severe the environment becomes, the more humans will remember to help each other.

The big flood which happened in Thailand two years ago is a good example. Because of this natural disaster, people got together and helped each other.

Especially Japanese people are known as ones who support each other and maintain order in case of such disasters like earthquakes. If Thai people also have such a tendency, this might come from the Buddhist spirit.

What I would like to convey the most is we can create a heaven on earth if we try to enhance our spirituality, transcend our ego and gain a great spirit, without receiving such severe messages. In such a meaning, don’t you think the Konohana way of living can be a model of the next era? When you return to Thailand, I would like you to create such a place there, too.

It is very difficult!

Never give up!!

Will you live with a low consciousness, saying it is difficult? Or, will you aim for a higher consciousness and live without giving up? Which would you choose? When your ego is prioritized, you will live with a low consciousness. When you look toward the divine, and depend on the divine, you will be able to live with a high consciousness. It is just up to you if you can accomplish it or not.

What Isadon is saying is true. It is just up to us if we live with a high consciousness or give up. When I look at the Konohana Family members, they are trying to live their daily life to become a model. If I feel like giving up, I will remember everyone here. No matter how difficult this way of life is, everyone here has been trying to live with a high consciousness. Therefore, we should not give up easily!

I sometimes have mixed feelings. I want to help people, but my friends are very stubborn. So, I feel they deserve it.

You do not have to think of achieving that. The most important thing is that you live with a high consciousness. Today, we talked about World War II. As a matter of fact, nobody wanted to do such a war. However, nobody could stop it and humans had to experience such a horrible matter. In a sense, the era was necessary.

Now, the era has shifted from that of conflicts to that of integration. The divine and the era is for those who have realized this. Many modern people cannot understand the pioneers of an era, but the divine is for them. That is why, they can become a person to accomplish an important mission in this world. Such people are called, a “celestial being.” Therefore, it is important what kind of spirit we have. Then, the flow of the era carries us into the next one.

You have come here with a very deep connection with us. This connection does not end at this time. This is just a beginning for us to accomplish an important mission together.

The reason why I am crying now is that I feel like I am a stubborn student and was hit by a great teacher! So, I should work harder.

First of all, it is essential for you to become flexible.

I feel it is very difficult.

That is because you make yourself a top priority. It would be good if you can live for other people.

What you say is always right, so there is no room to discuss with you. No matter how difficult it is, I should do it. In a sense, I feel like I am a wild animal, and Isadon is a hunter and caught me. So, I cannot escape anymore!

Do you know what will happen next?? We will welcome you as our family and live together happily♪

Wow! Thank you!!

This is not a project just for you. This is not a project for Japan and Thailand, either. This is the story of earth and a universal project.

You came here and thought, “The Konohana Family is a great place!” Therefore, you should not think, “I cannot do this in Thailand!” when you return there. Now, the divine project has begun. The era has arrived when stubborn people like you will become awakened instantly. The era has passed the great turning point already.

The divine is for us. The era flows the way it is. The important thing is that we live with a high consciousness.

Exploring This world from “Blood” ~Blood Donation / Blood Infusion~

Nut and Mind are high school students from Thailand who are here to learn our way of living in the Konohana Family. In order to broaden their worldview, a presentation about “Food”, a familiar theme in general, has been given to them. When the last session had finished, Mind asked Isadon about blood donation.

Do you donate blood in Japan?

Originally, each spirit is independent. Therefore, the blood that indicates each characteristic of life is also a spiritually independent existence. In fact, blood is independent regardless of kinship, such as parents and children or brothers and sisters.

For example, is it possible to transplant organs, but you cannot mix your heart and Nut’s heart, can you? Therefore, the heart does not only carry nutrients through the blood, but it also consolidates our body as one network. Blood circulates through the heart, just like the solar magnetic field of the solar system which aligns to collect all of the stars. Therefore, originally blood should not be mixed with each other.

Medical care has developed and people have begun to transfuse; however, spiritually that kind of action brings confusion. If you transfuse blood with modern technology, the blood will eventually change in its circulation, won’t it? For example, in order to displace all the blood, it is told that it takes four months. This means that during that period, confusion occurs spiritually. Therefore, it is better not to mix blood as much as you can.

Do you mean it is better not to transfuse?

If you need to get a transfusion then do not refuse it, however it is important to maintain your own spiritual harmony

If you are in the situation that you need a transfusion than it must be serious. However, it is important to live without experiencing such a situation, and more so live with a beautiful spirit.

If one has a mind that “I don’t want to die”, one wants to try anything one can to live. However, if you have been mentally prepared, your mind will turn to “Life is given, so I live a fruitful life and I can return it anytime”, and without depending on transfusion, as long as you have certain longevity, your life will revive. However, if you do not have such a mind, and you just want to live, and you choose whatever the means necessary, such as transfusion, then that mind is clouded.

When there was no technology for transfusions, people lived their lives more prepared for death. Nowadays, people have become dependent on technology to live, and no longer understand the meaning of their lives. Prior to technology, people were more accustomed to the certainty of death, and they lived with a high awareness for life. Today, people do not take life as serious because there is so much technology to make our lives easier, live longer, and live for gratification. If you live everyday seriously and improve your own heart, your day will be fulfilled so that your heart turns to a feeling of “I can die at anytime”.

As science and technology develop, peoples’ lives become richer and their minds become more fixed on fulfilling material wealth. Related to this, people have lost the meaning for life and seek only to prolong their own lives.

Originally, the meaning of our lives with a physical body was not concerned with material issues. The aim was to heighten our spiritual awareness, to realize where we came from, and to go back to the spiritual world after achieving our life purpose.

Therefore, as modern people, if you forget such a thing and your consciousness gives priority on physical matters, it will create confusion in society.

We, all live with a promise that someday we will die. So, it is important to live everyday based on an absolute promise that we will reach death.

Not transfusing means that you will have an extra preparation in your life. Primarily, human beings are not physical beings, but spiritual beings. When you think of life as a link to a world after death, then death isn’t fearful. We can consider of how each spirit is individually unique. Before, I spoke about how blood is a passage which collects polluted matter and filters it. Since blood is a passage, when you take others’ blood in, your blood will be also be spiritually polluted.

If modern medical technology is superior, and we are so grateful to live with it, then we will receive a long life. However, that means that you must receive others’ spiritual and physical pollution into your body the transfusion process. Nevertheless, I cannot deny such an act when someone is in need.

It is important to know such a way to purify your own spirit. If you make your life clean and purify your blood, you can always live as a beautiful person.

Currently, we do have a blood donation campaign in Thailand. This is an action to “Help other lives through donating blood”.

That way of thinking is only putting a value on the longevity of life, without questioning the quality of life. Therefore, as more of this kind of thinking develops, a more confused society will manifest.

I thought blood donation was a good thing to do.

Unfortunately, this is still a superficial way of understanding life.

Having preparation in life, and living with a good grace, means that the person’s life is healthy and harmonized with the way of life that the divine people have lived on earth. This is the way of thinking for people who live in the new era.

