“Living the Spirit of Buddha as the Pillar” On the World Soil Day of December 5th, 2015 At Maab-Euang Meditation Center for Sufficient Economy in Thailand

With the invitation of Phra Sangkom, a Thai monk, Isadon, Michiyo, and Yoko participated in a Buddhist ceremony to consecrate a newly-constructed image at Maab-Euang Meditation Center for Sufficient Economy in Thailand.


At the beginning of the ceremony on December 4th, Isadon dedicated the “Kunitsukuri Prayer”, and also gave the following speech on the next day, which coincided with the birthday of the Thai King and  World Soil Day.

Hello, everyone! I feel very happy now. That is because I have come to this place today. I live always wishing happiness. That is not my own happiness. I hope all living beings on Earth shine and live happily.

I came from Konohana Family located at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan. It has been 21 years since our community was established. I do not know any other place like this where everyone’s mind is connected so closely and harmoniously. When I think of the reasons, first, we have lived, always thinking of being in harmony with nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji is the spiritual pillar for Japanese people. Secondly, we have the spirit that Buddha has taught. Therefore, Konohana Family members live very happily supported by these two pillars. As I told you in the beginning, I feel very happy now. Do you know why? You have a big mountain of Rama IX who has his birthday today. Your majesty, happy birthday. Also, you have the spirit of Buddha as the pillar of your living. Therefore, I feel as happy as I do back at Konohana Family in Japan.

Here is a globe. Thailand is here. Japan is here. The distance between Thailand and Japan is just a little bit far. It takes about 8 hours to fly from Japan to Thailand and about 6 hours to go back to Japan. Do you know why? That is because the Earth rotates. Dawn broke this morning. And now, it became dark and night has come. That is because the Earth rotates at 462 m per second. Moreover, the Earth revolves around the Sun. When the Earth rotates 365 times, it revolves around the Sun once. Do you know how fast the Earth orbits the sun? It is 30 km per second. It takes one year for the Earth to revolve around the Sun at that speed. Furthermore, the Earth never stops. We live on the Earth like that.


There is one Earth in the vast universe. The Earth moves under one Sun. The ceremony of the World Soil Day was held today. The continents seem to be divided by oceans, but there is actually one soil and one ocean. The water is distributed equally all over the world as rain since the Earth rotates. It becomes vapor, water, and ice by the light of the sun. Moreover, it is the power of the sun that creates the wind. In addition, we live under one air. In fact, our life is nurtured by one Sun, one soil, and one water. Our life receives a good training from one wind and a place to live on Earth as one air. These are five elements that support our life in nature.

When I was 30 years old, I encountered the soul of Buddha. Buddha said to me, “Be with nature. Always think of nature and other people.” When I live at the foot of Mt. Fuji, I am very happy. And today, I am very happy to have met all of you here. However, when I live every day, I feel sad. There are many countries and many people on this planet. Now that we have entered the 21st century, there are still wars, a gap between the rich and the poor, and many people suffering from hunger on Earth. Therefore, I feel sad although I live a happy life every day. My life purpose is that all living beings on Earth shine vividly and exist happily. So, my wish is to create a peaceful world without any wars or conflicts.

There are many people who hold up this ideal in the society, but most of them only talk about their theories. That is because there is no spiritual pillar. In the society without a spiritual pillar, people’s desires go out of control. Therefore, it is important to learn and live the spirit of Buddha.

Now, many people think they live with their own will. However, one day passes because the Earth rotates once. One year passes because the Earth rotates 365 times and revolves around the Sun once. Moreover, our life is supported under the circulation of infinite lives and a network of harmony.

We have entered the 21st century and faced the time to reset. The Sun orbits the Milky Way galaxy every 226,000,000 years and spirals about 9000 times in the interval. One spiral takes 25,800 years. We had the winter solstice of the galaxy in 25,800 years on December 21st, 2012 and shifted from the era of darkness and conflicts to the era of light and harmony. However, people still prioritize gratifying their own desires. And now, the Earth is facing a crisis in various aspects. Whose fault is that? Humans have both very high abilities and a huge influence. Therefore, unless each one of us thinks of other people, nature, and the Earth, the Earth cannot give us a healthy living any more. How can the current humans whose desires have reached its peak transcend such a mind and realize a harmonious way of living?

Looking back in human history, the era of religions started about 3000 years ago. Considering from one solar spiral of 25800 years, the 3000-year history of religions, which is about one-eighth of that, is not so long. And it changes along with the era. Therefore, the time has arrived when the Buddha’s teaching that posterity has taken over should be reset.

Turning point

Now that we had the peak of darkness in the winter solstice of the galaxy on December 21st, 2012, one cycle of 25800 years has been reset. 25800 years is only one-9000th of 226,000,000 years that the Sun orbits the galaxy. 3000 years is only one-eighth of one solar spiral of 25800 years. The Sun has orbited the galaxy 20 times so far. Still, it is only 4.6 billion years. In addition, it is said that it has been 13.8 billion years from the birth of the galaxy. Looking from the flow of the universe, it is just a second!

The era expresses various aspects of history and it continues to change. This is the figure of the universe. And now, we have faced the era to express a new value, transcending the traditional one.

At the very beginning, I told you I came from Mt. Fuji in Japan. However, before that, I came from the Earth. In fact, I came from the universe! Then, where is the universe, everyone? The universe is right here, where you are right now. The spirit of Buddha which is your spiritual pillar is the universe itself. Therefore, Buddha is the universe. You are all universal beings. If you reach such a status of mind, you will become Buddha as well.

“Buddha’s enlightenment is not for Buddha. It is for all sentient beings.” Buddha has taught me such spirit. And he told me to live that spirit and express it in this world. That is why I established a utopia of Konohana Family at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Konohana Family is not a religious organization nor a temple. However, it is a place where people seek a spiritual path like a temple and gather like a religious organization. Most importantly, it is not a path that individuals seek their own enlightenment, but a path that people reach enlightenment together. The era has shifted from individual enlightenment to that of whole humanity. The village of Bodhisattvas who consider other people’s joy as their own—such a place is the way to be in the next era. If people are able to live in this manner, a truly precious and beautiful world will be expressed naturally. I hope to create such an ideal world with all of you together.

