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Nut and Mind are high school students from Thailand who are here to learn our way of living in the Konohana Family. In order to broaden their worldview, a presentation about “Food”, a familiar theme in general, has been given to them. When the last session had finished, Mind asked Isadon about blood donation.

Do you donate blood in Japan?

Originally, each spirit is independent. Therefore, the blood that indicates each characteristic of life is also a spiritually independent existence. In fact, blood is independent regardless of kinship, such as parents and children or brothers and sisters.

For example, is it possible to transplant organs, but you cannot mix your heart and Nut’s heart, can you? Therefore, the heart does not only carry nutrients through the blood, but it also consolidates our body as one network. Blood circulates through the heart, just like the solar magnetic field of the solar system which aligns to collect all of the stars. Therefore, originally blood should not be mixed with each other.

Medical care has developed and people have begun to transfuse; however, spiritually that kind of action brings confusion. If you transfuse blood with modern technology, the blood will eventually change in its circulation, won’t it? For example, in order to displace all the blood, it is told that it takes four months. This means that during that period, confusion occurs spiritually. Therefore, it is better not to mix blood as much as you can.

Do you mean it is better not to transfuse?

If you need to get a transfusion then do not refuse it, however it is important to maintain your own spiritual harmony

If you are in the situation that you need a transfusion than it must be serious. However, it is important to live without experiencing such a situation, and more so live with a beautiful spirit.

If one has a mind that “I don’t want to die”, one wants to try anything one can to live. However, if you have been mentally prepared, your mind will turn to “Life is given, so I live a fruitful life and I can return it anytime”, and without depending on transfusion, as long as you have certain longevity, your life will revive. However, if you do not have such a mind, and you just want to live, and you choose whatever the means necessary, such as transfusion, then that mind is clouded.

When there was no technology for transfusions, people lived their lives more prepared for death. Nowadays, people have become dependent on technology to live, and no longer understand the meaning of their lives. Prior to technology, people were more accustomed to the certainty of death, and they lived with a high awareness for life. Today, people do not take life as serious because there is so much technology to make our lives easier, live longer, and live for gratification. If you live everyday seriously and improve your own heart, your day will be fulfilled so that your heart turns to a feeling of “I can die at anytime”.

As science and technology develop, peoples’ lives become richer and their minds become more fixed on fulfilling material wealth. Related to this, people have lost the meaning for life and seek only to prolong their own lives.

Originally, the meaning of our lives with a physical body was not concerned with material issues. The aim was to heighten our spiritual awareness, to realize where we came from, and to go back to the spiritual world after achieving our life purpose.

Therefore, as modern people, if you forget such a thing and your consciousness gives priority on physical matters, it will create confusion in society.

We, all live with a promise that someday we will die. So, it is important to live everyday based on an absolute promise that we will reach death.

Not transfusing means that you will have an extra preparation in your life. Primarily, human beings are not physical beings, but spiritual beings. When you think of life as a link to a world after death, then death isn’t fearful. We can consider of how each spirit is individually unique. Before, I spoke about how blood is a passage which collects polluted matter and filters it. Since blood is a passage, when you take others’ blood in, your blood will be also be spiritually polluted.

If modern medical technology is superior, and we are so grateful to live with it, then we will receive a long life. However, that means that you must receive others’ spiritual and physical pollution into your body the transfusion process. Nevertheless, I cannot deny such an act when someone is in need.

It is important to know such a way to purify your own spirit. If you make your life clean and purify your blood, you can always live as a beautiful person.

Currently, we do have a blood donation campaign in Thailand. This is an action to “Help other lives through donating blood”.

That way of thinking is only putting a value on the longevity of life, without questioning the quality of life. Therefore, as more of this kind of thinking develops, a more confused society will manifest.

I thought blood donation was a good thing to do.

Unfortunately, this is still a superficial way of understanding life.

Having preparation in life, and living with a good grace, means that the person’s life is healthy and harmonized with the way of life that the divine people have lived on earth. This is the way of thinking for people who live in the new era.

When we hold the blood donation campaign, it is advertised as “this is the best deed for making other people live longer.”

That is the way of thinking with modern and shallow medical care. However, that does not solve more fundamental problems, and due to this, modern medical practice continues to expand.

So I should be happy because I am a low blood pressure person.

If you have low blood pressure, then you can see this as both positive and negative. This is a reflection of your spirit, and in order to improve that status, you can change how you think, which will influence your diet, and your life with become healthier without low blood pressure.