When we hold the blood donation campaign, it is advertised as “this is the best deed for making other people live longer.”

That is the way of thinking with modern and shallow medical care. However, that does not solve more fundamental problems, and due to this, modern medical practice continues to expand.

So I should be happy because I am a low blood pressure person.

If you have low blood pressure, then you can see this as both positive and negative. This is a reflection of your spirit, and in order to improve that status, you can change how you think, which will influence your diet, and your life with become healthier without low blood pressure.

There is also a food therapy program to raise blood pressure in Thailand.

You should do that for balancing your spirit rather than for your physical health. Health is a reflection of a balanced spirit. If you only focus on physical health, then you will develop issues with your spiritual body. It will bring a problem for your life in another sense if your spirit is not healthy, because you only have a physical outlook of “Let’s be healthy!” Therefore, it is important to live by facing yourself at all times. Various stagnations show you the reality of your spirit, so do not escape from them. In that sense, that sounds like practicing with the mind of a monk, but currently, even monks do not do this much. (laughs)

Currently, our spirit is not healthy. Therefore, many people have diseases and stay in an unhealthy state. So, how can we know the cause of the disease and how can we improve these states?

First of all, an unhealthy human state is influenced through a diseased earth. It can be argued that the society is sick. Don’t you think that sick people are in a poor situation? However, in fact those sick people create a burden on society.

If there are problems in society and there are people who feel uneasy, then there are people who become happy – they are people from insurance companies. When people get in a dispute, there are people who become happy – they are lawyers. Judges’ who keep their jobs would also feel content. When people become greedy and want to have unnecessary things, there are people who become happy – they are manufacturers. When sick people increase, there are people who become happy – they are pharmaceutical companies and doctors who profit from these situations. Therefore, this world is made of confusion and problems.

Isadon told us everyone has an original spirit, but that science has categorized blood types. What does this mean?

Blood types roughly show the tendencies of individual characteristics. Even if there is someone who has the same blood type, each one of us are surrounded by different elements such as the environment and era. The blood sent from heart is a passage of life and the blood itself is spiritual; therefore, blood types can categorize one’s spirituality. When transfusion had started, there was no categorization at that time. From there, the blood was analyzed by science and the differences became clear. Then we were able to see that each of us is an original being. Therefore, ultimately, we have reached the point that blood should not be mixed. When we see someone’s personality by blood type, we can see only some rough tendencies; however, if we can look more accurately, then we end up finding that each one of us are original beings.

The current medical has put a high priority on people living longer, but there is also an importance on death. This is a short, beautiful, and wonderful life, isn’t it? The reason why people try to live longer by depending on the medical system is that medical care has saved people’s lives even though people do not face it themselves.

Not only for disease, but it is important to reflect back on yourself when you encounter any problems, and to find out the cause. In a sense, medical care has deprived us of an opportunity to reflect back on ourselves. That is because medical care itself misses the original purpose and has become focused on making money. This also deprives us from our life purpose as human beings.

Since birth, human beings meet various events, and live in order to develop themselves through knowing who they are. As a result we heightened our spirituality, let go of attachments, and leave our body with our own spiritual value. This is the real purpose of life.

Once you understand this, each one of you will learn from what you encounter in your life and grow. If so, there is no need to have a religion and a guru. The door of that era has just opened now.

Before I went to my current school, I was planning to learn phycology at a university because I wanted to help mentally sick people. There are two ways to help patients with psychology: One is to listen to the issue of the patients and guide them; and another way is to prescribe drugs, for example, prescribe sleeping pills or drugs that make the patient function normally in society. When I checked for the popular university departments, I found the medical, engineering, literature, and commercial arts were the popular ones; however currently psychology is also popular. I think those people who want to be a psychologist actually just want to gain good salary rather than helping people.

Also, our king tries to advocate for a sufficient economy. It is told that in order to understand it, we must first be economically sufficient as individuals. That is to know sufficiency in what we wear, eat and live. However, people who come to learn about economic sufficiency in our educational centers are not in the state of mind to understand how to live as a sufficient state. They are just greedy, and try to learn something for making money and to be self-sufficient. I am not happy about this state.

That means that you have visions ahead of one’s time in you. Now, the era becomes that if you are greedy, you will face a dead-end. We have entered an era that scrapes off all of the unnecessary sheaf and chose only what is necessary from the era of expansion and development. This is not only applied for physical matters but also for the spiritual matters. Therefore, what you are thinking is a matter for the next generation. If you proceed with this thought, you will understand that you are doing something that society requires. That is what Konohana Family is acting on, and also something ahead of psychology.

You will study English very hard, and will come to take “the One-month Truth School” that will be held in February next year. So that, you will be able to master the world beyond medical care and psychology.
See you again!

Exploring This World from “Blood”

 ~ System of the Universe ~

Nut and Mind are high school students and One is a teacher from Mab-ueng School of Sufficiency Economy, an alternative school in Thailand. They have been staying in Konohana Family for three months since May 27th. As a part of the program to expand their worldview, they have had four occasions to deepen their understanding with the theme of “Food” for four times. In the 4th session, they had the opportunity of exploring the “blood” of this world with the theme of “Spiritual Evolution”.

Spiritual Evolution -2


Do you say Shinzou 「心臓」(heart) as “organ of heart” in English?

Shinzou「心臓」 (heart) is called “heart” in English.

Heart also means Kokoro 「心」(mind and spirit), doesn’t it?

In English both Kokoro 「心」and Shinzou「心臓」 are described as the same term, heart.

That is the same, isn’t it? How do you describe Shinzou 「心臓」(heart) in Thai?

Kokoro 「心」is described as “Jitwinyan” and Shinzou 「心臓」(organ) is described as “Huajai”. The word, “Huajai” relates to Kokoro「心」.

That means both Kokoro「心」and Shinzou 「心臓」relate to 「心」(heart). In English both words are in common.

Shinzou「心臓」means center of the organ and it sends blood all over the body and the body functions. This is the same structure for the earth, the solar system and the universe. In terms of the solar system, the heart plays the role of the Sun. Therefore, depending on what the sun releases, movement of other planets are found. That is how the solar system operates.

In our body, when your mind gets excited, your heart beats a lot. Therefore, depending on whether your emotional state is excited or calm, an order goes to the heart, and how the blood is sent influences our activities. If your diet is unbalanced, the quality of your blood goes down. Putting a burden on your heart means polluting the person’s life and leads your life in a wrong direction.

My teacher One supplementally explained “In order to live healthily, it is necessary to have a heart with goodwill and peace. If you get angry and irritated, your emotional ups and downs are erratic, your health is also like being on a roller coaster, ups and downs become erratic and cannot be healthy.” By hearing that, I feel I was slapped in the face.

It is important to choose good food in order to not to become a burden to your body, and keep your mind calm to judge things correctly. In any case, polluting blood caused by “Kokoro 「心」” will pollute your blood in your life habits. By polluting your blood, it influences other parts of organs and becomes unhealthy, and finally, this will result in death with stoppage of the heart. Therefore, it is important to maintain a beautiful body, a beautiful heart, and a beautiful life which do not pollute blood.