I visited Thailand this time and felt the same happiness here as I did through living of  Konohana Family. However, many people in the world are still not happy. I believe both Buddha and Rama IX hope all the people, including Thai and Japanese people, live happily and end their life proudly. Each one of us faces the end of our life for sure. Therefore, it should be valuable. Our life should not be on any sacrifice of nature nor other people.

“All people have the spirit of Buddha.” It is sleeping within each one of us. Everyone, let’s awake that spirit and make the Earth beautiful together.

Now, I am 64 years old. When I was 30 years old, I started to receive messages from Buddha. And still now, I am the one who lives that spirit. The spirit always evolves. As the universe evolves and continues to change, nature and this world continue to change. This is the structure of this world. Therefore, please do not become attached to your life.


I have a dream. I dream all living beings on Earth shine vividly and live happily. We all live in one home called the Earth. Will our important home become happy or unhappy? It is in the hands of each one of us. I hope to become happy with all my family living on Earth. Only with an individual and a national happiness, we cannot become truly happy.

Then, the spirit of Buddha teaches us what to do. As the Earth family and Buddha’s disciples, the time has arrived when we understand the reason why we were born as humans and express that. Everyone, let’s spread a truly happy and abundant world together!

The People Practicing the Lifestyle Described in the Earth Statement

~ The Dialogue between Muren and Isadon ~

This dialogue occurred between Muren, a 27-year-old man from Inner Mongolia and Isadon, one of the founders of Konohana Family at the foot of Mt. Fuji in
Japan on September, 10th, 2015. Muren, who majors in economics at Chuo University in Japan, wanted to learn about Japanese ancient civilization, so he participated in the Katakamuna workshop held at Konohana Family in August. Awa-chan, a 36-year-old Japanese man who has been staying at Konohana Family for one year and organizing “the Earth Summit” was there, too.

*Please refer to here for the Earth Statement.



Now that we have entered the 21st century, we have been facing some great turning points. On one of them, we have shifted from the era of developing the Western physics and science that has continued for 250 years from the Industrial Revolution to that of exploring something in the back of physics and science. The Katakamuna cosmophysics that you learned the other day is one of them and so is the will (law) in the back of nature and the universe. The order exists there and under the order, we humans have faced the current era and live our lives. In this meaning, the true purpose of life for humans is being aware of all living beings with the will of this world and contributing to the abundant network of various lives, instead of creating a world which is convenient only to humans. Therefore, it is important to listen to the voice of the Earth and nature surrounding us, and to reflect that will in this world. You said that all the people who have inherited the blood of Inner Mongolia are shaman originally. However, everyone should be such an existence originally.

That is right!

You offered the ceremony of prayer at Miyanoshita, the sacred site of Konohana Family this morning. People whose life purpose is physical development might consider such an action superstitious and meaningless. However, in fact, it is such an action and spirituality that leads to the will (law) of this world and operates this world. Now that we had the winter solstice of the galaxy on December 21st, 2012 and have entered the cycle when the Eastern spiritual civilization will blossom, the time has arrived when people are going to become aware of the truth of a new era. Mt. Fuji stands in the northeast from that site. The northeast is called Ushitora in Japanese and the direction where the god of the Earth exists. Therefore, the fact that Mt. Fuji stands in that direction has a significant meaning. That sacred site is the place where we offer the ceremonies to connect with the divine. The ceremony of the Mayan New Year which was held at the foot of Mt. Fuji on July 26th from the year 2014, is held at that site, too.

I would love to participate in the ceremony of the Mayan New Year next year! Originally, Mt. Fuji is a sacred mountain, so many people should not climb it.

You are right. Originally, the purpose of climbing Mt. Fuji is that people with such spirituality communicate with themselves and receive the divine will. In Japan, those who belong to the religion called Shugen-do hid themselves in the mountain and gained a very strict training. That was to reach enlightenment. Many people climb Mt. Fuji every year, but if it becomes an opportunity to realize an important thing, I think it would be all right. However, most people end up just sightseeing.

People in the current era have forgotten the original way of living and have gone too far based on their desires. However, the conventional value has faced the turning point and Mother Nature is about to awake people with natural disasters. That is why natural disasters have occurred frequently on Earth and more disasters will come in the future.

I agree with you. Natural disasters are not just natural phenomena, but we can consider them as the will of nature to transform the human way of living.

As a society model needed after humans become awakened, Konohana Family has already established its system. I heard from a Mongolian teacher that the lifestyle of Konohana Family in harmony with nature is not only good for the Earth and the solar system, but also an order from the universe.

Even if the universe brings down the order, if humans do not receive it smoothly, the messages accompanying pains (adversity such as natural disasters) will be given to us.

I can see that because humans do not listen to the voice of the Earth at all although they have been given so many messages. When I bring up such a topic, people tend to talk about economy. It is certain that having meals every day is necessary in our real life. However, this topic is more like a different dimension, so we cannot consider them equally.

Only when people transform the consciousness of living, can they understand it.

Exactly. The main cause is the Western physical civilization that started in UK after the Industrial Revolution. Before that, people lived in harmony with nature. However, after the Industrial Revolution, the Western material civilization spread to the world and the connection with nature has been cut gradually. I think the Western people have an idea that they can create what God has created. I believe they know the rule of nature, too. However, they have developed the material civilization contrary to that.

When people think they create what God has created, I think it is all right if they realize that they do it on behalf of God. However, they came to think they can do it without the will of God, so they started to bring various contradictions on Earth. That is a situation where the human activities are detached from the system of nature (the divine will). Therefore, people live only with human wisdom. The human ability is superior, but the height of physics and science is military force and nuclear bombs exist as a contradiction in this world.

What is destroyed by the military force is nature. I can hear its scream.

Even if nature is not destroyed by the military force, the soul of the Earth will be damaged only with the human thought to make wars with it. Such confrontational vibrancy is everywhere on Earth. In fact, although people do not make wars, if people consume and dispose things massively with their desires, it will destroy the balance of nature as well. The network of life circulation of the Earth is gentle, so it is important to live gently to others and the Earth.
You communicated with something great, spreading your hands toward Mt. Fuji at our sacred land this morning.


