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The Letter from T-san to the Konohana Family

A 37-year-old lady who was born in Hong Kong, and lives in Taiwan now visited the Konohana Family for the first time on June 7th, 2016 in order to overcome a severe case of depression. After she took the natural therapy program for four weeks, she successfully graduated from the program. Then, her graduation concert was held on July 5th. During the concert, she read the following thank you letter to the Konohana Family members.

Dear everyone

I can’t believe the day to pack has come. I have always wanted to thank you all for taking me in, and now it seems to be the good chance for me to tell you how much my time with the family means to me.

3 years ago, I had a bizarre spiritual awakening event. Doctors couldn’t explain my conditions and simply told me I had the most severe form of depression and recommended hospitalization. I didn’t take the prescribed drugs, but instead I had started on my spiritual journey.

I studied spirituality in Taiwan, Hawaii and India. Spiritually I felt I have released a lot of old pains and beliefs. I was no longer weeping and shaking for no reason on a daily basis.

But my health continued to decline. I have suffered sleeping disorders for 3 years. I usually couldn’t fall asleep until I am completely exhausted at 6 am. I felt like all my energy was taken to do something in my body and I have very little energy left to get on with life. I take on a new kind of pain and illness every 3 months.

After I booked the tickets to come to Konohana, I received a detailed medical report. It tells me that my sympathetic was extremely active and therefore couldn’t sleep. My entire body system has been on extreme defense for three years and my health is facing a breakdown. I have become allergic to a long list of food and my liver cannot process toxins well. In view of the above, I am at high risk of cancer. I now have benevolent lumps, but it might escalate to malignant in less than a year given my body conditions.

I was a bit shocked by the report. But I felt relatively calm because I already booked tickets to Konohana. I somehow have a gut feeling that everything is going to be okay once I got here.

Before I came I only knew Konohana is an Eco-village, I didn’t know that it’s a spiritual community. After I got here I knew immediately that I came here by divine calling because I saw a lot of divine synchronicities.

Living here I feel that Konohana’s strongest feature as a spiritual community is the implementation of spiritual principles and beliefs to the finest details in life. That’s miraculous and very rare on Earth.

At first when I looked at Konohana as a family, I love it but I feel I can’t get used to all the group-living principles as I am so used to individual freedom. But with time I realize everyone is committed to their mission on Earth and work on their training of shedding ego. Then I realize Konohana family is probably the family of disciplinants that has the most fun on Earth.

I have been lucky to receive the guidance of Isadon. I get a lot of help and my doubts cleared by the English-speaking members Yoko, Michiyo and Tomoko. With Yoko, she demonstrated to me a life style without ego. We share the same room so I see how she walks her talk every single day. She doesn’t spend any time in doubt or negativity. She gives full power to every single task that falls on her plate. I have never seen anyone with her high energy dedication before.

I am also very grateful to two members who made a great impact on me:

Yasuedon is like an eternal girl who overflows with sweetness and innocence. She shows me a life with great trust in the Divine and therefore free of worried. She always goes out of her way to give me kindness.

Yajio san is a person that I feel I have the most similar character with. He looks like the least likely person to enjoy a group life. He probably had to overcome bigger challenges than I do but he made it. His story and determination gave me a lot of courage.

During my journal exercise with Isadon, I feel that I am challenged to put all spiritual knowledge I know to thorough implementation. Even though I have made progress in the past 3 years, I realize I still hold on to a major viewpoint that I have not been willing to let go:- due to my childhood experience, I see the world as a dangerous place. When certain events happen, all my old wounds and pains would come up to form a strong negative emotion. I would then use my mind to form a great set of reasoning to defend myself, run away or attack the other.

Then it became crystal clear to me that my body is reflecting exactly that. My body dedicated all its energy to defense. It kept being on high alert for three years that I couldn’t fall asleep unless I am absolutely exhausted. It attacks harmless substance and creates battlefields everywhere in my body. That’s why I have so many illnesses, inflammation and pain everywhere that I cannot live a normal life.

I am happy to report that during my one month here, I can fall asleep on most of the nights. Sometimes I even fall asleep in the afternoon. I feel like a warrior that has been fighting a three-year war finally getting all the sleep that was lost.

I feel like an ill and weak cell that is surrounded by a group of healthy cells. Every day I eat the food and have all aspects of my life directly supported by everyday hard work of all the members. I have never been more honored and happy to wash dishes, peel potatoes, sort onions and remove weed, because it’s honorable work and makes me part of the family.

Konohana Family is like a signal tower under the Fuji Mountain. While you may not know it, you are spreading a ripple effect of love and evolved consciousness to the world.

Please accept the cordial gratitude from me. Thank you Isadon for building this family. Thank you all for being the brave souls of this era.

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