Human blood is a life itself, and that circulates life and distributes it to all equally. If the blood was polluted, pollution will be distributed to everywhere. And if the blood tube which is a passage of blood was crushed, the further parts from that point will be rotten.

It is a very easy conclusion!

In fact, in the human society, there is a thing that circulates like blood and connects everything equally. What do you think of “blood of human society”?

Isadon gives us a good question!

Ha, ha, ha.

In a society, we influence each other by our activities and communication. I think if one group is not happy in the society, their unhappy vibrancy will be passed on to other groups by their words and actions, thus the current unhappy society is created. That caused by our thinking and actions. Therefore, it is necessary to think and act consciously in order to not to spread bad vibrancy to the society.

If we compare that to our body, the blood carries our heart as habit and expresses it. Human society is one creature in this case. So, what would be the thing which plays the role of blood which is equally distributed to the society?

What Nut expressed right now is the pollution of blood. There is a thing that carries pollution and beauty in the human society. That turns into polluted or beautiful things depending on the human mind. Our blood also becomes dirty or beautiful depending on our own heart, doesn’t it?

Three Thai people:
(They thought for a while)We give up!!

OK, I will give you the answer. (Laugh) That is “Money”.

I also thought that is “ego”.

“Ego” is carried by money. Originally, money exists as a social system to distribute to everyone equally; however, there is some money that is kept in one place and not distributed equally. When the blood gets polluted in our body, it is purified through kidney and liver. In the same way, there is dirty money in the world that is used for crimes and wars. People’s heart can purify that kind of money.

I understand why people do money laundering.

That is right. Well, I give you the next question. What do you think the “blood of the earth”? What is the most important thing for the circulation of life of the earth?

Air or water?

I think that is water.

I think that is the natural system.

That is “water”. Water healthily carries the system of nature. That is the same as blood in our body.

We, each human being, are the cells of the earth, if there is no water, the earth will die and as a cell, we will die out.

If so, the natural ecological network will not be maintained. When the water is polluted, the pollution will spread to all other lives.

Our king also said the same thing, “Water is life”.

Well, the next question♪ What plays the role of the heart that circulates water which is the blood for the earth?

I cannot respond if I do not concentrate to think since Isadon’s questions are becoming more and more difficult! It is more difficult than the national university entrance examination.

Since this is an important question, please think seriously. This is a very important matter.

Isadon, please give us a hint!

That is given equally to all lives.

Is that time?

Is that soil??

Before the soil.

It must be microorganisms!

That makes life to circulate and to nurture.
Here is the hint! That falls down from the sky.

Is that rain?

The rain is also made of it. That is the most important thing for life.

Is that spirit?

If the blood for the earth is water, will the water circulate as blood does? In our body, the system for circulating our blood is the heart. If so, what takes the role to circulate the water which is the blood of the earth? That falls down from the sky equally to everyone. That is the most important for life and also more important than water.


Yes, it is energy, but that is the source of energy.

Three Thai people:
We do not know ~!! (Laugh)

Do you give up? (Laugh) If you hear that answer, you will totally “understand!!” ♪ That is the source of all lives. That is the Sun.

Ah~! (Laugh)

However, the sun does not fall down to the earth, does it??

The sun light falls down to the earth and the sun will circulate the water. The sun light itself will not get polluted. Receiving the sun light, circulating blood of water, air and soil will get polluted

Well, I have a next question!! If the blood of the earth is water and its heart is the sun, what would be the “blood of the solar system”?

I will think harder …

If you think it is difficult. Just imagine how the solar system is structured.

Is that star?

That makes stars cooperate and circulate.

One: :
Is that the movement of each planet?

That is the source that creates them and makes them cooperate. Do you all give up? (Laugh)

I give up!

Is that the force of magnetic field?

Yes, it is! That is the “magnetic field”.  The solar magnetic field makes cooperation and circulation possible in the solar system. Well, this is the last question. What do you think is the “blood of the universe”?

What consolidates the whole universe is “the Spirit”. In this sense, the Spirit is the massive spirit, and existence of soul. That is the divine.

Today, I talked about blood of human body, blood of human society, blood of the earth, blood of the solar system, and blood of the universe. The blood of human society is money, the blood of the earth is water, the blood of the solar system is magnetic field, and the blood of the universe is the spirit.

As the scale is getting larger and larger, the materialistic staff will vanish and only the spiritual element will remain. As the thing minimizes to our body size, its density increases and becomes a physical matter. As the size becomes smaller and smaller, the physical matter vanishes and only spiritual matter remains. As it goes back to “KA”, the extreme smallest particle of the universe, the being as a phenomenon will vanish.

This means, our body describes the best condition to see the state of our heart (Kokoro). The state of the blood exactly shows our state of spirit (Kokoro). Pollution of blood has a physical element and a spiritual element. Money, the blood of the society also has physical pollution and spiritual pollution. Thus, everything is in the same system.

That is why if one’s spirit (Kokoro) is beautiful, the blood of the person is beautiful, and the person is physically healthy and lives a good life.


The Konohana Family English Newsletter Vol.1

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Let’s awaken and work towards this direction together!


Title of the Newsletter

農 業 革 命

Agricultural Revolution

When agriculture changes,
the world changes!

A lively season has arrived at our fields this year, too!
We deeply breathe in a vibrancy full of life, as those who live with the farmer’s spirit is our basis, on an earth where young leaves sparkle in the warm sunlight, colorful flowers bloom, and many insects fly lively around. How rich a world of life is when woven by nature! From a long, long time ago, humans have received abundant blessings given by nature to live, and also our lives have been supported in the circulation of interdependent beings.

However, before we knew it, people came to forget about communicating with nature. “I want to be rich”, “I want more”, such thoughts have expanded in the human mind, and people came not to see nature’s blessings. As a result, they began to distort nature for their own convenience.

At many agricultural sites, farmers do not communicate with crops, and a large amount of chemical fertilizers remain in the soil in quantities that cannot be absorbed. As a result, it has flowed out and polluted underground water and rivers. The crops, which have lost their life balance by unnatural fertilizers, have a reduced resistance to diseases and insects, to a point where agricultural chemicals have become necessary.

Both agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers have been made through the development of chemical weapons during the past major wars. In the postwar era, the US started to control food in Japan, by shifting bombs and tanks into agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers. Many people who were driven by greed followed this, and a disintegrated world commenced. Those who sought production succeeded, the diversity of crops disappeared, and the ecosystem began to lose its balance.

In fact, the food which we humans continue to eat every day look healthy but they continue to destroy not only nature but also our own lives. This is the reality of the agriculture method, which is the mainstream of the modern era.