If physics and science develops with such spirituality, they should become gentler. However, with that spirituality, we will not need physics and science as much. And then, a greater thing will emerge.

Exacty! The science has led the world from the Industrial Revolution, but I believe such spirituality will lead the world from now on.

Compared to the spirituality that people spread hands toward the sky with joy and gratitude to live with the divine, the current people just look down without becoming aware of the divine, and create the network based on profit-and-loss arithmetic. It has brought the vibrancy of conflicts on Earth, so the Earth, the solar system and the universe itself says NO. As a matter of fact, isn’t the system strange where people can make money just by moving money in a virtual world such as the current economic system?

That is right.

Now that such a system has faced a transitional period, young people who are aware of the truth and study economics feel something is strange with the current economic system.

Absolutely! I study money economy, but it is not a true economy. The true economy is political more than just politics and philosophical more than just philosophy. However, the current economy is just an action that people move money and we cannot call it economy.

Moving money is all right in terms of circulation. However, the problem is the world where people move money and compete for it.

Exactly. Only some people with money can make more in the current situation.

Originally, money is like blood in our body and flow of life in the society. The healthy status of our body is that blood goes everywhere, makes a good circulation and does not stop at one point. However, in the current society, some smart people can make money and become rich. It would be a role model for most people, but it could be the same as symptoms of disease like arteriosclerosis if the same thing occurs in our body.

I agree with you. It is the same as the financial crisis that occurred in the US in 2008.

Therefore, in the current society, people have worshiped something like terrible symptoms of lifestyle diseases in our body. What a contradiction! However, there are still many people who do not understand this. Isn’t it so simple?

For sure. That is why, we need to learn the ancient wisdom such as Katakamuna. It includes physics, astronomy and philosophy.

We can analyze this world in both micro and macro ways with Katakamuna. It is called cosmophysics and at the same time, it shows the system which is much finer than our cells and particles. Moreover, it even shows the existence of the potential world that we humans did not recognize in the past, in the back of the phenomenal world.

In fact, what the modern science is trying to pursue is the exact world of Katakamuna. However, the Katakamuna people had such a world in their brain. On the other hand, the modern people have been creating such a world physically.

The modern people have it in their brain, too. However, that ability has remained off.

And they have been using such a great ability in the outside world, not in their brain, placing a disproportionate emphasis on physical exploration. Therefore, they end up producing tons of garbage for the Earth.

Now that the human activity reaping with the benefit of the modern physics and science has brought so many contradictions on Earth, we humans have faced a stage to transform our way of living. Therefore, people like you have been born and the lifestyle of Konohana Family has emerged.

In a sense, now is the transitional period from the Western civilization to the Eastern civilization. At this transitional period, Japan will play a highly important role. In the meaning that the Eastern spiritual civilization is about to begin, I would like to support China and Xi Jinping. He has been involved in a political conflict and I predict that conflict will be over in two years. I look forward to what kind of actions he will take then. The reason why I support him is that he loves traditional culture. I heard he reads Chinese classics and I feel he has a dream of the East from various things. Of course, I also have a dream of the East and I am sure that the East plays a role to lead the world to the right direction in the future.

What you said is described in “The Cycle of Civilizations” which is frequently used in Konohana Family. According to the cycle, the Western civilization flourished and declined during 250 years after the Industrial Revolution and then, the Eastern civilization will blossom. Japan and China will play a very important role from now on.

800 years Civilization Cycle


In the history of the Earth, I feel the relationship between Japan and China will be more important in the future. However, the current China is not good. Therefore, it is significant for Japan and China to work together after Xi Jinping realizes the dream of the East and works on creating the country on a full scale. It will be a huge contribution to the Earth.

Japan made a war of aggression 70 years ago. I believe that was a war of aggression. However, another purpose of that war was to create the national community called the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere like EU. Now that the era has started when the Eastern spiritual civilization blossoms, going through 70 years, I feel the East Asia nations such as China, Japan, North and South Korea will become a model for the ideal national community on Earth. This is what I told the Chinese people who visited Konohana Family last December.


The TV news has been broadcasting various natural disasters and such a difficulty is occurring in front of everyone. That is the beginning of the flow to seek the Eastern civilization. Now, such phenomena have begun intensely.

When I talk with you, I feel you already have the same vision that we do. This is an international movement that various generations in various places on Earth are going to spread from the same vision that came down from one source.

That is right! When I talked with some Konohana Family members yesterday, a vision came up to me instantly. The vision is that the lifestyle of Konohana Family will spread all over the world in the future. Then, I had a suggestion. I would like you to establish a political and economic laboratory here in Konohana Family. By doing so, more people around the world will gather here.

I believe it will spread to the world in the network where an especially young generation like you leads the movement, rather than we do it alone. Of course, Konohana Family would be in an important position as an example of practicing it. If we establish such a laboratory as an international movement, it would be interesting for a suggestion of a new lifestyle overcoming the traditional materialistic value.

You have met us, in order to make sure of your role that from now on contributes to human awakening as a world person.

I agree with you. I was able to know my mission thanks to my ancestors. It is my ancestors that guided me to this path after the 6-year training. They were great people who were involved in the history of Inner Mongolia a long time ago. In the current society, there are so many people who do not know what to do although they have great talents. Also, the spirituality based on the lifestyle of Konohana Family is truly important, but the system to explain it has not been established yet in the current society. Therefore, it is necessary to spread it academically in the political, economic and social fields.

What I have imagined, listening to your talk, is for example, that spirit exists in the circulation of nature, animals and humans as the form of nomadism in case of Inner Mongolia. It does not contradict the relationship with stars nor the global ecosystem at all. In case of Japan, that spirit exists in the circulation of nature, humans, rice paddies and vegetable fields as the form of farming. Of course, it exists among Native Americans, Incas and Inuits, too. If people’s value changes in an extension that such people’s way of living is sustainable, the abundant world with high spirituality will appear anytime.

