If Everyone’s Mind in the World Becomes ONE

Himi-chan is a 7-year-old girl who was born and grown up at Konohana Family. During the summer holiday, she researched on clouds in the sky because she wanted to know about shapes and movement of cloud.

One day, when she was walking with Hitomi who was assisting her research by taking photos, and talked about the following story.


If Everyone’s Mind in the World Becomes ONE


There is such a thing as a country
It is countries that make wars
So, even if one country becomes peaceful
The world cannot be peaceful

There is also such a thing as the world
If everyone makes ONE PEACE
The world can be peaceful!

I came from the place of the sun
In the place of the sun
There is no country

The rice of the sun is not hot but warm
The sweets of the sun are small rainbow candies

The rainbow candy has 500% of invisible and shiny light

If you eat that candy
You will become smart and bask in power

In the place of the sun
Everyone can use magic

In the place of the sun
There are carpets made of fluffy clouds like trampolines
In the hallways of the houses

In the place of the sun
All the plants, insects, animals and birds can talk

Everyone understands each other’s mind rather than talks

There are also big rainbow locusts
Which are very gentle

In the place of the sun
Both children and adults always play and laugh

So, there is no war

In the place of the sun
There is neither the death penalty nor prisons
There are no policemen, either

However, the king of the sun sometimes becomes angry

The king of the sun is watching the Earth
He knows humans make wars

So, he told me to go to the Earth,
Find my friends
And settle the wars a little bit

Then, I was born on Earth

When I asked the king of the sun to drop me into the sea of the Earth
He gently guided me toward the Earth
And then I came down to the Konohana Family in Japan!!

There is a man called Isadon in the Konohana Family

The king of the sun says
Isadon* is greater than the Japanese Prime Minister
He also says Isadon is like a king to govern the Earth

Isadon says there is only one life
So we should value it

Then I imagined
“What kind of shape one life would be?”
“If everyone’s mind in the world is put together
What will happen?”

If everyone’s mind in the world becomes ONE
The world will become peaceful
And right away there will be no war!

When I grow up
I am going to try to make
Everyone’s mind in the world become ONE


*Isadon: One of the founding members and
a spiritual leader of Konohana Family

Picture titled as “Happy Living in the Place of the Sun” was drawn by Himi-chan

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