Still, nature continues to give
We live our daily life, being mainly aware of the “visible world”. The “invisible world” of mind and thoughts exists behind this “visible world.” Both the visible and invisible world together are called “the world of life (the phenomenal world).” Further in the back of this, “the world of vibrancy (the potential world)” exists, which is the source of all lives. We humans come from the world of vibrancy into the world of life, gain a physical body, experience various matters, and return to the world of vibrancy. We repeat this process infinitely.

However, when humans are trapped in something visible, their consciousness comes to circulate only in the “visible world.” This is the figure of modern agriculture. Common farmers tend to arrange only the appearance, and do not see the potential nature of existence. As a result, they repeatedly produce crops superficially, and then increased the distortion of this world.

However, when we get out of this trapped state, and understand the whole system of this world, we will be able to see how subtle, beautiful and infinite the world is. Then, we do not need to live with greed and anxiety, and everything will come to us with great abundance, just by receiving things as they are.

We farmers cultivate our fields in the society through producing food which is truly beautiful and full of universal life force. Agriculture is the basis of human life. When agriculture changes, the world greatly changes.

We have sought true wealth and reached here —

Welcome to an exquisitely beautiful world!


Let’s have a look at
the history of FARMING!

In the vast universe, the earth incessantly moves forward.
We are constantly moving forward with a new world.


    • Humans migrate where they can harvest food.竪穴式住居
    • Humans flowed with the nature and lived off of anything they could gather.

 Human and Nature are one



 Approx. 10000 years ago高床式倉庫

    • Humans could produce food systematically through the development of farming.

 ➡ They began to settle down and form societies

    • Marked by a change in the passive to active lifestyle.

Beginning of possession
縄文&弥生時代-001Humans put more priority on knowledge and technologies than intuition.



 Approx. 250 years ago

    • Industrialization had dramatically proceeded with technical revolution and the drastic change of human life style.
    • Human population began to increase at an accelerating pace.
    • Humans pursued to further materialize wealth and develop science.

    Opening of a mass production & mass consumer society.






    To recover from the devastation of the war, increases in food production were required.

    • The U.S., which privileges the capitalism, developed a strategy to control agriculture = the basis of human life, all over the world.
    • Unlike permicultural methods, which adapt food requirements to the local environment, the HYV methods (a high-yield cultivar) which need massive chemical fertilizers prevailed.農薬散布
      The mass production of homogenized crops have become the conventional agricultural method which uses chemical fertilizers and agrichemicals.
      ➡ The establishment of a high profit global corporate system.

    Beneath the surface of agricultural exploitation, vast issues have arisen related to: environmental pollution, ecological degradation, and the depletion of ground water through abstraction techniques.


    Here below is an Introduction to Modern Agriculture –

    Potential & Phenomenal Worlds

    Conventional Agriculture

    No.1 Cause of Environmental Pollution
    Chemical Fertilizers, Agrichemicals, GMOs, and Seed Manipulation

    • Main Stream in the Modern Society.
    • Due to the need for human convenience, the essential life force of nature has deteriorated.
    • Without a relationship between humans and nature, the collective system becomes destroyed.
    • Humans do not have an objective perspective to see the “whole picture” because they can only see what is visible to the physical senses.
    • ➡ Human cannot see that the cause of the problem is themselves.
      Human only see the surface of the phenomena, and tolerate it, without improving their attitude. Consequently, this creates more problems.



    Distorted crops will be distributed to a society that have no place in nature, and invade the physical and spiritual body of humans.
    A Chain Effect of Distortion

    People forget the will of universe since they are trapped with the desire to fulfill their own benefit and convenience.


    Organic Agriculture

    Organic farmer

        • There are a lot of strict rules.
        • High expenses are required to obtain an organic farming certificate.
        • Still emphasizes crop production and consumer dependency.
        • In fact, organic farmers do not increase their productivity and consumers.

    They are restricted by their desire for money and the rules wrapped with consumerism, so their purpose in life is to live for selling crops, and live without a priority on nature.

    Put more priority to oneself than a will of universe.


    Natural Farming

        • It emerged based on the spirituality that flows with the system nature.

        • Later, it became more scientifically acceptable and the spirituality was forgotten.
        • The purpose of scientific researchers is to attract social acceptance.
        • Spirituality of everyday life is not questioned.

    The Gap between the Theory and Practice of Spirituality.

    Natural Farmer



    Universal Circulation Method

    Shift from a self-centered way of life
    living with the universal will

    “Universal” means the original and pure vibrancy which is not distorted by humans, and the way the whole of the universe is.

    We are a life that has been given a particular role in the universal system of lives, which are interdependent with each other. When you realized this fact, humans can release their own ego, and perceive the world of vibrancy as the deepest part of life. Humans can harmonize with the most beautiful vibration of existence, and live with all other creatures, together, in the rich circulation of life.

    “Universal” means the original and pure vibrancy which is not distorted by humans, and the way the whole of the universe is.

    We are a life that has been given a particular role in the universal system of lives, which are interdependent with each other. When you realized this fact, humans can release their own ego, and perceive the world of vibrancy as the deepest part of life. Humans can harmonize with the most beautiful vibration of existence, and live with all other creatures, together, in the rich circulation of life.


    When you live with the universe, without planning, naturally lacking elements will be compensated.
    = The world which is everything circulates abundantly and does not need to have uneasiness and compete. 

    In harmony, crops grow spontaneously with an abundance of life force.

    Farmers learn the system of this world with crops, gain an ability to see through the nature of things, and nurture the source which make life more beautiful and healthy. That vibrancy spreads to the society as food and the whole society becomes more beautiful.

    The state of all life becomes active and

    Fully actualizes the unique talents of each being to form one complete life is

    the earth itself.



    At Konohana Family,
    We use materials that follow the natural system,And grow crops with the Universal Circulation Method.

     Microbial Materials

    Microorganisms are the first life form that emerge from the world of vibrancy and they exist in various places such as in soil, water, air, food and our body. Since the very beginning of the establishment of the community, we utilized microbial materials such as “Konohana Kin” which we uniquely cultured by adding highly anti-oxidized leaves of red pine, loquat, bamboo and seasonal plants, and also a brown rice amino-acid, a photosynthesized microorganism to enhance the biodiversity of our rich rice and vegetable fields.
    Microorganisms are very sensitive, so they are greatly influenced by the state of the human mind, which plays a role in microbial development. When humans release their attachments and receive whatever nature provides, the microorganisms can enrich the crops and natural environment with their beautiful vibrancy, full of undistorted life force.
    Also, microorganisms have a function to purify the soil and river. They are a wonderful component in natural circulation!

    Clino Zeolite

    Clino Zeolite is made of incinerated zeolite which is a mineral made of coagulated volcanic rock, which generates a negative electrical charge.
    In earth’s long history, plants have always evolved by taking nutrients, which are broken down (eroded) organic matters in the soil (such as the carcass of animals or plants from the previous generations).

    Clino Zeolite enhances nutrient absorption in the soil, that otherwise could not occur due to the excessive applications of chemical fertilizers, to an eroded state with its magnetic power. As well, it adjusts the soil’s environment to its original capacity that has been developed over evolution, and allows for restored soil composition.