The path that humans have been exploring in the past is a great experiment in a sense. Therefore, the fact that science has developed as human wisdom was not wrong. The Western physics, science and technology has evolved and human physical abilities have highly improved. However, as a result, people have forgotten the existence of the divine and nature and the human desires have gone out of control unilaterally. People came to think and take actions based on only human wisdom, instead of communicating with the divine. And humans have misunderstood that they are capable and superior. However, their high ability has not brought a sustainable way of living. Instead, various issues have been brought on Earth as the proof of the arrogant human attitude. No matter how much people seek non-sustainable abundance, they will have to face a collapse sooner or later.

Now that we have faced some great turning points, the time has arrived when people should have a broad worldview and think how to operate the Earth, communicating with the divine. The Earth exists under the relationship with stars, so we are going to enter the era when humans become conscious of the universe both spiritually and physically. At this stage, we humans are going to shift to the era when we think how to operate the universe.

The time has arrived when each person has to make a choice. Then, Konohana Family has established a model for a new era already, so you need to show the system which the general people can understand easily.

It means that when the general people visit us, they will be able to sense the members are all equal and live a secure and safe life without any anxiety for their future. Our lifestyle could be a model not only in the fields of politics, economy, education, medication, welfare, but also in child rearing.

Everything in this lifestyle will become a model for a new era for sure! Konohana Family members are ones who practice it in their daily life, and the role of academics is to theorize it and spread it to the world. When people have to choose a new direction in living in the future, I would like to work to make this transition for humans go smoothly.

I gave a lecture at a university three days ago. Those who listened to it have been sensing something wrong with the current society, but they did not have a solution. However, by meeting with the lifestyle of Konohana Family, they have realized there IS a solution. The lifestyle of Konohana Family covers the entire system which is important and necessary for the current society.


What do you call this system?

We call it “The Universal Circulation Lifestyle.”

I would like you to incorporate the political and economic laboratory that I have suggested.

People in charge of politics exist in the center of this system and operate all the activities based on the spirituality of “The Village of Bodhisattvas.” Originally, economics is not about making money, but “governing the world and saving people”, described in the Chinese classics. Therefore, economics is for people and the world and to govern the world rightly.

That is the true economics. However, the current economics is totally different.

Under the current politics and economics, people have made conflicts based on the individual principal and assertion, and created the world which is convenient only to humans.

We humans need to analyze this modern society more deeply. The analysis that people have done in the past is not good enough. Konohana Family has found the right way of living as humans and practiced it for 21 years. If we analyze the modern society on top of that, I am sure that the issues of the modern society will be clearer.

The Earth Summit will be held from November 21st to 23rd, where those who support this lifestyle will gather here. During the Summit, we are going to analyze the human history from the Industrial Revolution and figure out what kind of model would be necessary for humans in the next era.

He is the Earth Summit organizer.

I majored in politics and economics, so I understand what Muren and Isadon have said very well.

In that meaning, the young generation like Muren and you are going to play a very important role from now on. Awa-chan is not a Konohana Family member. However, Konohana Family members are not people who live in the Konohana Family and live it. They are ones who open a new era and create the future of the Earth. Therefore, it is important that people from the outside world organize such events and we play a role as a model for a new era, and we spread this lifestyle to the world together.

People around the world will gather here in the future. And they are people who have no walls of the heart and are able to communicate with each other through their heart without explaining with words.

Recently, many Chinese and Taiwanese people have visited us to learn the lifestyle of Konohana Family. Originally, living together began from the communism in the modern era. However, the current communists have forgotten such spirituality. Originally, the primitive communist society was like that.

Actually, the communism covers that.

Therefore, in a sense, Konohana Family is an ideal communist society. However, our communism includes the spirituality of the ancient Katakamuna civilization.

I believe people thought and created communism with the human wisdom in a sense, but the lifestyle of Konohana Family is totally different. It is the world that consists of something further back, so there is a huge difference between them.

You really understand the essence of Konohana Family! Communism is the system created by humans who thought how to create a better world, as the Japanese word of communism includes the meaning of “industry.” However, what we practice here is to express the figure of the universe, the galaxy, the solar system and the Earth into our daily life and everything is connected in the network of life. Therefore, the time has arrived when those who understand this live according to it and seek the abundance to contribute to the network of lives on Earth.

I can see the vision that all the precious materials used in Konohana Family will be converted into documents and published in the future. It means that the key to a new era will be discovered through the system. In order to do so, it is essential for each Konohana member to become a researcher.

The laboratory for the Konohana Family members is their daily life.

People living here consider it as an ordinary matter. However, this lifestyle is a great challenge for people of the outside world.

Can the system exist only when we play our roles inside and people like you and Awa-chan work together in the network.

I am determined to work as a Konohana Family member already.

If everyone has consciousness as an Earth being, all the people would be one big family since the Earth is one. Furthermore, if people with such consciousness become connected, we will be able to reach the consciousness even as a universal being.

Also, I have a vision that the wisdom will come out not only at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Japan, but also at various sacred sites around the world sooner or later. Moreover, if humans become aware of the truth, each person will be able to become a sacred site where the precious wisdom comes out. Therefore, we have been putting on the light of people’s minds through this lifestyle, as an opportunity for people to understand the true meaning of living on Earth as humans. And if many people with such consciousness appear and create the network, it will become big beautiful light. Let’s work together, hoping the network of light will encompass the Earth.

Of course! The indigenous wisdom around the world will gather here in the future. Thank you for making your precious time today.

Thank YOU for having a great time. Let’s have a talk again in the near future.


If Everyone’s Mind in the World Becomes ONE

Himi-chan is a 7-year-old girl who was born and grown up at Konohana Family. During the summer holiday, she researched on clouds in the sky because she wanted to know about shapes and movement of cloud.

One day, when she was walking with Hitomi who was assisting her research by taking photos, and talked about the following story.


If Everyone’s Mind in the World Becomes ONE


There is such a thing as a country
It is countries that make wars
So, even if one country becomes peaceful
The world cannot be peaceful

There is also such a thing as the world
If everyone makes ONE PEACE
The world can be peaceful!