There is also a food therapy program to raise blood pressure in Thailand.

You should do that for balancing your spirit rather than for your physical health. Health is a reflection of a balanced spirit. If you only focus on physical health, then you will develop issues with your spiritual body. It will bring a problem for your life in another sense if your spirit is not healthy, because you only have a physical outlook of “Let’s be healthy!” Therefore, it is important to live by facing yourself at all times. Various stagnations show you the reality of your spirit, so do not escape from them. In that sense, that sounds like practicing with the mind of a monk, but currently, even monks do not do this much. (laughs)

Currently, our spirit is not healthy. Therefore, many people have diseases and stay in an unhealthy state. So, how can we know the cause of the disease and how can we improve these states?

First of all, an unhealthy human state is influenced through a diseased earth. It can be argued that the society is sick. Don’t you think that sick people are in a poor situation? However, in fact those sick people create a burden on society.

If there are problems in society and there are people who feel uneasy, then there are people who become happy – they are people from insurance companies. When people get in a dispute, there are people who become happy – they are lawyers. Judges’ who keep their jobs would also feel content. When people become greedy and want to have unnecessary things, there are people who become happy – they are manufacturers. When sick people increase, there are people who become happy – they are pharmaceutical companies and doctors who profit from these situations. Therefore, this world is made of confusion and problems.

Isadon told us everyone has an original spirit, but that science has categorized blood types. What does this mean?

Blood types roughly show the tendencies of individual characteristics. Even if there is someone who has the same blood type, each one of us are surrounded by different elements such as the environment and era. The blood sent from heart is a passage of life and the blood itself is spiritual; therefore, blood types can categorize one’s spirituality. When transfusion had started, there was no categorization at that time. From there, the blood was analyzed by science and the differences became clear. Then we were able to see that each of us is an original being. Therefore, ultimately, we have reached the point that blood should not be mixed. When we see someone’s personality by blood type, we can see only some rough tendencies; however, if we can look more accurately, then we end up finding that each one of us are original beings.

The current medical has put a high priority on people living longer, but there is also an importance on death. This is a short, beautiful, and wonderful life, isn’t it? The reason why people try to live longer by depending on the medical system is that medical care has saved people’s lives even though people do not face it themselves.

Not only for disease, but it is important to reflect back on yourself when you encounter any problems, and to find out the cause. In a sense, medical care has deprived us of an opportunity to reflect back on ourselves. That is because medical care itself misses the original purpose and has become focused on making money. This also deprives us from our life purpose as human beings.

Since birth, human beings meet various events, and live in order to develop themselves through knowing who they are. As a result we heightened our spirituality, let go of attachments, and leave our body with our own spiritual value. This is the real purpose of life.

Once you understand this, each one of you will learn from what you encounter in your life and grow. If so, there is no need to have a religion and a guru. The door of that era has just opened now.

Before I went to my current school, I was planning to learn phycology at a university because I wanted to help mentally sick people. There are two ways to help patients with psychology: One is to listen to the issue of the patients and guide them; and another way is to prescribe drugs, for example, prescribe sleeping pills or drugs that make the patient function normally in society. When I checked for the popular university departments, I found the medical, engineering, literature, and commercial arts were the popular ones; however currently psychology is also popular. I think those people who want to be a psychologist actually just want to gain good salary rather than helping people.

Also, our king tries to advocate for a sufficient economy. It is told that in order to understand it, we must first be economically sufficient as individuals. That is to know sufficiency in what we wear, eat and live. However, people who come to learn about economic sufficiency in our educational centers are not in the state of mind to understand how to live as a sufficient state. They are just greedy, and try to learn something for making money and to be self-sufficient. I am not happy about this state.

That means that you have visions ahead of one’s time in you. Now, the era becomes that if you are greedy, you will face a dead-end. We have entered an era that scrapes off all of the unnecessary sheaf and chose only what is necessary from the era of expansion and development. This is not only applied for physical matters but also for the spiritual matters. Therefore, what you are thinking is a matter for the next generation. If you proceed with this thought, you will understand that you are doing something that society requires. That is what Konohana Family is acting on, and also something ahead of psychology.

You will study English very hard, and will come to take “the One-month Truth School” that will be held in February next year. So that, you will be able to master the world beyond medical care and psychology.
See you again!

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