    Neem is an evergreen tree native to India and is referred to as the “Miracle Neem”. It contains various natural effective substances such as Azadirachtin, and prevents the growth of true fungi that cause diseases; in addition to suppressing the appetite and reproduction of insects. However, curiously, it is a miracle plant that does not affect beneficial insects or animals.

    Zeolite adjusts the soil balance and supports the body of crops, and Neem protects crops from disease epidemics and insects due to environmental changes caused by global warming.

    In fact, it turns out that NPO Green Grass imports this neem product from Thailand with the connection of Phra Sangkom, who is one of the participants of the Earth Summit (hosted by the NPO Green Grass in November, 2015). A necessary thing will naturally come — that is the life of the Universal Circulation Method!

    ■ For more details, please contact NPO Green Grass.

    Let’s Make Hydrogen Water
    with Rice Rinsing Water!

    one small step

    Radical Oxygen causes many diseases and aging to the body, and also shortens the longevity of materials. Then, hydrogen water can get a lot more attention to improve these state; however, hydrogen servers or makers are expensive.

    Good News!
    You can make it very easily with something that you throw away on a daily basis.

    A Very Easy Way to Make It!

    You can use either brown rice or polished rice. Rinse them well three times. Pour the rinsed water after the third time into a sealable container or a bottle in order to prevent exposure to air. Leave it for fermentation at room temperature for 24 hours. If you live in a tropical area, leave it for 12 hours. If you live in a cold area, leave it bit longer. By tasting, you will find the best timing. That’s it! You can make natural reduction water.

    The best one has a beautiful fermented taste from the fermented rice water, and does not have a sour flavor or that of mere simple water.

    *Please use it up within 48 hours since the effects will be lost after 24 hours.

    How Amazing! – How to Use the Hydrogen water.

    • Prevent oxidization of your body which causes some disease by drinking it every day.
    • Use as a skin lotion and a bathing agent. It gives moisture to your skin.
    • Mix with warm water and massage your scalp as a substitute for shampoo. It can help prevent hair loss and the greying of hair.
    • Use as a mouth wash and tooth paste. It prevents the oxidization of your mouth and prevention of cavities, and smoothen the surface of teeth.
    • Use for house cleaning, and washing clothes and/or dishes. Without detergent, it refreshes things very well.

    It is very easy to make, so please try it first! Synthetic detergents pollute the world’s water. If you replace it to this H-water, it will make the rivers and oceans cleaner, and you do not need to buy detergents and soaps because it is biodegradable.

    How wonderful that we can totally utilize what we have thrown away every day!
    The earth is designed to circulate and harmonize everything.

    Let’s be in the flow of this universal circulation together!


    Information of Japanese Version

    PDF version of the Konohana Family Newsletter can be free downloadable from the following site.

    Konohana Family Newsletter is based on the Creative Common so that you waive all copyright and related rights to a work to the extent possible under the law
    as long as you mention the source of the information.

    We wish this beautiful vibrancy reach to many people in the world!


Water connects people in the world to be ONE

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Konohana Family, I would like to announce that we had such a beautiful festival and rituals beginning on January 28th this year with a lot of laughter, tears and joy, and closed the whole process on February 4th.

Thank you for bringing water from your region for the “Fuji Sengen Konohana Matsuri (Festival) 2016”! We have received sacred water from 33 countries (59 places) internationally, and 22 places in Japan. In total, sacred water from 34 countries, 81 places were fused together into one pot and heated.

The main day of the festival on January 30th began with this ritual to heat the water. When water is turned into steam and steam goes up, the divine can come down into the festival with steam as its vehicle. When the festival proceeds, people purify their spirits and dance together all day. As a result, they can remember the life purpose of becoming one with the divine, which they have forgotten for a long time. At the end of the festival, the heated water was spread around the whole Earth so that this sacred water reminds all the people in the world of the importance of purifying their spirit.

On February 3rd, the ritual of fire and water was offered. All the materials used in the festival were burned to return to the divine. Also, the portion of sacred water used in the festival was poured into a sacred river in this area in order to return it to the ocean, the source of the Earth.

Originally in Japan, politics and festival have the same origin and both were pronounced as, “Matsuri Goto.” “Matsuri” means improving our spirit in order to serve for the world and people, and also live together with the divine. Therefore, we consider this festival as a ritual to breathe life into this world so that true peace prevails on Earth. That is why, it is important to live with the spirit of “Matsuri” in our daily life and Konohana Family members practice it every day.

We deeply appreciate everyone who participated in this sacred ritual in various ways.
We hope you will have a chance to come over and join the festival next year to experience the unity with the divine and spread harmonious vibrancy to the whole Earth together!

with warmest regards,
Michiyo Furuhashi
on behalf of Konohana Family


Digest Photos of Fuji Sengen Konohana Matsuri

Ritual to pray for the water at the opening of the Festival.


Various Demons show up in this festival. Demons are considered as Gods, and urge us to look at our ego in our heart. When each one of us becomes aware of the ego in our heart and transform it to use for the bigger purpose with a wide worldview, we can make this world a harmonious place. They are a powerful reminder.

sakaki oni

Various dances were offered by different age groups, and also all the participants danced together around the heated pot to release our own ego to become an instrument of the divine.

children dance 2

At the end of the festival, young guys dance energetically, and spread the hot water with special brushes on the attendees. People who get splashed can live healthily all through the year.


After the festival, we burned all the materials in a bon-fire and returned them to the divine, and also, we returned the portion of fused water from the pot to the sacred river with a ritual.



12642908_1018141628242106_6661814758089239062_nIt would be fantastic if you kindly send us sacred water from your region for the next festival on January 27th, 2017.
Postal address is Konohana Family, 238-1 Nekozawa, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, JAPAN 419-0302



Please Join The True School from February 14 – March 12, 2016

True School Participants 2015

We are at the greatest Turning Point!

There are people who question the current society and search for a new way of life.

Reflecting back to the history, the era always changed and transformed, and people sought a new way of life to go beyond the conventional social frame from the role of worker to that of change agent. Currently, the whole earth is facing such a difficult moment, therefore, increasing this kind of people must be the proof that the time has come for human beings to change our life style.

Let’s take a look at the universe.

The earth takes one year to go around the sun, and the sun also does not stay at the same position. Our solar system goes around the central sun which is the center of the galaxy by taking 22,600,000 years for one cycle. Our solar system does not move only in a cyclical movement, but also a spiral movement every 25,800 years as one cycle, and goes around the central sun by repeating the movement 9000 times as one cycle. The nine planets including the earth go around the sun with spiral movement, and the whole solar system keeps moving in the universal space with 240 km/ second. (Please check this video.)

As the earth has the winter solstice once a year, the solar system has a winter solstice every 25800 years. The winter solstice is the peak of darkness which has least light. On December 21, 2012, the solar system had the winter solstice, and changed from the cycle, which moves toward the darkness to the cycle that increases the light. Increasing light means that the truth which has been hidden in the darkness becomes clear.