I came from the place of the sun
In the place of the sun
There is no country

The rice of the sun is not hot but warm
The sweets of the sun are small rainbow candies

The rainbow candy has 500% of invisible and shiny light

If you eat that candy
You will become smart and bask in power

In the place of the sun
Everyone can use magic

In the place of the sun
There are carpets made of fluffy clouds like trampolines
In the hallways of the houses

In the place of the sun
All the plants, insects, animals and birds can talk

Everyone understands each other’s mind rather than talks

There are also big rainbow locusts
Which are very gentle

In the place of the sun
Both children and adults always play and laugh

So, there is no war

In the place of the sun
There is neither the death penalty nor prisons
There are no policemen, either

However, the king of the sun sometimes becomes angry

The king of the sun is watching the Earth
He knows humans make wars

So, he told me to go to the Earth,
Find my friends
And settle the wars a little bit

Then, I was born on Earth

When I asked the king of the sun to drop me into the sea of the Earth
He gently guided me toward the Earth
And then I came down to the Konohana Family in Japan!!

There is a man called Isadon in the Konohana Family

The king of the sun says
Isadon* is greater than the Japanese Prime Minister
He also says Isadon is like a king to govern the Earth

Isadon says there is only one life
So we should value it

Then I imagined
“What kind of shape one life would be?”
“If everyone’s mind in the world is put together
What will happen?”

If everyone’s mind in the world becomes ONE
The world will become peaceful
And right away there will be no war!

When I grow up
I am going to try to make
Everyone’s mind in the world become ONE


*Isadon: One of the founding members and
a spiritual leader of Konohana Family

Picture titled as “Happy Living in the Place of the Sun” was drawn by Himi-chan


The Earth Summit at Konohana Family

~ We have entered the door to the new era ~

2015年大人サミット英語 (3)

The winter solstice of the galaxy in 25,800 years occurred on December 21st, 2012 which created the shift from the times of darkness and conflict to the times of light and harmony. Going through the Era of the King called “the Blue Light Period” that started 6,450 years ago, and the Era of Saints called “the Red Light Period” that continued for 3000 years, the Era of People has finally arrived when each person is going to become aware of the truth.

Moreover, this year, 2015 is the grand sum of three years of 2013, 2014, and 2015 which are the beginning of the era of light, and also the year of departure for the next era!

The door for the new era has already opened. Now that a few months are left to complete the year of 2015, “Wotona”, people with a will to create a new era will gather at Konohana Family, located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, organize “The Earth Summit”, and discuss how humans should live to connect to the next generation and how the society should be.

What is “Wotona”?
First of all, “Otona” means “adult” in Japanese. The sounds of “O” and “Wo” are similar, but the meanings are totally different in Japanese. Expressing “Otona” as “Wotona” came from the wisdom of the KATAKAMUNA civilization that existed in Japan about 12,000 years ago and highly developed the cosmophysics. From the viewpoint of KATAKAMUNA, “O” means expansion and contraction into six directions; front, back, right, left, up and down in the phenomenal world that is the three dimensional physical world. Therefore, in a sense, “Otona” indicates a person who has promoted physical development in the past. To the contrary, “Wo” means settlement at the entrance of the potential world that is in the back of the phenomenal world, after receiving the universal will. Therefore, “Wotona” indicates a person who integrates various matters that were separated and governs harmoniously. Now that the development of the phenomenal world has reached its peak in both macro and micro ways, the universal will in the potential world is about to contract, integrate, and harmonize the phenomenal world, and return it to the universe.

In short, “Otona” is just an adult and “Wotona” is an awakened person with a great spirit regardless of age. “Wotona” could be a model of an adult in the era to come, as a person who lets go of unnecessary things, seeks what is truly important, has an awareness and responsibility for creating this world, and lives for the whole Earth and others, transcending the individual ego.


The Wotona Summit Declaration

At this Summit, we are going to draft the “The Wotona Summit Declaration” that will become the model of the humans for a new era. This will be the Declaration of Independence for each individual with the will to be “Wotona”, and even “The Declaration of Creation of the New Earth”.

On August 14th, 2015, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the Statement of the 70th Anniversary of the end of the war. Around the same time, “The Earth Statement ~ In order to bring true peace to the earth~ August 15th, 2015” was issued as the message from the times to all humans.

Here is the excerpt of “the Earth Statement”.

In order to bring true peace to the earth, what are the things we can do now? It is to have a broad worldview and transcend the individual ego. When people are trapped in the narrow perspective of the ego, they start to sense a distance in others by differences. That is the beginning of conflicts and wars. However, the world where we exist is infinitely vast and consists of the network of various lives. That network of harmony is based on the fractal structure that the whole exists for the individual and the individual exists for the whole.

The truth of this world is that everything is ONE. Therefore, there is no boundary between everything else and ourselves. If people’s worldview expands in this matter, peace will naturally prevail on earth without us trying to create a peaceful world.

The 21st century is the beginning of the times when we humans have consciousness as an earth being and as a universal being, and contribute to this world. Now, we are facing the turning point at which we will either trigger the next extinction for earth-living beings, or will create a new era. When humans express the spirituality the next era indicates, peace will prevail on earth.


There is no time to lose in the current situation on Earth. Now that we have passed the peak of darkness and entered the era of light, we have faced the greatest turning points ever from the universal viewpoint. The time has arrived when we humans will explore the possibility of the Earth and humans in the future.

Will we humans either trigger the next extinction for earth-living beings, or create a new era? It is up to us–how each person will live and how broad his/her worldview will become.

Wotona” is the one to create the new Earth. “The Earth Summit” is not a mere conference, but a place of creating the Earth for a new era. And it will be brought by each person’s spiritual revolution. How should the Earth, the whole of humanity and the individual be in the next era? People with the will to be “wotona” will gather, discuss, and create the Earth of the higher dimension from where they are.

Let’s manifest the lifestyle that will become the role model of the next era together!