Turning point

Is this story of universe mind-boggling for you?

However, in fact, we are living in the universe.

Pluto takes 248 years to go around the sun, which indicates to us the end of the materialistic era after the 250 years of industrial revolution in Europe. Also, the civilization cycle of East and West switch places of rise and fall every 800 years describes that we are at the turning point from the western materialistic civilization to the eastern spiritual civilization.

West&East Civilization Cycle

Moreover, the Chinese Universe Calendar tells us that the “The Era of People” begins now, after 3000 years of “The Era of Kings” and the next 3000 years of “The Era of Saint.” It is not the era that only one excellent leader will guide the whole. The era begins where every person will awaken.

We are surely at the greatest turning point of the era.

About “The One Month True School”

 “The One Month True School” is a place where you can read this flow of extraordinary era, and disclose your emotions that are generated in there, and you will awaken to who you really are.

Many people feel difficulties as they live and lose hope in modern society. The long lived materialism has brought a lot of problems to the society, and people are still dreaming happiness on the extension of the same value system. However, the hope for the new era is beyond conventional values.

In the One Month True School, we pull up each individual’s consciousness by offering information that you did not think of on your own. Rather we discuss and search together to widely open your worldview. By doing so, you will understand which state our current society is in and the meaning of our current social difficulties. Thus, we gain the ability to think of what kind of ways would be good for you and also the earth.

Mind-control is done by grasping and controlling the characteristics of your mind objectively. We, human beings can establish a healthy world for us and also other life forms and rejuvenate the whole earth to the harmonious world by using that control or new learning.

In any era, each individual surely achieves one’s own role, and bears the era. When you awaken to consciously shift the era by reading the flow and playing your own role as you are rather than just being bombarded by the wave of the era, human beings will live with hope as a cell of the earth which keeps metabolizing and welcomes death with hope.

The earth is one life.

Welcome to a learning opportunity that can awaken you to your role as a person who plays a key role in your life to live dynamically with a rich spirit!

Program Details in 2016


February 14th, 2016 (Sun) to March 12th, 2016 (Sat)  28 days


Konohana Family 
  Address: 238-1 Nekozawa, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan  419-0302


【Targeted Participants】

 Generally all the people who live on this planet.

And also the people who
– would like to change oneself
– would like to change the world
– do not know what to do even though feeling something is wrong in this world
– would like to know your real self and would like to fully enjoy your life

Also the alumni of 2015 would like to recommend this program for the following people who:
  – have intangible uneasiness
  – keep blaming yourself and also others
  – would like to trust others, but cannot
  – would like to know there is an unknown world

True School 2015-1


The program will cover the wide ranges such as Farming, Food, Medical Care, Economy, Education, Society, and Art. However, what you will learn all through the program is deep spirituality that flows behind of the physical phenomena. You will face new viewpoints which you have not imagined before and widely open your worldview, you will understand the status of current society and also your being and role in that context.   

Workshop 2015

Here are some examples of the program.

Learning of Humanity, Universal Circulation Method-Farming, Facilitation, Wide open your worldview, Economy of Bodhisattvas, Natural Therapy Program, Food is Medicine, Culturing Effective Microorganisms, Making Miso, Creativity and Art, Katakamuna, Sex and Universe, Preparation and for Natural Disaster, Sustainable spirituality

True school -2

Besides of the program, you can feel the real community life which helps each other and follows the flow of universe such as birthday party, seasonal rituals, and a monthly local vegetarian restaurant.

The above programs are just some examples and the program is not fixed. The most suitable program will be offered by discussion with the participants; therefore, the program is unpredictable and only a program in the world.

【Flow of the Day】

7:30  Breakfast
8:30  Morning Session (Tea Break around 10 am)
12:00 Vegetarian Lunch and Break
15:00 Afternoon Session (Tea Break around 4 pm)
17:30 Bath Time
18:30  Vegetarian Dinner
20:30 Community Meeting (Not mandate)

 – Time may change by situation
 – Every Saturday will be “Free day”
 – You can experience community life with teams of field, kitchen, and child rearing during the program.

Vegetarian Meal

【Life Supporter System】

Program operation team will allocate supporter for the each in order to support your daily life at the Konohana Family; however, once you get used to your stay, you can appoint the most suitable supporter among the members of Konohana Family with your intuition. The diverse members who are in their 20’s to 70’s will fully support your learning.


【Capacity 】

15 people
– Once it reached to the maximum capacity, registration will close. So, please apply sooner than later!

【Participation Fee】

It is a sliding scale system by self-assessment.

High income (more than 34000 USD /yr)         220,000JPY

Medium income (more than 17000 USD /yr)  200,000JPY

Low income (less than 17000 USD /yr)            180,000JPY 

Convert to your own currency using The Universal Currency Converter.

  • This includes participation fee, accommodation, food, washing clothes, and insurance.
  • If you would like to pay by installment, please consult with us.
  • Even the installment, you need to complete the payment before the program starts.

Mt. Fuji and Participants


NPO Green Grass is a NPO (non-profit-organization) which offers various kind of social works with the Konohana Family.

【Cosponsored with】

  Konohana Family


If you are interested in joining the program, please fill out and send this application form. We will send you information about payment.


 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Michiyo or Yoko
Tel: +81-544-67-0485


You are Meant to Be Born for This World

~ Prescription of Cancer in the 21st Century:
From Trapped to Inspired ~

I am an observer of this world. I always observe beings in this world, in people, and in nature. I can find there are various laws in that observation. However, most people put priority on their desires or interests, they cannot notice the laws. Therefore, the world that human beings created ignores the laws, as a result, contradictions have generated on the earth. Now, the contradictions have reached the peak of human society. In a way, that describes the high capability of human beings. However, that high capability is not always expressed in a good direction because that high capability can be used to bring about extremely negative matters, such as wars.

In this state, we, human beings live a very unhealthy life every day. One of those unhealthy phenomena is the invasion of chronic diseases. Currently, cancer is the top resultant of death in Japan. So, I thought about the feelings of those cancer cells. They have such a high capability and excellence in a way. They know the suitable ranges for their habitat and once the environment is set, they expand their power exponentially. They spread their power by parasitically surviving off of other living creatures.  From this statement, can you imagine the current state of human beings who are living on this container called the Earth?

Cancer cells make a suitable area and go into that frame. When someone gets trapped in their thoughts, it is described as 囚in the Chinese character. This shows person (人) is trapped in a frame (□). When the bottom part of this frame is removed, an entrance is created and information is coming from outside, and when the top part is removed (門), a law of the universe will come in. When it happens, Trapped (囚) becomes Inspired (閃). When one is trapped, thoughts go around in one’s brain, and the person lives only with thoughts based on own values.スライド1In contrast, the trapped state is called “horizontal” thoughts.  When the horizontal thought follow the vertical thought, it functions soundly, and when this vertical energy (|) and the horizontal energy (-) meet, they become oneness (十) and it is the same structure as the earth. Our body, the solar system, the galaxies, and the universe are also the same structure. The cross of Christianity is also the same. In Katakamuna (ancient Cosmo-physics which emerged about 13,000 years ago), is read as the path from (-) Hi (means 1 one) to (十) To (means 10 ten), and together it is read as (十) Hito (means human) which describes well-established enlightened human beings.