The Messages from Organizers:
あわ“The Wotona Summit Declaration”. This is our declaration of Independence for each individual, and even “The Declaration of Creating the new Earth”. The door of the new era has already opened, and I feel the living model for the next era is highly urgent for the world. We will embody the new living beyond the conflicting structures that have been created in the modern society.
When each one of us becomes aware of his/her role and actively lives his/her life, it will be very pleasant for people around you, and that network will spread around the world explosively. As a result, a totally different Earth will be created, and that means the grand scale of story will start from where we are. We will create the world which any human beings have not seen before from here. Why don’t you join this great first step to make this incredible dream come true from “The Earth Summit” together? I am very much looking forward to your participation as a person who has the same will.

2015 — We are at the greatest turning point from the point of view of the vast universe. We will have times to confirm that fact. By doing so, we can see our roles from now on. And let’s connect together with the people who have the same spirit and consciousness by breaking the conventional frames!

I am 34 years old and a student of acupuncture in Nagoya. I have been involved in the Earth Summit three times as an organizer, and all the past summits were totally different from what I expected and became a very lively place. I do not worry about anything since this time will become like that. In Konohana Family, it is often said “set a direction but do not set a plan”. The era will be created by the law of the universe (god).
If you can catch the flow, whatever the rough wave would come, we can move forward smoothly as a surfer. However, the future is only known by god. So, setting up the plan will create a small frame and it would be difficult to ride on the wave. Also, if you proceed with the plan in a selfish way, you will miss the flow and a clear answer will come back as “Hardship”. I am not mature enough, so I am still given “hardship”; however, this is a boost from god. Currently, people in the world are given the boost to be “Wotona.” Otherwise, the Earth will not last long, or we human beings will be shaken out. It is such a great turning period. Don’t you think? But because of being in this period, we can enjoy this dynamics. We can change as the Earth changes. Let’s make a good place together! (^ ^)

The era has been changing without any procrastination, and children who are the products of time and place are coming to the Earth incessantly. The cycle of the various calendars and the milestone of 70th anniversary of the end of the war come into line now. Therefore, I feel so sure the era will come when each person becomes enlightened. The genuine adults who think of the whole Earth will gather, regardless of age and gender. So, let’s talk about the true peace and creation of the world together!

Detailed Information

Date & Time:
Please come before 11:30 am on November 21st, 2015. It will end after lunch on November 23rd, 2015.

If you arrive at Nishifujinomiya Station at 11:05 am by JR Minobu Line or at Taisekiji at 10:51 am, we will pick you up at the station/ bus terminal.
For details, please check this URL.

Konohana Family
Konohana Family produces most of their food – 260 types of vegetables, grains, 10 types of rice, free-range eggs, pure honey, and miso (fermented soy paste), soy-sauce, and other processed food, produced with traditional methods.
About 80 non blood-related members live as a one big family in harmony. They receive considerable attention as a highly established community nationally and internationally such as not using any chemicals in farming, highly achieved self-sufficiency for food production, various ways of social contribution, and daily life that weighs the spirituality regardless of religions and ideologies.

Contents: (may change by flow of the day)
・Presentations that unfold the flow of generation and the modern social issues
・Analyzing the history from the the industrial revolution to the present and reviewing
・Making and examining a draft of “the Wotona Summit Declaration”

Capacity: 30 people
This program is suitable for everyone, but particularly for the people who have the following thoughts:
・Create the society which brings the true peace/ Create and live the new life style in the next era
・Change the world/ In order to change the world, change myself
・Felt something must be wrong in the current society and acted, but nothing seems to change
・Live independently without becoming bombarded by the conventional framework and systems
・Trying to live an alternative way, but nothing makes any sense to me
・Believe that I am a truly universal person!

Participation Fee: 16,200 JPY
This includes accommodation and food for three days from lunch on November 21st to lunch of November 23rd, Insurance, and consumption tax.

Schedule (It may change accordingly)

Day 1
12:00-14:00: Vegetarian Lunch with home grown organic vegetables
14:00-17:00: Introduction, Presentation of the current society
17:00-18:30: Bathing & Free time
18:30-20:45: Vegetarian Dinner & Free time
20:45~: Community Meeting (Optional)

Day 2
8:30-12:00:Analyzing the history from the Industrial Revolution to the present
12:00-14:00:Vegetarian Lunch with home grown organic vegetables
14:00-17:00:Examining and Creating the “The Wotona Summit Declaration”
17:00-18:30:Bathing and Free time
18:30-20:30:Vegetarian Dinner & Free time
20:45~: Community Meeting (Optional)

Day 3
8:30-12:00: Creating the “The Wotona Summit Declaration”
12:00-14:00:Vegetarian Lunch and Break up after Lunch

(After the event from 14:00 to 16:00, a discussion session is planned for the participants who would like to talk more.)

Additional Information about the accommodation

・You may share the room with other people of the same gender.
・Please understand that drinking and smoking are prohibited in the facilities.If you need to smoke, please smoke at the allocated place outside of the facilities.

・It will be the shared big bath with other people of the same gender.
・Soap, citric acid hair conditioner, towels are prepared at the bathroom.
・Please bring your own tooth brush, shaving tool, and other disposable toiletries if necessary.

・Meals are vegetarian by using the freshly harvested seasonal homegrown vegetables which do not use any chemicals. Most ingredients are prepared by Konohana Family except some seasonings. The meals are served as a buffet style.

Application for the Event

Here is the application form

Michiyon or Awa-chan
Non-profit-organization Green Grass
E-mail: info@npo-greengrass.org
Phone number: +81-544-67-0485 Fax: 0544-66-0810
Postal Address: 238-1 Nekozawa, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka
Japan 419-0302

Welcome to Konohana Family Weblog

Thank you for visiting the Konohana Family Weblog.

In this weblog, we will share our worldview through our daily life.

October 1st is the beginning of a new year for Konohana Family from the spiritual viewpoint, and the theme of the new year is “Transmission!”

We are going to transmit goodwill, love, harmony, peace and connectedness to the world through this weblog.