スライド3Cancer cells create their own world when they find a suitable area for them to live. However, even the environment is pre-established for the cancer cell in order to increase its population in someone’s stomach, generally, the cancer cell does not spread around, because there is an immunizing power to suppress the cancer cell in the human body. There, the cancer cell follows the laws of their inhabitant area, when the gate opens they take a role 閃 (inspired), and they function as normal cells.

However, when we try to understand the Chinese character for cancer (癌), it describes when one carries goods (品) up a mountain (山), one will be sick (病), and this letter indicates greedy human characteristics. Cancer cells have a high capability and expand their area more and more. For example, if they go into the stomach, rather than focusing on their own role in the stomach, they change the cells which have various roles in the stomach into cancer cells. They end up creating a cancer dominated world, and the function of the areas where the cancer has increased begin to break down. Ultimately, the important functions stop working in the body, and the whole life function will be terminated. As a result, those cancer cells die together. The cancer cells are naturally co-existing with other cells when the host body is healthy; however, if they ignore and spend their capability only in order to expand their world, they end up killing themselves.



However, the problem is not only the cancer cells. Naturally, our body can be balanced between the cancer cells and normal cells. Therefore, increasing cancer cells means there is surely a cause to make the ecosystem disturbed in our body, and that helps to increase the cancer cells. For example, eating food that enhances the cancer cell, or creating such an environment, or keeping a state of mind that resonates with cancer cells. The cancer cell resonates with a greedy state which holds heaps of goods. That is the state of closing one’s gate and not harmonizing and connecting with others.

Originally, cancer cells did not exist as cancer cells. When conditions are set, normal cells turn into cancer cells. Looking at cancer cells like this, can you see them as the current human beings on earth? Human beings are also originally generated from nature, and they acquired ego within the circulation of lives, put priority ego based conditions, and as a result turned into the cancer cell of the Earth. That is how the current human beings exist as cancer cells on the earth. In that sense, the leaders of the modern society who keep putting a burden on the earth are more or less the leaders of the cancer cells. When we see how human beings were originally in a mutually beneficial position with the earth’s ecosystem, must the leaders of future human beings totally flip around their conventional values?

If the human beings do not change the current attitude, the universe and the earth’s ecosystem will give us realization for our problems through various phenomena that reflect such attitudes. This is the message to “Connect with others and harmonize”. Moreover, this message tells us, “You are meant to be born for this world and this world gives birth to you.”

In the early days, people did not get cancer so much; however, more and more people get cancer currently. According to the recent statistics, one in three Japanese people die with cancer, and one in two people get some sort of cancer in one’s life. From there we can see that the attitude of the current society reflects those who put priority on themselves and do not care of others, are attached to money and goods because people do not feel connected with each other, and therefore they feel an uneasiness to their lives. The current people think happiness is about having a lot of money and goods, and misunderstand thinking that achieving is one’s success. However, that is the opposite attitude from the superior being’s which human beings naturally should be. The cancer cells tell us, “Your attitude for living is exactly like being cancer cells.” Once your heart opens and becomes harmonious, the cancer cells end their role and naturally vanish.

Since entering into the 21st century, human beings face many more difficulties in many ways. However, that is not a problem in this world. Your very small attachment to your daily life becomes big, links and forms this whole world’s reality. At the same time, our individual problems and worries that are shown in this society are also contributing toward this reality. Therefore, when we release ourselves from our small trapped situations in order to solve those problems, then that becomes the key for our resolution. Each of us has the key in our hand.

No one would like to be like a cancer cell. Naturally, we were born for this world, so our real purpose as Hito十 (human beings) is to contribute to this world, end one’s life with pride, and that is the ideal human life. Please take a look at yourself and think about how human beings are supposed to live.

First of all,
change your Trapped
to Inspired.

Cancer cell to healthy cell


The Earth Summit at Konohana Family

~ We have entered the door to the new era ~

2015年大人サミット英語 (3)

The winter solstice of the galaxy in 25,800 years occurred on December 21st, 2012 which created the shift from the times of darkness and conflict to the times of light and harmony. Going through the Era of the King called “the Blue Light Period” that started 6,450 years ago, and the Era of Saints called “the Red Light Period” that continued for 3000 years, the Era of People has finally arrived when each person is going to become aware of the truth.

Moreover, this year, 2015 is the grand sum of three years of 2013, 2014, and 2015 which are the beginning of the era of light, and also the year of departure for the next era!

The door for the new era has already opened. Now that a few months are left to complete the year of 2015, “Wotona”, people with a will to create a new era will gather at Konohana Family, located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, organize “The Earth Summit”, and discuss how humans should live to connect to the next generation and how the society should be.

What is “Wotona”?
First of all, “Otona” means “adult” in Japanese. The sounds of “O” and “Wo” are similar, but the meanings are totally different in Japanese. Expressing “Otona” as “Wotona” came from the wisdom of the KATAKAMUNA civilization that existed in Japan about 12,000 years ago and highly developed the cosmophysics. From the viewpoint of KATAKAMUNA, “O” means expansion and contraction into six directions; front, back, right, left, up and down in the phenomenal world that is the three dimensional physical world. Therefore, in a sense, “Otona” indicates a person who has promoted physical development in the past. To the contrary, “Wo” means settlement at the entrance of the potential world that is in the back of the phenomenal world, after receiving the universal will. Therefore, “Wotona” indicates a person who integrates various matters that were separated and governs harmoniously. Now that the development of the phenomenal world has reached its peak in both macro and micro ways, the universal will in the potential world is about to contract, integrate, and harmonize the phenomenal world, and return it to the universe.

In short, “Otona” is just an adult and “Wotona” is an awakened person with a great spirit regardless of age. “Wotona” could be a model of an adult in the era to come, as a person who lets go of unnecessary things, seeks what is truly important, has an awareness and responsibility for creating this world, and lives for the whole Earth and others, transcending the individual ego.


The Wotona Summit Declaration

At this Summit, we are going to draft the “The Wotona Summit Declaration” that will become the model of the humans for a new era. This will be the Declaration of Independence for each individual with the will to be “Wotona”, and even “The Declaration of Creation of the New Earth”.

On August 14th, 2015, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the Statement of the 70th Anniversary of the end of the war. Around the same time, “The Earth Statement ~ In order to bring true peace to the earth~ August 15th, 2015” was issued as the message from the times to all humans.

Here is the excerpt of “the Earth Statement”.

In order to bring true peace to the earth, what are the things we can do now? It is to have a broad worldview and transcend the individual ego. When people are trapped in the narrow perspective of the ego, they start to sense a distance in others by differences. That is the beginning of conflicts and wars. However, the world where we exist is infinitely vast and consists of the network of various lives. That network of harmony is based on the fractal structure that the whole exists for the individual and the individual exists for the whole.

The truth of this world is that everything is ONE. Therefore, there is no boundary between everything else and ourselves. If people’s worldview expands in this matter, peace will naturally prevail on earth without us trying to create a peaceful world.

The 21st century is the beginning of the times when we humans have consciousness as an earth being and as a universal being, and contribute to this world. Now, we are facing the turning point at which we will either trigger the next extinction for earth-living beings, or will create a new era. When humans express the spirituality the next era indicates, peace will prevail on earth.


There is no time to lose in the current situation on Earth. Now that we have passed the peak of darkness and entered the era of light, we have faced the greatest turning points ever from the universal viewpoint. The time has arrived when we humans will explore the possibility of the Earth and humans in the future.

Will we humans either trigger the next extinction for earth-living beings, or create a new era? It is up to us–how each person will live and how broad his/her worldview will become.

Wotona” is the one to create the new Earth. “The Earth Summit” is not a mere conference, but a place of creating the Earth for a new era. And it will be brought by each person’s spiritual revolution. How should the Earth, the whole of humanity and the individual be in the next era? People with the will to be “wotona” will gather, discuss, and create the Earth of the higher dimension from where they are.

Let’s manifest the lifestyle that will become the role model of the next era together!

The Messages from Organizers:
あわ“The Wotona Summit Declaration”. This is our declaration of Independence for each individual, and even “The Declaration of Creating the new Earth”. The door of the new era has already opened, and I feel the living model for the next era is highly urgent for the world. We will embody the new living beyond the conflicting structures that have been created in the modern society.
When each one of us becomes aware of his/her role and actively lives his/her life, it will be very pleasant for people around you, and that network will spread around the world explosively. As a result, a totally different Earth will be created, and that means the grand scale of story will start from where we are. We will create the world which any human beings have not seen before from here. Why don’t you join this great first step to make this incredible dream come true from “The Earth Summit” together? I am very much looking forward to your participation as a person who has the same will.

2015 — We are at the greatest turning point from the point of view of the vast universe. We will have times to confirm that fact. By doing so, we can see our roles from now on. And let’s connect together with the people who have the same spirit and consciousness by breaking the conventional frames!

I am 34 years old and a student of acupuncture in Nagoya. I have been involved in the Earth Summit three times as an organizer, and all the past summits were totally different from what I expected and became a very lively place. I do not worry about anything since this time will become like that. In Konohana Family, it is often said “set a direction but do not set a plan”. The era will be created by the law of the universe (god).
If you can catch the flow, whatever the rough wave would come, we can move forward smoothly as a surfer. However, the future is only known by god. So, setting up the plan will create a small frame and it would be difficult to ride on the wave. Also, if you proceed with the plan in a selfish way, you will miss the flow and a clear answer will come back as “Hardship”. I am not mature enough, so I am still given “hardship”; however, this is a boost from god. Currently, people in the world are given the boost to be “Wotona.” Otherwise, the Earth will not last long, or we human beings will be shaken out. It is such a great turning period. Don’t you think? But because of being in this period, we can enjoy this dynamics. We can change as the Earth changes. Let’s make a good place together! (^ ^)

The era has been changing without any procrastination, and children who are the products of time and place are coming to the Earth incessantly. The cycle of the various calendars and the milestone of 70th anniversary of the end of the war come into line now. Therefore, I feel so sure the era will come when each person becomes enlightened. The genuine adults who think of the whole Earth will gather, regardless of age and gender. So, let’s talk about the true peace and creation of the world together!

Detailed Information

Date & Time:
Please come before 11:30 am on November 21st, 2015. It will end after lunch on November 23rd, 2015.

If you arrive at Nishifujinomiya Station at 11:05 am by JR Minobu Line or at Taisekiji at 10:51 am, we will pick you up at the station/ bus terminal.
For details, please check this URL.

Konohana Family
Konohana Family produces most of their food – 260 types of vegetables, grains, 10 types of rice, free-range eggs, pure honey, and miso (fermented soy paste), soy-sauce, and other processed food, produced with traditional methods.
About 80 non blood-related members live as a one big family in harmony. They receive considerable attention as a highly established community nationally and internationally such as not using any chemicals in farming, highly achieved self-sufficiency for food production, various ways of social contribution, and daily life that weighs the spirituality regardless of religions and ideologies.

Contents: (may change by flow of the day)
・Presentations that unfold the flow of generation and the modern social issues
・Analyzing the history from the the industrial revolution to the present and reviewing
・Making and examining a draft of “the Wotona Summit Declaration”

Capacity: 30 people
This program is suitable for everyone, but particularly for the people who have the following thoughts:
・Create the society which brings the true peace/ Create and live the new life style in the next era
・Change the world/ In order to change the world, change myself
・Felt something must be wrong in the current society and acted, but nothing seems to change
・Live independently without becoming bombarded by the conventional framework and systems
・Trying to live an alternative way, but nothing makes any sense to me
・Believe that I am a truly universal person!

Participation Fee: 16,200 JPY
This includes accommodation and food for three days from lunch on November 21st to lunch of November 23rd, Insurance, and consumption tax.

Schedule (It may change accordingly)

Day 1
12:00-14:00: Vegetarian Lunch with home grown organic vegetables
14:00-17:00: Introduction, Presentation of the current society
17:00-18:30: Bathing & Free time
18:30-20:45: Vegetarian Dinner & Free time
20:45~: Community Meeting (Optional)

Day 2
8:30-12:00:Analyzing the history from the Industrial Revolution to the present
12:00-14:00:Vegetarian Lunch with home grown organic vegetables
14:00-17:00:Examining and Creating the “The Wotona Summit Declaration”
17:00-18:30:Bathing and Free time
18:30-20:30:Vegetarian Dinner & Free time
20:45~: Community Meeting (Optional)

Day 3
8:30-12:00: Creating the “The Wotona Summit Declaration”
12:00-14:00:Vegetarian Lunch and Break up after Lunch

(After the event from 14:00 to 16:00, a discussion session is planned for the participants who would like to talk more.)

Additional Information about the accommodation

・You may share the room with other people of the same gender.
・Please understand that drinking and smoking are prohibited in the facilities.If you need to smoke, please smoke at the allocated place outside of the facilities.

・It will be the shared big bath with other people of the same gender.
・Soap, citric acid hair conditioner, towels are prepared at the bathroom.
・Please bring your own tooth brush, shaving tool, and other disposable toiletries if necessary.

・Meals are vegetarian by using the freshly harvested seasonal homegrown vegetables which do not use any chemicals. Most ingredients are prepared by Konohana Family except some seasonings. The meals are served as a buffet style.

Application for the Event

Here is the application form

Michiyon or Awa-chan
Non-profit-organization Green Grass
Phone number: +81-544-67-0485 Fax: 0544-66-0810
Postal Address: 238-1 Nekozawa, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka
Japan 419-0302