“Having Entered the Mayan New Year, 2015” July 26th, 2015 by Isadon


Isadon's speech

On July 26th, 2015, a word came to me while I was participating in the ceremony of the Mayan New Year “11 MEN”. That is the word of “TIME.” About 20,000 years ago, the Mayan calendar started. Tracing that history and studying Katakamuna here in Konohana Family, it is said that there was the Mu continent in the biggest sea of the Pacific Ocean before Katakamuna civilization emerged. When the Mu continent disappeared, the civilization of “TIME” moved east and became the Mayan civilization. And the civilization of the soul of language moved west to the country of Yamato (the ancient name of Japan) that existed at the edge of the Eurasia continent about 13,000 years ago. About two years ago, we at Konohana Family encountered Katakamuna as a teaching. Last year, we met the Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin of the Mayan Solar Tradition and started to have a ceremony of the Mayan New Year here in the country of Yamato.

Looking back on that history, we had the winter solstice of the galaxy (which occurs every 25,800 years) on December 21st, 2012. When our planet, Earth, has the winter solstice it means the peak of the darkness with the least amount of light. We, on Earth, perform life activities based on the life energy of the sun. Moreover, all the lives are given the character of the self and create the times together. The winter solstice of the galaxy is 25,800 years (which is one spiral of the sun) came on December 21st, 2012 which coincided with the end of the Mayan calendar. This indicates that the Mayan people who took over the civilization of “TIME” understood such a universal and solar structure even in the ancient times.

turning point

We, Konohana Family members, have been preparing the mind to welcome a new era until now. Each one of us has learned the history of our unique mind, analyzed our karma, and has prepared in order to welcome the new era with the new mind. That is Konohana Family’s 21-year-old history.

Miraculously, we met the heliocentric calendar after the Tohoku Earthquake on March 11, 2011 occurred, which opened the door of a new era. Through meeting the heliocentric calendar, we came to understand that we do not live with our individual will, but receive the conversations of the stars and express the universal will in our lives.

We are preforming the ceremony of the Mayan New Year here at the foot of Mt. Fuji as the starting point of circling the Earth on July 26th, 2015 with such various meetings. This ceremony begins in the country of Yamato, Japan and goes around the Earth over the next 24 hours.

Please imagine that the minds of the universally conscious people become like waves on Earth, spreading their wings and circling the Earth. In fact, the Earth is round and we live in one world, while the times have been woven forever without any interruption.

There are still many conflicts and various difficulties on Earth. However, these were not created by anyone or anything but humans. It is the result of the fact that humans have lived utilizing their egos only for themselves. And, this has not been for a long period. Slipping back in time, it might have begun after the Industrial Revolution of about 250 years ago. Going back further, it may have begun about 800 or 1600 years ago. Before that era, humans were supported by nature and flourished with other lives as one of the parts in the network of life.

Now that we have entered the new era, the egos have reached their peak in humans. However, is this a really bad thing?

It is nothing of the kind. Humans needed to fully express their ability in order to know their high potential. Then, when they actually did it, the problems spewed forth. This is the current time. The “TIME” has arrived when humans will control the egos by the soul of language. Maya (the civilization of “TIME”) and Yamato (the civilization of the soul of language) have met, so this ceremony of the Mayan New Year has been held in the country of Yamato, Japan.

Thinking in this manner, we do not live only within the frame that we can understand. The times move by the conversations of the stars and that is the universal structure. We always repeat changes, transformation and transfiguration, and evolve in the system.

Let’s manifest the harmonious world on Earth again, imagining such a thing. We humans have an excellent ability and huge influence on Earth. If humans become aware of the truth, I can imagine that they will grow up to become a soul that will greatly contribute to the Earth and even the universe in the next era.

Overlooking Mt. Fuji

We have entered the 21st century and such an era has arrived at last. The door of a new era opened after the winter solstice of the galaxy on December 21st, 2012. We were given the preparation period of three years of 2013, 2014, and 2015. The year of 2015 is the last year. When this new year begins, people in the world will start to feel the flow of the new era and both humans and the Earth itself will welcome a new universal era!

If each one of us has the original path, Konohana Family is the one to express the universal will through this living as those who have realized it ahead of the world and have been awakened. I am sure that this will be reflected in the living of Konohana Family more and more in the future and will spread all over the world through the Earth network and the universe. I feel this gloriously sunny day is the proof of the divine will and would like to take the path consciously together with all of you.

Our path to establish the utopia on Earth began 21 years ago and now the times have caught up with us. People live with the 30-year cycle of Saturn and they know who they are for the first 30 years. Then, after knowing who they are, they express themselves in the life for the next 30 years. After that, they receive the result at the age of 60 and start the final preparation for the departure. We will weave a new era for sure during the next 10 years from the 21st to the 30th year of Konohana Family.

We live the universe, live the TIME and weave the era in such a sense. And there is our existence in the SPACE. Therefore, it is our purpose to live, observing our minds carefully and becoming aware of the universe, TIME and SPACE as the living being and the humans given a significant role.

Each one of us was given the original life by the universe. And we have entered the era when we should free ourselves from our egos and live for this world, receiving the divine will. That is a valuable and wonderful life. Let’s take the path with the responsibility for ourselves and high consciousness. And let’s realize utopia on Earth together.

Konohana Family

The Time When the Eastern Wisdom Blossoms

About 10 years ago, a Chinese woman visited Konohana Family at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan and said with excitement, “I learned about the ideal communism at my junior high school. Since then, I have dreamed of such a world, but could not find any in reality. However, I came from communist China to capitalist Japan today, and I have finally met the ideal communism here in Konohana Family that exists in capitalist Japan!”

Since 1981, the founder, Isami Furuta has received inspiration and provided advice on various social issues. Most of the people left him after their problems were solved. However, those who became interested in the structure of our mind and this world started to get together and formed the spiritual study group – later, many of them became the founding members. He also realized that human acitivies have damaged the beautiful Earth, so it is important to live in harmony with nature and all living beings on Earth.

In 1992 at the summit of Mt. Fuji-the mountain of the divine wisdom in the world, an inspiration hit him, “Preach the spirit that you have learned and mastered from the divine to the whole land under the Sun.” The whole land under the Sun is not only Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, but the whole world. All living beings on the Earth live under one Sun, one soil, one water, one air and one wind. In order to transmit this spirit of oneness to the whole world, using Mt. Fuji as an antenna, in 1994, 20 members founded Konohana Farm, which was later renamed Konohana Family. The name “Konohana” comes from the goddess of Mt. Fuji, “Konohana Sakuyahime no Mikoto”.

The process of community development was not always easy. People in the modern society have lived only with their own will, tried to gratify their desires and considered that as their happiness. However, in the true meaning, the happiness of the individuals should match with that of the family, the country, all humans and the Earth. Also, modern people are not prepared to share their belongings including their hearts, and so were the Konohana founding members. In order to overcome that situation, it is essential to go beyond human egos and gain the broad worldview. In order to do so, what Konohana Family has valued the most since the foundation is to improve spirituality. Living in the universe means taking the path of eternal evolution, growth and changes. Each member has tried to get over his/her own ego by observing and facing him/herself seriously in daily life.

Currently, we have established a highly sharing community where about 100 non blood-related people, comprised of 80 members and guests, connect and support each other as one big family. The beekeeper who taught us how to keep bees said, “The Konohana Family’s lifestyle is exactly the same as the bees’ society!” That is the world where an individual does not insist on itself and exists for the whole throughout a lifetime. Later, we heard that Marx was interested in the bees’ community and assumed the spirit of the primitive communism based on the communism would have come from the bees’ ideal world.

Bees' society

As living beings on Earth continue to change and evolve, Konohana Family has been changing and evolving amazingly over 20 years. Our lifestyle is not only environmentally-friendly and socially sustainable any more, but beyond that conventinal ecovillage concept: We have coined the original term, the “Universal Circulation Method” for our unprecedented lifestyle. It is based on the cosmophysics of Katakamuna civilization that existed in Japan about 13000 years ago. 80 Katakamuna songs express the creation, development and destruction of the universe with the vibrancy of 48 sounds. The biggest characteristic of Katakamuna people is that they understood everything was made of vibrancy and lived with intuition in the community.

The Universal Circulation Method is reflected in every aspect of our daily life: agriculture, food, economy, social relations, education, childcare, environment, art, and medical care. Konohana Family is an agriculture-based community and, from the Katakamuna’s viewpoint, the Chinese character for Agriculture means to bend original life energy with human’s distorted thoughts to gratify desires and make money. Therefore, agriculture is not an original feature of nature.


Until we developed the Universal Circulation Method, we practiced organic agriculture without utilizing chemical pesticides or fertilizer. We started to keep chickens to use chicken manure in our fields and to cultivate our original Konohana microorganisms based on EM (Effective Microoraganisms) for manure fermentation, foliar application for crops, and feed and water for livestock. As a result, we became able to realize the healthy environments without odor and to produce safe crops. However, this cultivation method was far from our ideal, regarding low production volume and prevention of diseases. Then, our farming method has developed steadily through connection with a natural farming research center, and usage of green manure, carbon-rich materials, seaweeds and so on. Believe it or not, our current food self-sufficieny is 1000%!: we produce 10 times more that we actually consume. And in 2013, we finally met Katakamuna by fate and came to understand the back of the universal system.


What we do with the Universal Circulation Method is to resonate original universal vibrancy from the potential world in the fields (the phenomenal world) and to learn the universal system through growing crops. As a result, we will be able to receive beautiful crops with full of life energy. We resonate original universal vibrancy not only in the fields, but anywhere in daily life in order to make everything beautiful and full of life energy: when we cook, make miso and soy sauce, do the cleaning, play with babies and children, take care of bees and chickens, work in the office, make an attunement before the community meeting, and so on. Only when people try to improve spirituality in daily life and understand the universal system -everything spirals and circulates in the whole universe that consists of the potential and the phenemenal world, will the intuition to sense original vibrancy blossom in human consciousness. Through the meeting with Katakamuna, we have realizd that improving spirituality is the base of everything in this world and became convinced of the importance of our way of living that makes spirituality the first priority.


When the Chinese woman found the ideal communism in Konohana Family, we told her, “Our community was not established from the spirit of the communism. This is the world where we express the relationships of stars in the universe, the figure of the global ecosystem and the structure of our human body into our daily life. And this is exactly the ideal world over all religions and ideology where all humans will reach ultimately.”


On a global level, we have been facing many difficulties in the social, environmental, economic and mental aspects since we entered the 21st century. As a result of happiness which humans seek, what have human activities brought to the beautiful Earth? It is human mind that has caused all the global issues. No matter how advanced technology and superior architecture people develop and build, it could be beneficial or harmful, depending on human mind.


We live on the planet Earth travelling in the universe. We live under one Sun, one soil, one water, one air, and one wind. Above all, we live in the same time. Therefore, we are all brothers and sisters of one life and play a part of one life of the Earth in the Universal Circulation. In this way, all of our lives are supported based on the great universal system far beyond human wisdom.


This is the Eastern wisdom with holistic viewpoints and the Katakamuna’s worldview. When Katakamuna civilization came to Asia, Japanese islands were still part of Asian continent. Then, Katakamuna went to India via China, developed as Buddhism in India, mixed with Taoism in China later, and came back to Japan. In other words, the spirit of Katakamuna and Konohana Family’s community life already existes in the ideal of Chinese communism. That is why the Chinese woman would have sensed the ideal communism in Konohana Family.

turning point

Katakamuna remained under seal for about 6000 years. But now, it has become unsealed finally with the winter solstice of the galaxy on December 21st of 2012 which was the peak of darkness. The era has shifted from Western material civilization to Eastern spiritual civilization. Hana in Konohana means flowers in Japanese. Flowers here indicate cherry blossoms (the beauty of human lives), Japanese plums (the beauty of health), and peaches (the beauty of Utopia), which represent the countries of Japan, Korea and China. Originally, we are all brother countries. Therefore, it is important for us to get back to one and to establish the ideal East Asia in order to become a model for the world together. The whole land under the Sun expands from Japan, China, Korea, India, Asia to the whole world. The 21st century is the era during which the Eastern wisdom blossoms in the world.